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Blepharophimosis, ptosis, epicanthus inversus syndrome, what are these?

Blepharophimosis, ptosis, epicanthus inversus. What are they?

Can drooping eyelids cause amblyopia?

Can I have my drooping eyelids corrected from ptosis without surgery?

Can I take botox for drooping upper eyelid (ptosis)?

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Can you tell me how do I lift my droopy eyelids?

Can you tell me if i could have an eyelid surgery on one eye?

Can you tell me what blepharophimosis is ?

Can you tell me what blepharophimosis is?

Could my drooping eyelid be narcolepsy or something else?

Do I have ptosis or something else if lid lag after eye exam?

Does a drooping eyelid always equal "ptosis"?

Does refractive amblyopia cause a drooping eye lid, or do drooping eyelids cause amblyopia?

Droopy lid, sudden facial numbness?

Eyelid dysfunction-ptosis, omg?

Eyelid ptosis/drooping lid--what is usual cause?

How can a doctor correct a drooping eyelid?

How can I fix drooping eyelids?

How can I know if an eyelid lift is what I need?

How can you correct a droopy eyelid?

How come only one of my eyelids droop while the other one doesn't?

How do you diagnose eyelid droop in asians?

How do you fix a drooping eyelid?

How much is eye lid (ptosis) surgery cost for one eye?

I have a drooping eyelid and a tingling neck. What is wrong with me?

I have a drooping eyelid, what should I do ?

I have a droopy eyelid. Is there a surgery that would help?

I have drooping eyelids and eye strain. What can I do?

I need help with drooping/hooded eyelid!?

If my eyelids were to droop from fatigue(as the day passes by), what should I do so they don't droop? Some people's eyelids don't droop when they tired.

If ptosis do I have omg?

In what way can I tell if I am the only one with blepharophimosis?

Is an eyelid lift what I need if I look so droopy?

Is it normal for one of my eyes to be drooping?

Is it possible that I have a "lazy eye" and a droopy eyelid (ptosis) at the same time, on the same eye?

Is it possible to have a "lazy eye" and a droopy eyelid (ptosis) at the same time on the same eye?

Is it weird to have only one drooping eyelid?

Is ptosis repair the only way to fix or help "drooping eyelid"?

Is the droopy lid blepharoplasty covered by insurance?

Is there a way too control my drooping eyelid ptosis?

My eyelid is drooping what the heck?

My mom has drooping eyelid on one side?

My mom has drooping eyelids. What can she do?

My mom has drooping eyelids. Will i?

My right eyelid is drooping, why is that?

My right eyelid is droopy. How can I fix this?

Now I have a droopy eyelid after having an eye infection. What to do?

Please explain why does my eyebrow/eyelid droop periodically?

Ptosis surgery for a drooping eyelid really worth it?

Ptosis what can my doctor do to treat my ptosis.?

What are double eyelids?

What are some causes of droopy eyelid?

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What can be done for droopy eyelids ?

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What can cause drooping, irritating eyelids?

What can I do about my droopy eyelid? When is a good time or age for surgery?

What can I do for varied drooping of eyelids?

What can I do to treat a droopy eyelid?

What causes a drooping eyelid?

What causes a droopy eyelid?

What causes drooping eyelids?

What causes eyebags?

What causes my lower eyelid drooping?

What causes ptosis of the upper and lower eyelid?

What could cause a droopy eyelid?

What could cause drooping eyelids?

What do you do if you have one droopy eyelid?

What do you recommend for ptosis?

What does a doctor have to do to correct a drooping eyelid if omg?

What does a doctor have to do to correct one drooping eyelid?

What is blepharophimosis?

What is cause of droopy eyelids?

What is ptosis?

What is the best treatment for drooping eyelid?

What is the definition or description of: Drooping eyelid?

What is third eyelid?

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Worried about drooping eyelid, result of blepharoplasty of 9 yr ago or other?

Would eyelid lift surgery work on my drooping eyelid?