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My girlfriend is 18 and in the past year has had peripheral vision loss in both left sides of both eyes. Not glaucoma.Wat Causes that aren't serious?

1 y baby, born with left eye always red and tumescent, she had antibiotics & anti hestamin with unsatisfied result, fundus examination fine, what to do?

12yo c daily watery eyes only abrupty since fall '14. No:itch,burn,red,allrgn,nasal sx. All season,location. No bleph meibo; punct open; fail NaCl?

13 days after craniotomy to remove clots due to subdural haematoma, my 69 year old dad still has double vision and red veins in his eyes.Help?

14-yr-old son. Had eye exam today, drops were given. One eye dilated much more than the other, and is taking longer to contract. Is this normal?

20//20 vision,no trauma or inflammation ever,tested by indirect opthalmoscope thrice,docs say perfect eyes,what can be the cause of floaters?

20/20 vision all my life, suddenly doc says20/50 & astimatism n both eyes. Really? Is this possible? If so, y?

25 y/o blonde male w/ blue eyes. Been indoor tanning 20x, 5x w/o eyewear. How much have I increased risk for ocular melanoma? Eye exams normal so far.

25y.old,myopia 5.00,wear lenses, a few times vision goes a little hazy for a few seconds then everything ok.done dfe yesterday.everything ok.any idea?

26yo.myop. -5.50. lenses use&dry eyes.Last months I see frequent negative afterimages of lights .More intense at night when driving.eye exam&DFE good?

3-year old child suddenly developed continuous blinking of eyes; left eye worst?

30% nerve damage in rt. Eye. Field test says "normal" with md -3.12 psd 1.80 readings two eye drs say glaucoma caught early. Do you agree?

37 yo, and see halos/haziness around lights at night. I wear contacts, but my Rx is ok. History of prednisone use for Crohns, last eye exam was ok.

38 yo white male with glasses/contacts. Normal eye exam 1.5 years ago. When should I go again for exam?

38wks pregnant w/2nd child, no hbp or diabetes, yet as of a week ago the vision in my right eye is blurry and yellow tinted. What could be the cause?

38wks pregnant, no hbp/diabetes, as of a week ago the vision.In my right eye is blurry and tinted. Went to ER for eval. No issues/answers! cause?

3yr, increasingly severe pain in eyes/sockets, crustyin am. Saw opthamologist, says eyes look great, glad butstill in pain need advice?

4 week got a black eye. Saw er doc, eye doc and primary doc. Ct facial scan done. No fracture. Still headaches from side of black eye. Normal? Help

47 yrs old eye doc said mayb tumor on optic nerve got these results back on blood work fsh 112.98 miu/ llh 62.8 also a swollen neck some vision lost ?

5 years after cataract surgery. Shld I do something? Anything to worry abt? It's been 2 yrs since my last checkup. Not much changes with vision.

50yo male w/graves dis. Right eye wont close. Thyroid killed. Left eye detorating. Using drops, no relief. Any treatment or proceedures? Plz help.

52-year-old Asian woman, 5'1 and 135 lbs. Eye doctor noticed eyelids were drooping and suggested a thyroid ultrasound. Why?

56 y/o f. Eye dr says bleeding behind rt eye. Have periodic forehead pain above rt eye. Could that mean that's active bleeding at that time?Thanks you

6 eye dr can't figure out what's going on with my eye, did an echorgraphy, maybe next inject dye in my veins , will detect anything?Im hopeless!

6 wks after cataract surgery, still see peripheral shimmering light. Implants 11.5D; 13.5D. What if symptoms do not improve as DR thinks they will?

6 wks ago had first ocul. migraine with scintill. scotoma It lasted for 45 mins but after it went the corner of vision in left eye is reduced causes?

6 years old girl, malformation in her left orbit AtV, 20/100 vision. Too dangerous to do the surgery as the position is quite near the eyegroud and optic nerve. Is it better to use radiation therapy?

6 yr with eye nerve cupping like her dad.what should I do and any underlying conditions if she has this? Thanks

6, 4 n 2mnths back i hd done oct optomap for seeing sparking stars, every time doc said retina is normal, does he mean no pvd?He never mention pvd at all

6y child has viral eye infection which cause injurey in his cornea, what is the period of treatment and does it cause any impariement in his vision?

6yold w/ hiperopia, intermitent strabismus.Notice red eye in one eye and other just shiny, evaluetaded in aug-ok.Normal for strabismus two diff reflex?

7 months ago i got heating fuel in my eye. Since then specialists have told me I have a maculopathy in right eye how can this happen from heating fuel?

