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blurry vision on right eye i wear glasses and then a numbness on the right side of my face,lip, migraine attacks w/ sharp pain on right temporal lobe?

Have noticed that both my eye lids are sagging.the right side more than the left. I am 48. Is this just an age thing or should I ask my dr?

I have a bubble on the bottom left side of my eye what do I do ?

2 eye exams in past 5 yrs show left eye -.25, right at -.50. Today exam- left eye no prescription right eye -.75. Can one eye get better, one worse?

2 months ago, i had an bump on upper right eyelid & now also i'm having it on my upper left eye.Its paining a lot and day by day its becoming larger.?

21 y/o son left eye recently turns in, and eye lid is puffy. No history of trauma. No pain in eye or headache. What should be be looking for? Thanks

3days ago a stone hit me in right eye. Has been very sensitive to light in right eye. Feels better but now have discomfort in left eye. Is this normal?

A week ago I noticed the my right eye is watery but my left eye is fine. No pain. What should i do?

All day my eye has been randomly throbbing almost. What does it mean?

Any reason why are my left hand and left eye weaker than right hand and right eye?

At the bottom/ water line of my left eye it's swelling up and there is much more blood in the left eye than the right. What is this and what can I do?

Black wavy lines corner of right eye intermittent no pain just annoying?

Blepheroplasty with resultant haematoma under left eye. After 6 weeks its gone but left lower eyelid disabled and pulled down.What to do?

Bottom part on the left side of my eye is burning and there's a there's a cut on it what do I do it hurts when I blank?

Can a blood clot float around in my blood for weeks before causing problems as I have blurry vision right eye and numbness right side head and left ar?

Can a brain injury on the left side cause pupil changes in the right eye?

Can someone tell me what I should do? My left side eye is slighty higher than my right eye (not that high). What cause hypertropia?

Can you tell me how to get rid of my stye in the top left hand corner of my right eye?

Can your right eye the same as your left?

Can't wink right eye, touch right corner of mouth our inside right cheek with tongue our wrinkle forehead...Never been able to, what could cause this?

Cause of severe front right headache, eye ache and right eye appears to be protruding more than left? Not to do with eye prescription.

Clogged right ear, now right eye is twitching are these related?

Corner of right eye swollen. Possible causes?

Could you tell me why i cannot really see out of the corner of my left eye?

Could you tell me why my left eye has been bloodshot for a month?

Could you tell me why my left side eye is slighty higher than my right eye? What causes hypertropia?

Do I have Bell's palsy? When I smile or raise my eyebrow (all right side) it's not the same as my left. Right Eye also feels tight

Does the right side of the brain control the left eye?

Dull aching pain around right eye, right eye appears smaller and sunken in. right eyelid is heavy.

Epicanthal fold on my right eye but not my left. Is that strange?

Everytime I look to the left then right with my eyes real quick I see a black flash with my left eye?

Eye I have 3 weeks old daughter.. Her whole right eye is too small than left. Is there any treatment or not..Plz tell me .

For about a month now my right ear is clogged, a little blurry vision in my right eye, and headaches on the right side of my head. What can it be?

For some reason when I roll my eye upward, particularly my left eye hurts. Its only my left eye. My eye pressure 15 in both eyes. Why is this happenin?

For the last week I've had a twitch in my upper shoulder and in my left eye what could this be?

Had 24/7 pain at zygomatic region( 1" toward ear at corner of eye) for 3 months. ?

Had hard time removing lens from left eye yday. Today, my left eye is red in bottom part and pains when I blink. what should I do?

Have scalp tenderness on right side along with ptosis of r eyelid,frequent headache which are worse behind and around right eye. Also pupils diff size?

Headic over my left eye on forhead?

Hello two weeks back I got hit on on left eye by shuttle cock I have did all retina chk all is normal but I face flash down in right eye too pls help ?

Hi , last night I started not feeling too well then there was a wavy line in corner of right eye. What could this have been?

Hi doc I have a boil on my right eye and a day later i discover I have a boil close to my right eye it's not visible but i can feel it is that normal?

Hi i smoke, and when I inhale my left eye hurts at the back of my eye. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi it's been 3 weeks now after I had a black eye and the swelling has completely gone and pain, but it's left my lower eye slightly dark !?

Hi IV been having headache and eye pain from 4 days. There is sty on my left eye. But right eye is paining as well. My sight is fine.What could it be?

Hi my right side pupill is bigger then my left I have better vision on my right eye. What can be wrong? Im wearing eyeglases.

Hi, Have an eye infection for over 6 months, started in right eye, now spread to left. Right eye is really bad, swollen, and lot of discharge. Help?

