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1 eyelid twitches alot, random times of day. When it happens I see my eyelash on my right eye flicker.

3 weeks ago I noticed my lips were twitching. Now my whole body is twitching what's wrong with me?

Annoying eyes, what can I do about twitching muscles near my eye? I woke up this am with the muscles in my my eyelid twitching. It has been about 4 hours and they are still doing it. Other people don't see it, but it is annoying and distracting. I had

Both eyes have been twitching for about a week & today I noticed a twitch above my right ear. Should I be concerned & is there a way I can stop it?

Bottom right eyelid has been twitching off and on all through the day for 2 weeks. Should i be worried? How do I get it to stop?

Can being angry or stressed cause your eye to twitch?

Can cocaine make your eye twitch?

Can extraocular muscles twitch? Is it possible for eyelid twitching to make it seem as if your vision is jumpy? How to tell the two twitches apart?

Can eye twitching be related to Trigeminal Neuralgia? I have TN but I'm noticing more twitching than ever on one side of my face, not just pain.

Can eyelid twitching be a sign of a minor seizure?

Can getting a blepharoplasty stop my eyelid from twitching?

Can sinusitis cause twitching I've been having twitching alot when the sinusitis plays up I want to know if the twitching is related to that or not?

Can someone explain to me how come my eye keeps twitching for two weeks off and on?

Can someone explain to me how come my upper eye lid twitching?

Can someone tell me what I should do? My left eyelid has been twitching constantly for the past few weeks?

Can the vein near my eyes twitch? What does it mean?

Can you tell me how to stop my eyelids twitching when i masturbate?

Could masturbating too much be causing my eyelid twitching? I have had eyelid twitching a few months. I don't feel stressed.

Could use expert help with why my left eyelid twitch sometimes?

Could use expert help with why my right eye twitch a lot?

Could you tell me why i always keep twitching my head?

Could you tell me why my left eyelid keeps twitching?

Does anyone know how to stop eyelid twitching from coffee?

Does caffeine lead to eyelid frequently twitching?

Eye random twitches after drinking lots of caffeine?

Eye twiching or blepharospasm a problem forever?

Eye twitch and nose bleed related?

Eye twitch and swollen nostril on same side. Could these be related? What is causing them?

Eye twitches when i move my jaw. Is this serious?

Eye twitching that turns into small face twitching?

Eyelid twitching 4 days straight what could be the reason, what to do?

Female, 40. Right eye twitches a lot lately. What should I do? Y is this?

Fluorometholone for lower eyelid movement/pulsating or twitching?

For months above ear temple has been twitching noticeably to touch. It will come for twitching every few seconds and go for hrs or day. Also twitch around left eye much less often. What gives?

For the past 2 months my right eye has been twitching non-stop. Does anyone know what could cause this?

For the past week my left eye has been twitching frequently every day. What causes twitching? And is it bad that it's so frequent?

For the past week my one eye goes into an involuntary, spasmodic twitch. What can this be?

Forehead twitching and eyebrows, should I be concerned?

Good Morning, Ihad eye twitching for more than a m onth and now my right eye appears smaller and eyelid feels heavy?

Had a vitrectomy in left eye 11 days ago. Eyelid now twitching non stop. what shoul I do?

Helo why do nerves twitch. Epecially if its the same one over and over. Such as the eye or thumb thanx?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what can cause frequent twitches in my eye and feet. Small twitches?

Help docs! my left eye keeps twitching and it's really bothering me?

Hi! my finger/eye lid have been twitching for a week. Why? And should I be worried? How can I fix it? Thank you!

How can a person cure an eyelid twitch?

How can I get my eyelid to stop twitching?

How can I get rid of my eye twitch (spasm)?

How can I make my eye stop twitching? Is there any treatment?

How can I stop an irregular eye twitch?

How can I stop tense face and facial twitching?

How come my face twitch sometimes?

How do get the twitching in the liver area to stop twitching?

How do I make my eye lids stop twitches?

How do I stop eye twitching? I gave up caffeine & still twitches. I sleep decently. Don't feel stressed. Now eyebrow area twitching too. Diet?

How do I stop my eyelid from periodic episodes of twitching?

How do I stop my eyelids from getting droopier?

How do you get rid of a muscle twitch in your eye?