82 year old-jetrea treatment early jan. 2014. Since eyestrain, eyelid heaviness and tired. Dr keeps postponing cataract surgery. Others recommend. ?

A 37-year-old woman has a consistent tired look and eyelid droop?

A 59 yr. Old male with a tumor on his petuitary gland, what are his chances of regaining more sight in the one eye that seems to be losing a little sight?

A cataract surgery was performed in aug/sept 2011. My eyes are always tired and i look tired too. Yes, I use drops for dryness. I am frustrated. Help!?

A Green laser pointer with 532nm 10-15 mW has shined into my eyes for about 4 seconds in total 1 sec per 2 hours Did it damaged my eyes no dot in visi

Accidentaly opened right eye during CT scan when told not to. also wear contacts. eye little blurry but from some previous eye issues I thnk.Am I ok?

Adult with slight lazy eye. Never been treated or officially diagnosed, but can visually see it and sometimes eye pain. Are there any treatments?

Affected by perivascular sheathing 4years ago(re).Now it seems my vision is foggy and it started on left eye too.Specialists in our city found nothing?

After cateract surgery, my lower outer corner of my eye is blocked by 1/3 of my vision. Feels like something heavy weighing it down. Im upset. ?

After my eye visit I was told I Needed laser surgery for cataracts. Rt. eye, a 1.2 and Lt. eye a 1. There is a scale 1-4. I am not sure about this.

Am suffering from keratoconus and lately my eyes really hurts when i put my lenses and tears for like 30 mim ! Does it mean ill have to make a surgery?

An eye examination by od showed -2.00 left eye for glasses. But, it was -3.25 two yrs. Earlier and -3.50 three yrs. Ago. prescription not made yet. Re-exam?

An eye specialist has examined my brother's eyes as 6/18 & 6/24. What does it mean?

Anisocoria. Eye doc put 1 drp apraclonidine rt eye. No change after 15 mins. Got home 20 mins later noticed rt iris now larger. Positive Horners?

Are there any risk for getting fillers under the eyes? Is there a chance it wont look right? And is it permanent?

Are these eye exams bad: right cylinder -0.75, axis 003. left cylinder -0.50, left axis 142. Is this sign of neurological disease or something serious?

As i started to use ritalin, (methylphenidate) my eye sight got worse and after 1 year of use my eye doctor found that i got kkaratoconus . Is there any relation ?

As long as i don't get hit in the eye i can prevent a retinal datchment am i correct? I feel fine i don't have any floaters just some blue spots rarely

Bad injury center of the pupil now it healed with a white scare center of my vison should I have the transplant or live with it very worryed of rejecting don't wont to be blind its been long road just to get what I have almost lost the eye

Benicar (olmesartan) 40.12.5mg for hypertension. Lately right eye hurts in the a.m. Allergy eye drops no help. today vision a little blurry in that eye. help pleas

Black eye floaters after ilasik, got fully eye checkup, no retinal and other prblm, but do NT tell then why , i got these, yes nearsightdness my case?

Blood in the right eye in my 3 month baby. Help, what to do, advises. Thanks!

Born with a lazy eye 25yr old I have noticed my lazy eye returned over last week i have anxiety could this be the cause? scared of brain tumor?

Both of my optic nerve in my eyes use to be swollen, i was wondering if i can start any kind of birth control or will the swell again?

Botox today around eyes caused a pretty bad ugly blood vessel hemerage in 1 of my eyes no effect on vision am i okay ? How long before it clears?

BP 130/69,200 chol, on Klonopin (clonazepam) 5 yrs; wake up w/ bloodshot eyes, had ret detachmentOS & retinal tears OD-lasered. Is bad circula causing eye pressure?

By what age do retinal cells stop dividing?Is is likely for a 20 yo to get retinoblastoma? Can one get it in just 20 days?Can slit-lamp detect it?

Can a blepharoplasty procedure improve my peripheral vision? I'm and 48-year old women and over the past couple of years, my skin has begun to "sag" around my face. I understand that this is natural, but I have noticed that my peripheral vision has weened

Can a corneal doc or a simple ophthalmologist check retinal tear?My retinal doc went on vacation, won't be available till oct middle week

Can a eye oct exam detect burnt spot from a laser pointer? ty

Can a optometrist Check for no intra-occuar In an eye exam? Have a 3week old black eye. Purple is gone but still have headache from time to

Can a problem with your thyroid cause under eye puffiness? I am very active and healthy . I am 52 and look like my mom who is 82. Help!

Can allergies cause glasses to take longer to adjust? Been having facial & eye pain w/ headache throughout the day. Nt sure if it's my glasses

Can being high on marijuana cause really painful eyes?

