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Hi! I was diagnosed with a macular edema few days ago. I had a surgery in order to remove an icare- ICL, 11 months ago. Is that possible ? Thank you

I'm 6 months post lasik surgery but I still have pain in my eyes usually during sleep on my eyelids with excessive tears but not always. Why?

-3.0 in both eyes. Using contacts. Can read fine without glasses. Considering whether lasik or lasek, or other surgical correction?

1. Can we still gain minus after lasik? 2.Can we lasik "again" after a few years?

19 years old with a cornea scar on my left eye, they offered surgery at age 4 but parents refused. I'm almost blind now, can they do the surgery now?

3 months after cataract surgery, now when ever i close my eyes i see light green. Is this normal?

3 weeks out cataract surgery. First, blurry vision, droopy eyelid, & now torn retina. Can it all be repaired? What does it involve?

30 yr old male, subluxated lens in 1 eye, caused by trauma occurred 28 yrs ago. Lens have cataract. Can sight be restored & what is cost of surgery?

33 yrs old. Is it normal to experience Iritis twice after 2 months post cataract surgery. Any precaution required to work condition travelling?

70 with a cataract with deteriorating vision. Lost right eye from a childhood accident. What are risks in having surgery & how can I find best surgeon?

71 yr old with cataract & vision in only one eye. Having difficulty seeing traffic signals. Considering the risks, would you have the surgery?

73 yr old male with vision in one eye.. Have cataract that is impacting life style. Is it worth the risk for surgery and is laser surgery preferred?

84-year old mother may need glaucoma surgery. Could it make her vision worse or would she go blind w/o surgery. What is success rate?

86 yr man had cataract surgery on left eye 8/28/14. Is he allowed to drive now if he says he sees well?

A month after my lasik eye surgery with -3/4 in the left eye. What is the chance of full recovery and what about enhancement procedure in this case ?

About how much does it cost for lasek eye surgery for nearsightedness?

About how much does it cost for lasek to fix nearsightedness?

About how much does the lasek eye surgery really cost?

After a bad cataract surgery and loss of iris could a lens still be put in the eye to see?

After catarac surgery five weeks ago my toric lense is still moving around a lot . Is this normal?

After cataract surgery how long to use the eye protection?

After cataract surgery will i always need eye drops?

After cataract surgery, can the new lens slip or is it stitched into place?

After dilation, eyes very blurred, but can see okay with glasses, when not dilated. Indicates cataract surgery? Is cataracts reversible?

After lasek surger, after how long can I expose my eyes to sun, ?

After prk laser eye surgery, what to do about blurry vision?

After recovery from vitrectomy for macular pucker and subsequent cataract surgery will a patient be able to wear contact lenses?

After strabismus surgery, my eye turned out a bit (before it was in)?

After strabmisus surgery on left eye. Droopy eyes developed. What do I do i?

After surgery for a retinal tear...should the eye that was operated on be very red? The white part?(iris) Is this normal after a surgery?

After two failed laser operations in one eye, the vision is much worse. Is there any special external lens that can be used to correct the vision?

After using pilocarpine HCl 2% 4x a day, pain on eye lid, red eye and blurrier vision. Is it normal? Laser surgery to be performed in 2 weeks.

After you have surgery to fix a detached retina can your vision ever be normal?

Alternative to slow down retinitis pigmentosa? Also does using bifocal lens on cataract surgery worsen the eye iself than standard lens

Am a high myope w/astigmatism od in need of cataract extraction w/iol. Should I have both eyes done at same time?

Am gona have lasik eye laser I am shortsighted, i want to know if its safe, and are their any risks?

Am i a good candidate for cataract surgery at my age? I have been diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. I recently turned 80 and am concerned about my prospects as a cataract surgery patient. I don't want any set-backs. What makes a good candidate? .

Am i able to get lasik/prk with medicaid?

Am I guaranteed to see 20/20 without glasses after lasik surgery?

Am i put to sleep during lasik eye surgery?

Any ideas if I can have cataract surgery if I have watery eye?

Any reasons to delay cataract surgery if slightly hazy, 64 and good insurance now?

Any suggestions on where to go for lasek eye surgery?

Anything correct astigmatism beside refractive surgery?

