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1 month old baby. Her right eye is just producing tears every now and then but no redness. It looks tired too. Is there an issue?

1.5 yr old facial fracture, due to assault still gets tender in that area. Is that normal? Typically happens when i'm having eye pain in that eye.

62 minor stroke diabetes high blood pressure male having eye problems side of one eye gets dark needs to see specialist whos afforable and can help?

Accident caused severe bruising of the eye/fractured nose. 7 weeks ago, still slight dark line under the eye. Seek medical attention or just patience?

After vigorous exercise, i often experience a spot of distorted vision and i think it is coming from my left eye. What is causing this?

Any doctor has experience treating digestive-related vertigo and eye pain?

Are eye floaters generally a signal of a serious eye problem? Do they go away after some time? Do they cause harm? Recently seeing more than usual.

Are red eyes a possible sign of pneumonia?

Are sleep mask ( eye mask) bad for eye due to pressure? I'm really worried. I have used it for few nights now. Any bad effects on my eyes?

Are sore eyes a common sign of eye fatigue?

Are sunken eyes due to severe dehydration reversible?

Are the combination of blurred and intermittent poor eyesight mean its only temporary?

Are there any underlying illnesses related to swelling in the iris of the eye?

Are there some genetic reasons I get eye swelling off and on?

Been having increased floaters in one eye along with increased headaches. Floaters have become very distracting . Should I be concerned? Onprednisone

Blurred vision in one eye, headaches, muscle twitches, dark/yellow circles around eyes. Cat scan of brain & blood work normal. Sound serious?

Bulging vein in left temple down to eye sometimes with associated pain.Which doctor to see?Could it be something dangerous?No known health issues F 32

Can a bad kidney infection, if left untreated, cause headaches, dry mouth, blurred vision, and constipation?

Can a concussion cause eye problems?

Can a liver imbalance cause tingling and itching on my skin? Also can it cause eye floaters?

Can a opthomologist help rule out or help figure out the cause of the frequent headaches i suffer from that are unilateral and affects one eye only?

Can amyloidosis treatments cause bleeding behind the eye?

Can anxiety cause you too be unable to focus eyes properly? Eye exam 3months ago all was fine but anxiety very high? Eyes also dry?

Can anyone tell me if eye swelling associated with citalopram?

Can blocked nose effect in vision problem?

Can chronic eye strain cause insomnia; and what other problems can it cause?

Can depression lead to seeing shadows and other things out of the corner of your eye?

Can eye allergy occur due to persistent viewing of mobiles, tv and computer? My eyes itch and tears come sometimes due to this and whenever i wake up.

Can I die from eye pain if I ignore it?

Can lack of any particular vitamin cause headache around eye or pressure ?

Can lack of proper vitamins in the body cause headache around eye or pressure?

Can meningitis lead to any eye problems?

Can migraines start somewhere besides eye?

Can my lupus be related to my severe dry eye syndrome?

Can nose infection effect eye movement problem?

Can occasional eyes swelling shut be a symptom of lymphoma?

Can severe stress be a contributing factor to my optic neuritis ? I have gone blind in my left eye

Can stress and crying cause hemorrhage behind the eye?

Can vision problems such as blind spots be a symptom of breast cancer?

Can working night shifts cause slight yellowing of the eyes due to lack of sunlight ?

Can you get eye problems like proptosis 4 years after being treated as a thyroid patient?

Can you have eye problem with autonomic dysfunction? my eyes keeps changing I have problems seeing some time it's like my body is off

Can you tell me are smaller eyes a sign of fatigue?

Can you tell me is having really prominent red eye in photos indicative of any medical or physiological conditions?

Can you tell me, are abnormally large eyes sign of mental illness?

Can your eyes hurt due to lack of sleep?

Chronic daily all day eyestrain and tired heavy eyes. What is the consequences if left untreated ?

Chronic headache, scalp tightness and vision problems like prisms. How can I prevent all this?

Colored spots in vision daily lasting only seconds at a time? Also have increased anxiety. Had all clear by ophthalmologist,neurologist, pcp.

Colored spots in vision grainy vision body pain and muscle spasms but they never happen at the same time. All worsens with stress.

Could a constant eye twitching be a sign of an oncoming stroke?

Could asteroid bodies in the eye be a sign of other problems?

Could closing eyes too hard increase the eye pressure and lead to bulging eyes like people with hyperthyroidism or keratoconus?

Could eye problem cause tinnnitus?

Could getting off anti anxiety meds cause you to see floaters? It's mainly in r eye. Not a shower of them but a consistent few. Are floaters dangerous

Could getting strangling while bulging your eyes cause problems?