Can bouts of crying over a period of several months cause eye floaters?

Can cataracts form quickly ? Saw eye dr. 3 weeks ago and now left eye seems blurry!?Dr says they are in beginning stage !

Can CT scans affect your eyes? I had one and shortly after my eyes were kind of blurry/felt almost cross-eyed. I assume they don't,just wanted to ask.

Can eye blinking in kids recur?..I can see my kid's blinking who is 4 yr old is completely gone and with in 2 weeks again came. Reason?

Can I do anything to help me keep my eye? I have toxocariasis since was 2 and now my infected eye is showing symptoms of failure. I'm already in edta

Can I do anything to help me keep my eye? I have toxoplasmosis since was 2 and now my eye is showing symptoms of failure

Can I have floater in my eye due to fatty liver from alccohol abuse? I'm 26 if so how can it go away eye doctor says don't worry but it bithers me

Can i receive a quick response to my first question asap?I'm 19 years old and i've been having pressure in my left eye.Am i at risk of having glaucoma

Can lazy eye be completely cured? I've heard that lazy eye can't be cured, only improved. Is that true? My 2-year-old son was just diagnosed with it, and his doctor said that as long as he wears his patch and glasses, he should be cured within a few month

Can optic neuritis reoccur in the same eye without pain? And if it does, and wasnt treated emmidiatly what could happen??

Can strong ceiling lights cause cataract to an infant if her eyes were exposed to such strong lights excessively for 2 years? When my daughter was two, her pediatric noticed she had a cataract in the left eye. Further exam at the ophthalmologist confirmed

Can u b near-sided & far-sighted?

Can you give me suggestion: extremely painful corneal eye ulcer- ER wouldn't hand over tetracaine.. Why..?

Can you tell me if the nintendo 3ds is the cause of my sons eye problem?

Cataract surgery 1wk post-op check up yesterday. Both eyes dilated. 24 hrs later, one eye still somewhat dilated. Normal or problem?

Chances of tumor poking eye out? One eye feels bigger when touched but no vision problems/pain. Is it likely this is a tumor? 19 y/o extremely scared!

Chronic allergic conjuctivitid on long standing steriods eye drops and stop it gradully since 1month scally lesion appear under lower eye lid dx?

concussion year ago vision blurry since left eye worse optomologist say ocular ok but went 20/15 to 20/30 in 1 year? peripheral test inconconsistant?

Constant flickers in my peripheral vision (mostly left eye) in dark since a couple of weeks.Checked with my retina specialist-no tear.Will it subside?

Could I have wilsons? I've noticed kf rings in my eyes & lookin at my MRI i found the panda cub clearly & I have majority of the nureo symps

Could my daughters puffy eye lid be a symptom of aml relapse?

Daddy wants to get a prosthetic eye.? He has eviscerated left eye back in 1994.. what possible complications can occur or it is totally safe??

Daughter has type 1 Duane's syndrome. Vision is good, just can't turn eye all way to the right. Will she be able to do all/most normal activities?

Dear Dr. What should I do? I have a number of different parasites in my eyes, ears, sinuses and bowels after I began a cleanse. My Dr says DOP. NO.

Dear sir how can I loss my weight in 1 month my weight is more than 85 And dear sir my eyes sight is weak my ryt eyes sight is -4.5 nd left is -2.5 ?

Dear sir I am 27 year old but my left eye i consult the doctor but dr. Tell me proggnosis of the pupil size explained due to post synechai.?

Dear sir my mom is 45year old last 20 year her both eyes are very painful. , (1)sight, vision coming below, (2)constipation?

Dear 4 year old son has been diagnosed with 6/36 vision in me with vision enhancing techniques at this tender age. His no is -15 in right eye ad -10 in left with -2.5 cylindrical..

Developed mild irregular astigmatism 5 yrs post lasik. Will it get worse with age?

Diagnosed w/ acquired nystagmas. brain mri was clean. only slight astigmatism in right eye but didn't get glasses. what is cause of the nystagmus?

Diagnosed with a sinus infection. Stopped citalopram a little over month ago, since then have developed dim snowy vision?

Did I wait too long for baby's eye exam? She's scheduled for an InfantSEE exam in month and a half. I'm scared of retinoblastoma. I haven't flashed.

Difference sinusitis eye pain vs emergency eye pain? Lots of press. Eye socket heavy nhurts.Dr.says normal. Vision is mostlysame. Howlong to expect?

Differnce btwn eye flashes of retinal tear n aura? Does flashes of rt moves wen we mov our eyes, my doc said so?He long rt flashes last?Hw to know it?