Anything they can do to improve vision years after congenital cataract surgery?

Anything you can tell me about prk (lasik)?

Are lasiks or laser eye doctors going to replace optometrists?

Are the effects of lasik eye surgery long lasting?

Are there any contacts that are good after refractive surgery?

Are there any corrective procedures, besides glasses, for people born with nystagmus?

Are there any subtstitute for betamethasone eyedrops after lasik eye surgery?

Are there any surgeries to repair eye injury in the fovea centralis?

Are there any surgeries to repair eye injury in the fovea?

Are there different types of eye surgeries to improve vision? What are the differences?

Are there eye exercises that can be helpful after undergoing an eye corneal transplant surgery?

Are there surgeries to repair eye injury in the fovea centralis?

As a diabetic, are my risks higher with lasik? I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when i was 10, and it's being managed with insulin. I'm 23 now, and i wear contacts to correct my distance vision. I'd like to have lasik or another type of laser vision c

Astigmatism getting worse--not a candidate for lasik, what to do?

Asymptomatic ERM in both eyes. Younger than most with this (41). Many years ahead for slow progression - could surgery be ineffective after long wait?

At what age is cycloplegic refraction necessary ?

At what age is lasik eye surgery recommended ?

Been operated upon for cataract, can he see properly from both eyes thereafter?

Before the surgery, and i wear glasses for nearsighted. Couldi have the lasik again?

Being diagnosed with corneal neovascularization 6 months ago due to c. Lens wear. Still at same stage, changing to silicone lenses. Will it help?

Bilateral Keratoconus - cornea transplants both eye 1 done 2, 1had cataract surgery - 2eye needs it but the Dr. warns may trigger rejection pl advise?

Blurred vision from anesthesia two weeks after rotator cuff surgery . Eyes red and glassy otherwise good outcome.

Born with cataract in rt eye unsuccessful operations to remove cataract at age 3. is it possible for me to have an operation to see in rt eye.

By doing lasik laser eye sugery, can I lose my eyesight if anything goes wrong?

Can a fail lasik operation leads to blindness? Is it hurt?

Can a lensectomy help with both astigmatism and nearsightedness? I have astigmatism and I am very nearsighted; i've worn glasses for years. What kind of results could i expect from a lensectomy, and is it as safe as cataract surgery? .

Can a patient with Rheumatoid arthritis, do a laser eye surgery (PRK) , after stopping plaquenil medication? Is there a possible complications ? .....

Can a person go blind if they don't have Cataract surgery? With Hi BP reading,eye surgeon refused me surgery,how do i get white coat hypertension away

Can a person with glaucoma still have lasik for vision correction?

Can a reaction to lens placed in cataract surgery develop in people with sensitive eyes and allergies to cosmetics, etc?

Can a squint eye with less visibility be cured with surgery?

Can a vision correction surgery affects us later in r life?

Can all ophthalmologists do eye surgeries?

Can anyone give me their experiences from having cataract eye surgery?

Can anyone tell me what causes double vision 2 weeks after cataract surgery?

Can anyone tell me what is creon 25, 000?

Can being legally blind in one eye be corrected with eye surgery?

Can cataract surgery be redone on the same eye?

Can cataract surgery change the eye color?

Can corneal surgery correct my astigmatism?

Can corrective lense fix double vision or ghosting after lasik operation?

Can cortical visual impairment be corrected through lasik or laser surgury for infants?

Can custom(wavefront) lasik correct higher order aberration not caused by corneal curvature?Safe to have the procedure in presence of lattice(retina)?

Can diplopia be a risk if lasik?

Can diplopia rule you out if considering lasik?

Can dry eyes affect prk surgery?

Can eye cataract extraction be done for patient already having glaucoma?

Can eye surgery correct myopia with astigmatism?

Can eyesight change one and half year after cataract surgery?

Can eyesight continue to deteriorate after laser surgery has been done?

Can glasses correct vision for advance catarat ? How long should I wait after retinophexy for catarat sirgury ?

Can having cataract surgery also damage vision?

Can I get laser eye surgery with astigmatism?

Can i get lasik eye surgery to correct my nearsightedness?

Can I get lasik if I have a corneal scar?

Can i get lasik with astigmatism?