Hi, it's been few days that i get a sharp needle like pain at the inside corner of my left eye, when i look/roll my eye at right side.?

Hi, my left eye have been tearing a lot for the past few days. Please help.

How can you tell if you are left or right eye dominance?

How can you treat a pair of eyes that is small on the left but big on the right without any eyelid surgery?

How come my left eye feel heavier than my right ?

How did you feel right after lower eyelid surgery?

How do I tell if my right eye is infected?

How to know if blind spots of the left and right eye are located in the same distance?

How to make my right eye nerve stronger left eye is fine?

I have woken up 4 x's now with painful bumps under my upper eyelids. Twice in my right eye and twice in my left eye. They are not near the lash line.

I am 28 & when move my eyes right and left i see ting of blue sclera is it normal or any kind of problem and there is no genetic osteogenesis problm?

I am blind in my left eye and farsighted in my right. What could be causing pain in my right eye even though I have glasses?

I am experiencing eye pain (side: left) . I have a small white lump in the corner of my eye. ?

I am far sided in one eye and near sided in the other. What should I do?

I am having difficulty seeing out of my right eye. What should I ask?

I am having trouble seeing out of my right eye and it is little bloodshot all of a sudden?

I am having trouble with parts of my face i can wink with my right eye but not my left, if i close both eyes i can open and close my left but not my right... The left side of my face(cheeks near the mouth) is not working right if i drink it spills out tha

I can move my left eye all the way to the left while right one looks forward, same with the left eye. I can do it myself and smt happens unconsciously?

I can't see the left side of my left eye, what could be wrong?

I closed my eyes & put both of my hands on my eyelids. I noticed that my left eye pokes further out than my right eye. Not sure if new/old. Concerned?

I feel that my right eye got bigger than left and it wasn't like this eyebrows are now uneven.the right one is higher.21 yrs old male?

I fell of the bed I am sowellen under right eye cut by right eye and I can left my right arm immediate response please what should I do?

I get day long headaches always on the right front of my skull / above my right eye. What could be the cause?

I got blur vision on the right eye and slight pain in the back of the right eye.It has been a week now.Hat it could be?

I had an epileptic seizure 10days ago. I appear to of hurt my right eye but I have now found the left eye is 'wandering' are they related?

I had pvd in my right eye but now my left eye has a bigger field of floaters. What’s happening?

I had restayne done today under my eyes and the left eye has severe bruising and swelling is this normal the right eye looks ok

I had surgery on my lower eyelids in which my consultant found my left under eye muscle is twice the size of my right. What can cause this?

I had two chalizions in the upper lid of my right eye. 6 months later I had them removed. Coming up 6 weeks later one of them is still very prominent?

I have a boil just inside my right nostril. It's making my whole right side hurt and my right eye is blurry. What should I do for it?

I have a chalazion on my left bottom eye. What can I do about that?

I have a clogged gland on my right eye and i think my vision got worse on my right eye. Is this permanent?

I have a floater in my right eye recently; why is this happening?

I have a half circle bright light very colorful around my left eye and a slight headache on the left top of my head, what could this mean?

I have a headache behind my left eye and it has moved to my right eye, what is wrong?

I have a headache behind my right eye, and it is painful to the touch right above my eye but below the eyebrow, what can I do?

I have a lump under the skin that was above my right temple, now it has traveled above my right eye brow and only hurts when I touch it. what can be causing this? It's really bothering me. Thank you

I have a mole on the upper right side of my nose near under my right eye, can I be blind from it?

I have a nerve under my left eye that pulses/flickers really quickly intermittently (visibly). What would cause that?

I have a obvious line of bloodshot on my right eye at the right side, what does it mean? I already have it several years ago.

I have a pain in a vane that's located on my forehead, right hand, above the eye brow.

I have a pain in my right eye and it feels like someone is constantly stabbing me in my right pupil. Its my lazy eye, and I do have allergies. Help?

I have a pimple in my left eye, what to do?

I have a sty in my right eye is there anything i can do without going to the doctor?

I have a stye on my left eye and its lasted for months, what do I do?

I have a stye on the inner part of my right eye lid what will help with the annoying pain?

I have a swelling in my left eye. ?

I have a swelling in the eye white part.Its in the left of the eye.Could You please tell me as what it is....

I have a swelling in the upper lid of my left eye and alongwiththat, I have a headache. What should I do?

I have a swelling just above my right cheekbone and just below my eye. There is no pain but when I look downwards slightly it is noticeable.

I have a vein that goes across my forehead right under my hairline with headache on right side of forehead above right eye ?

I have a very noticeable vien under my left eye?

I have a weird feeling in my left eye, i went to the eye doctor and she gave me some eye drops but they not doing any good. Under my left eye feels h?