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20 years after cataract removal vision getting worse but still correctable to 20/20?

40 years old guy, one of my eye is as doctors say lazy eye, radial keratotomy done 15 years back, the vision of this eye is 8.5 cyl. Suggest treatmnt?

5 months post lasik. Eyes still dry. Surgeon says could take 12-18 months to totally heal. Says dryness will go away? Should i believe him?

About laser surgery?

After 6 months post-op can a strabismus specialist tell if the eye has stabilized enough to determine permanency or decide to reoperate?

After a successful squint surgery can my eye start turning again as time goes by?

After effects of yag laser on eye?

After effects of yag laser?

After getting strabismus surgery, will an eye still turn?

After going through lasik, is it still possible to do ICL? Or its not possible anymore?

After having cataract surgery, I now have a large "floater" which came from the back of my eye. It is blocking part of my vision. What can be done?

After I get treatment for my blepharitis, will my eyelids return to normal shape?

After lasik/lasek eye surgery do you need to avoid using regular lasers?

After slt laser treatment for glaucoma can you still wear contact lenses?

After strabismus surgery how long does it take for the eye to settle in new position?

After surgery for a detached retina, my vision is coming back but it is still distorted. Will it continue to get better?

Am i a good candidate for lasek? I had lasik about 10 years ago. Ever since then, I have a lot of problems with my night vision. It's blurry and i see a lot of glare. I have been told that i had large pupils. At night time, my pupils expand beyond the la

Am I really more likely to get cataracts if I don’t wear sunglasses?

Am i still a candidate for lasik if I have some corneal scarring? If not, are there other options? I've had a number of eye infections over the years due to leaving contacts in too long. I'm told none are in my line of vision. Is there hope for me havi

Any suggestions on which type of laser surgery would be good for me?

Anyone can tell me if the laser eye operation has any complications?

Anyone out there ever had the yag laser used on their eyes after a crystalens implant surgery?

Anyone out there ever had the yag laser used on their eyes after a crystalens?

Are cataracts treated by laser surgery?

Are lasers used in spine surgery?

Are the laser eye operations safe enough?

Are there any adult treatments for strabismus that does not use lasers or needles?

Are there any procedure to get rid of lazy eye?

Are you able to see what's happening during cataract surgery?

Are younger doctors more aggressive in using laser and other surgeries?

Astigmitism and corrective procedures? I am near-sighted, and have worn glasses since high-school. I feel like my eyes are gradually getting worse. I really want to get lasik-eye surgery. However, i've been told that since i haveastigmitism, this procedur

At what age can I have laser eye surgery if I have nystagmus?

At what age do you get cataracts usually?

At what age i can have a lasik surgery for my eyes some doctors say 21 and some say 18 and do you advice having it and how effective is it thanx?

At what age is a teenager ready for laser eye surgery?

At what age should I get eye laser surgery?

Been nearsighted forever, and one of my friend's got the surgery to fix it, but i'm skeptical. What happens they mess up?

Best under eye laser treatment recommended for removal of wrinkles ?

Blew out orbital floor last week, have double vision when looking up/down. Surgery is planned in a wk. How's recovery time? Will there be scarring?

Can any adult wear contacts or get a lasik eye surgery?

Can astigmatism get worse from being corrected successfully with glasses to being told to need laser surgery?

Can corneal haze be caused by yag laser surgery?

Can crossed eyes get well with surgery?

Can dry eye syndrome be made worse with astigmatism correction. It was not corrected prior to this.

Can I get both my eyes treated with lasik?

Can i get lasik surgery to correct deteriorating vision due to old age?

Can I go back to work after a lasik eye consultation?

Can I go back to work after having a lasik eye consultation?

Can I have laser eye surgery while i'm breastfeeding? My daughter is 8 months old and i'm still breastfeeding her. Is there any reason i can't have laser eye surgery while i'm breastfeeding? If so, how long should I wait after I have stopped before i have

Can i request my surgery to be done with a yag laser? Is it possible for me to request that my eye surgery is done using a yag laser? .

Can it be possible to get rid of glasses by improving yr eyesight through laser surgery?

Can keloid form around the eyes after having surgery or laser resurfacing?

Can laser eye surgery be good or bad?

Can laser eye surgery be used to correct or compensate for shortsightedness? What are some of the risks of laser eye surgery?

Can laser eye surgery cause pain during the process?

Can laser eye surgery cure eye disorders?

Can laser eye surgery help prevent blindness?

Can laser eye surgery really cure eye disorders?

Can laser eye surgery really efficiently cure eye disorders or problems?

Can laser surgery be used to reduce ocular pressure?

Can laser surgery only be used for the eye?

Can lasik cause slk? Had lasik 2 months ago and have had dry eyes since. Just got diagnosed with slk from a specialist. Or did lasik make it worse?

Can my eyesight actually improve with laser surgery?

Can one get lasik surgery done for light sensitivity?

Can overcorrection by radial keratotomy be treated?

Can people with astigmatism get eye restoration surgery?

Can people with nystagmus be helped by laser eye correction?

Can receiving laser eye surgery cure myopia ?

Can someone get corrective eye laser surgery if that person has a prism?

Can surgery correct a blind eye due to a genetic problem?

Can there be a surgery to make your eyes bigger?

Can there be anyway to get rid off a lazy eye without surgery?

Can you explain if it's possible for the eyes to reshape themselves?

Can you get color lenses when you get implantable lens surgery?

Can you get lasik with pinguecula?

Can you get surgery to lower your eyes?

Can you help me, im wondering is there any type of surgery that changes distance from eye to mouth ?

Can you lose vision from excimer laser treatment?

Can you please tell me about laser heart surgery?

Can you please tell me why it'sa bad idea to get laser eye surgery at 15?

Can you provide some advice for someone who's had laser eye surgery?

Can you recommend me a naperville clinic where i could make a laser surgery for my eyes?

Can you say if it could laser eye surgery help in the case of constant eye strain?

Can you tell me about eye laser surgery: cost, current stage, risks?

Can you tell me about laser surgery for ocular pressure?

Can you tell me about yag laser used on eyes after a crystalens implant surgery?

Can you tell me how has laser eye surgery changed in the past 15 years?

Can you tell me how is eye laser surgery today?

Can you tell me if i could get double eyelid surgery when i already have one?

Can you tell me if there are any surgerys or anything to get vision back in one eye?

Can you tell me if there are dangers for having plastic surgery on the eye lids in order to get them looking smaller?

Can you tell me the difference between laser eye surgery and the one where they use a blade?

Can you tell me whether there is an alternative to laser eye surgery?

Can you tell me, are optician jobs getting smaller and smaller because of laser eye surgery?

Cataract surgery 6 yrs ago. Feel same like before surgery, cloudy, mocusios. Is it clog up back of my lens? Can optamist able to find out?

Cateracts 10 years after laser surgery. Corneal scarring. Difficult to remove cateracts. What to do?

Choosing the right laser eye surgery?

Considering laser eye surgery. How effective is it and how long does it last? Does it help for astigmatism too?

Correct your eyesight without laser eye treatment or contacts?

Could a high myopic astigmatism patient have surface ablation laser eye correction twice to treat?