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My mother has been offered the option of laser trabeculoplasty and surgery, but she wants to know if that would eliminate the need to use medication (drops)? Whether the condition would ever deteriorate again? If untreated would she go blind.

My mother has high, myopia doctor told her that the only way to cure them is intaocular lens procedure but what are the risks if it fails?..blindness?

My mother is diabetic. Operation for cataract has been done. Now she has same swalling on the retina. Is it dangerous or not.?

My mother just had cataract surgery last month she is 22 years older than me. I was diagnosed with cataracts today and am a bit frightened.

My mothers had her cataracts removed but still no vision.. Was it unsuccessful then?

Need doctor's help! what do you think of eye laser vision correction?

Noticing eye floaters three months after surgery under general anesthesia. Can drugs used for anesthesia cause eye problems such as floaters?

Optometrists: progressive glasses after monovision cataract surgery, where can I get this?

Optometrists: progressive glasses after monovision cataract surgery. How do these work?

Other than monovision, can laser eye surgery correct presbyopia?

People with psoriasis nd alopecia areara can go under lasik eye surgery? Will there be any complications?

Please advise what is the difference between laser & lasik eye surgery?

Please advise what is the difference between lasik and prk eye surgery ?

Please advise what is the difference between photorefractive keratectomy vs radial keratotomy?

Please explain why is photorefractive keratectomy (eye surgery) so expensive?

Please help docs! is lasik surgery possible after eye injury?

Please let me know if there is an eye refractive surgery for children?

Please let me know if there is such a thing as preventive cataract surgery?

Please tell me can someone with chronic uveitis get lasik?

Please tell me if an eye surgery for floaters is risky?

Please tell me, could i still play water polo if i had cataract surgery?

Please tell me, could lasik surgery cause eye floaters?

Please tell me, could prk correct eyes that can not be corrected by prescription lenses?

Please tell me, could the removal of a congenital cataract in an adult help improve their vision?

Presbyopic, but also I have farsightedness. Is it true problems will go away with cataract removal?

Rapid onset cataracts. Age 51. Diopters went from minus 5 to minus 12 in less than a year. What are the potential causes? Yes surgery is treatment.

Redness after squint eye operation not going away, what do I do?

Refractive surgery possible to correct astigmatism in eye ?

Removing a congenital cataract difficult?

Res dr pl advise me which lense is better for me after cat surgery my age is 44 and i wear glasses 3.75?

Seeing arcs of light after cataract surgery, is this normal?

Seven weeks post cataract surgery on right eye. After surgery eye drops now have dry eye and need drops. Is this common and goes away with time?

Shadow area in my eye after retinal surgery?

Shd cateract surgery b considered if u fall into the category of a 2 - 3? Wd one consider cateract sugery if your vision is 20/40 with sigmatism

Should anew prescription be given to you before cataract surgery? I am having cataract surgery;the optemetrist has examantion my eyes stated i need them removed then he gives me a prescription before surgery. My vision will change, am i correct,

Should both eyes be fitted with lens for distance or only one for up close work for cataract surgery?

Should i be concerned if my eye s myopia 600 degree, i don't know if I should do the laser surgery on it. Will it have some side effect?

Should i get laser eye surgery if I have a heavy astigmatism and very poor vision?

Should I get lasik eye surgery to correct my nearsightedness at age 18?

Should I have laser eye surgury with my prescription (lasik) prk?

Should I have prk or lasik? I had a lasik consultation yesterday with a top surgeon in my area. On my topography scan, he said i had a asymmetrical bow tie on the bottom of one of my eyes that can indicate a predisposition to develop keratonconus. Howev

Should ozurdex be used if patient has ectopic lens and pupil?

Should people with poor eyesight consider lasik surgery?

Should someone with starburst (higher order aberrations), get lasik/prk?

Since I am high myope, is hypothyroidism going to make my myopia worst? Wat are the risks of lasek or iol treatment wit being hypothyroid in future?

Some people react badly to lasik eye surgery. Why is that?

Suffering from catract...So i need suggestion about lense and operation ?

Suggestions please - completely blind in one eye and cataract in the other eye. What are some treatment options?