Could it be healthy for my eyeglasses to give me a headache occasionally?

Could you have back problems that effect your eye sight?

Dear sir I am 27 year old but my left eye problem, i consult the doctor but dr. Tell me proggnosis of the pupil size explained due to post synechai. ?

Dilated eye exam determined 20/20 vision and no other problems but some floaters. Dr. Says not to worry. Why all of the sudden noticing them?

Diplopia is worse this time last time it was only in left gaze thi time it is in both eyes. Last time it wss resolved. Is it resolve this time also.

Distorted periferal vision+headache. What can treat this?

Do anxiety disorders cause people to see streaks of light or things like that in their vision that is completely unrelated to retinal detachment?

Do I have macular degeneration I have noticed that my left eye aches and waters often, other symptoms are slight blurred vision and looking at a light outside at night i notice a sparkling affect. Both my parents had the above eye disease. Thank you for

Do lattice regions occur in multiples usually? I have 4 in left eye and 2 in right eye. Is it normally how they occur?

Do lots of people get eye swelling, or is it unusual?

Doctor i have been suffering from severe headache and eyes pain since long time. I thought that it might be because of weak eye sight. But my eye sigh?

Doctor told me my blepharitis caused me ocular surface disease which made my vision not be clear . Sometimes I see things bright then dark why??

Does allowing eye or ear problems to go untreated affect other areas of health?

Does anyone know of any remedies for eye strain and the accompanying headaches?

Does having an asthma attack affects the eye? That is causing itching.

Does lack of sleep cause puffiness under the eyes or is there another reason?

Dry blurry eyes. On and off i thought it was aneurysm related. Whenever wind hits them they tear up and get really blurry and dry. Is this serious?

Dry eyes? I've been on numerous medications for my bipolar disorder and in result I've gotten dry eyes if i change or stop meds will it go away?

Excessive crying last night, and as a result my eyes were v. heavy. Have now noticed my left eye has slight blurred vision, also when right is closed?

Expert opinions? Which vitamin(s) deficiency can cause watering eyes (excessive tears), especially when wake up?

Eye disorders that are due to years of sun exposure are what kinds of problems?

Eye pain/tiredness, feel pressure.,left eye mostly. Feel as though seeing with one eye more. Showed to opthalmologist, no issues in eye dilation test?

Eye problem don't know the cause. About two months ago i started having some eye irritation on one eye. Redness and wattery eyes are my symptoms. It spread to my second eye about a week after the initial symptoms. I have been to two doctors. The first pre

Eye problems include drooping eyelids/eye strain. Is this serious?

Eye symptoms increasing with no cause after a year, what to do?

Eye twitching (not severe enough for whole lid to close) persistent for months (on and off multiple times a day) causes? / should seek medical exam?

Eyelashes curling down, does this indicate any health problem?

Eyes not focusing correctly, could it be a sign of something?

Eyes suddenly start twitching. Is this associated with stress or a neurological symptom or the eye muscle or what?

Fatigue, memory loss, tired eyes (hard to focus), speech, and a dropy eye lid. Are these signs of mild sleep apnea or something else?

Feels like the the skin above my right eye is sagging down and causing pressure on my eye lid. I'm 22yrs old. Is this considered old age affect?

Flu affecting eyes ?

For a month my eye has had a prominent vein in the corner and vision disturbances in the area when i blink hard, bend over, etc. Normal ophthalmic exam. Also facial pain and stuffy nose. Sinusitis?

For the past two weeks I've been having some of the symptoms of chronic dry eye dieaese should I go see my eye doctor?

Had always been nearsighted. i had face pain and doc concluded sinusitis. after 3wks my vision is more weird seeing afar. is this related to sinus?

Had an eye exam 1 month ago. Mild astigmatism but no swelling of nerve. Still have vision problems where my eyes get tired and cant things properly.

Had eye exam 3 months ago everything was fine, last few weeks experiencing lot of floaters especially on a computer can vision change quickly or can this be due allergies or something else?

Have had multiple test and multiple dr. Tell me my anxiety is what is causing me to see colored spots in vision daily. Could you explain how?

Have worn colored contacts (not very permeable) for years, and lately had infections, etc. From overuse. Did this cause rubeosis iridis as I have do not have carotid blockage or diabetes?

Have you seen sudden onset eye pain from a microbead.....?

Having asthenopia problems! (eye strain issues) what can cause them?

Having eye symptoms of diabetes. Go to eye or endo doctor?

Headache following cataract surgery. Recurring pinpoint pain in brow over left eye. Never experienced before.

Hello Dr. Good morning, I I am from India & facing a Problem of eye twitching in my left eye in lower lid from last 6-7 days and some times i also feel itching too,?