Surgically induced irregular astigmatism rt eye from prk done 5/29/14. Still can't see out of it. What do I do? L eye blurry at a distance.

Tell me about high degree and asti done lasik and success ?

Tell me about icl vs lasik - refractive surgery?

Tell me about ocularplastic doctor?

Tell me about pkr surgery for vision correction?

Tell me more about laser eye surgery for nearsightedness?

Tell me the difference between photorefractive keratectomy vs radial keratotomy?

Tell me the procedure and how to do eye exercise?

The day after having lasik eye surgery can you go to the movies?

The next day of having lasik eye surgery, I was informed that I have strange immune response that delay my vision improvement. Is that curable?

There was catrac in my eye my doctor oprate it he fix a lence in my eye the problem is that know I have double vison what can I do?

There's a surgery that i know of that changes the eye colour permanently "new iris" it's a pdf approved ;do you recommended it!?If not why?

This is probably age-related cataracts, maybe, as i'm older; but what are the other kinds of cataracts?

Thoughts? Could prk surgery give me 20/20 vision?

Three days post cateract surgery. Now distance vision is 20/20. Is it normal for eye to itch & feel like a hair is in it 3 days post op toric lens ?

Tired of living with thick glasses, is lasik really safe nowadays?

To repair a hole in the macula of an eye, is it operation?

To treat short sighted eyes, what are the latest technology? Is icl more superior than lasik?

To undergo lasik operation should a person cornea should be 545 microns thickness, yes?

To undergo lasik operation, does a person's cornea have to be 545 microns thickness, yes?

To what degree can a lensectomy correct astigmatism? I have heard that a lensectomy can correct astigmatism. I'm excited about this since my condition rules out laser corrective surgery. Is this an effective treatment for astigmatism? Am i likely to still

Typical to have a refraction before laser surgery on eye? Cataract surgery 5-6 years ago. Had refraction as part of routine eye exam 3 months ago.

Ulcerated cornea/surgery on eye. What can I expect?

Use distance glasses to drive. How can see out of my left glass lens when vision for up to 4 weeks is different and not stable post cataract surgery?

Usually, will my sclera be bloodshot red after cataract surgery with a traditional IOL for a few weeks?

Vitrectomy for epiretinal membrane. As vision improves over 4-6 mos., can prescription be adjusted so I can see well enough to do my job 1-2 weeks after surgery?

Vitrectomy macular pucker Surgeon said 90% chance all mp removed,75% chance 20/20 vision or close, 25% chance better vision. 2% chance none. Right?

We have a 4 years old nephew, he was diagnosed with astigmatism and strabism;what is the recommended treatment at his age and minimum age for surgery?

What advice can you give me for looking after a person who has had their cataracts removed?

What age is a recommended age for corrective eye surgery?

What age should you be to get lasik eye surgery performed?

What amount does glaucoma sugery cost?

What amount does lasik eye surgery cost?

What amount is cataract eye surgery?

What amount school will i miss with cataract surgery?

What are advantages of refractive surgery prk?

What are alternatives to lasek eye surgery?

What are differences between lasik, prk, and lasek in terms of risks, recovery and post operation side effects if any?Consider I am a candidate for all.

What are possible complications with epi lasik? Are the possible complications with epi lasik different or the same as lasik? .

What are reasons for the defect of dots after cataract removal?

What are some activities i cannot do after an eye operation?

What are some common problems that people have after lasik eye surgery?

What are some of the benefits of epi lasik?

What are some of the cons of getting photorefractive keratectomy?

What are some things I should know about eye strabismus surgery?

What are some ways that I can strengthen my eye muscles? I had amblyopic surgery when I was 3.

What are the additional risks or benefits for flap-less lasik, comparing to regular lasik?

What are the advantages of cross-linking after lasik?

What are the alternatives to a corneal transplant? I have researched on the corneal transplant procedure but i would like to find alternatives that do not involve surgeries. Are any medications effective against improving my cornea? If so, how long will i

What are the chances my body will reject a corneal transplant? Due to my eye scarring some years ago after an infection, i need to have corneal transplant surgery. While i'm prepared to for the surgery and recovery time, i'd like to know more about the po

What are the chances of getting central vision after a 'lazy eye' operation?

What are the contra-indications of lasik?