How long can twitches last? My bottom lip has been twitching off and on for over 2 weeks and it's driving me crazy. Some days it doesn't twitch a lot

I am experiencing muscle twitching and fatigue. Muscle twitching in calfskin and feet. Top eye lid twitching left eye for over a month.

I am having left lower eye lid twiching, what could be the cause?

I have a spasm in my top lid like cramp and twitches when I blink. Had it for around a week ?

I have eye twitching and one side of my face moves.I don't want to go to the doctor.Please just tell me what i can do.Want to try you first.Please.?

I have facial spasms on one side of my face.And now my other eye is starting to twitch.I don't want surgery.What else can be done?

I have facial twitching a lot,eyes, lips, but today my left ear is twitching. I can actually feel it and if I touch it I can feel it. Ideas?

I have had a headache for a few days now and under my left eye has started twitching. Should i be worried?

I have had a muscle twitch in my eyelid for the past three weeks. How can i stop it?

I have occasional minor facial twitches mostly localized to eyelids or lip, only last a few seconds, what could cause this? What is it? Worrisome?

I have recently had twitching in my left eyelid and rubing my eyes with watery eyes redness too I also have twitching in my mouth cheek on the right ?

I have woken this morning to find my right, upper eyelid twitching uncontrollably. What causes this?

I keep getting random sharp pains in the front of my head,Above and in my eye,Then by eyelid twitches all in 5 seconds.Is it serious?how time stop?

I need some tips on how to stop my eyelid twitching?

I started getting an eye twitch in the eyelid of my right eye just over 3 weeks ago. What can be causing this?

I wanna know why my right eye keeps twitching a lot can you please help me out ?

I woke up with double eye lids on my left eyes several times in this 2wk. Last month, my left eyes twitching several times due to lack of sleep.

I'm curious as to why is one eyelid lower than the other?

I'm having continuous under eye twitching.It's been 5 days, it was sudden and it hasn't stopped.How can I treat or stop this?It's really bothering me.

I'm having trouble stopping eyelid twitching, what to do?

I'm worried because my bottom eyelid has been twitching for almost a month now, any clue why, what do you suggest?

I've been feeling more tired and have some drooping eyelid. When should I see the doctor?

I've been having constant upper right eyelid myokymia for 2-4 months. Should I see my PCP or Opthalmologist?

I've been having eye twitching and twitching above my lip for a few weeks now... Both on the right side. Nervous it could be a brain tumor.

I've been taking Flonase for a week my eyes keep twitching is there a connection? What are possible reasons for eye twitching?

I've had a left eye twitch for about 1.5 months and now the muscles around my mouth on that side of my face twitch too. What's the cause?

I've had an eyelid twitch for the last 3 months. My eyebrow area is twitching now too. How do I get relief from this? It's driving me nuts!

I've had continuous jumping or twitching under my right eye.It's been 5 days and it hasn't stopped.How can I stop this?It's annoying me and hurting.

I've had this nerve twitching on the right side of my head for a few days. I also have twitching in my left eye (upper lid) for about month now. I s?

I've had twitching of my right eyelid for the past 2 months. In the last week the twitching has extended down to my right cheekbone. ?

I've slight twitching in left half of my face when I blink my eyes, I had Bell's palsy from 9 years ago, and I noticed this twitch recently what to do?

If blepharospasm causes wrinkles would i get them from only having blepharospasm for 3 months? Only happens to me at night when i'm trying to sleep

If i squint, my cheeks, nose, eyes start twitching almost instantly. could it be sinus pressure, TMJ, caffeine, or nervous system?

Is an eye twitch something to be concerned about or is it fairly common?

Is it bad to have rapid eyelid twitching?

Is it normal for a newborn's face to twitch?

Is it possible for eyelids to flicker without feeling your eye muscles spasm? I've been under a lot of stress.

Is myokymia (little and non-stop contractions of the muscles around the eye and eyelid) considered normal during the bell's palsy recovery (1 month)?

Is something wrong with me if my eyes twitch constanly? My eyes twitch constantly. It's mostly my right eye but it concerns me. It has been going on for at least a month.

Left eye has been twitching.1st the upper lid and now the lower,within a few wks.Could it be hemifacial spasm?I'm 22.If I blink fast, twitchingstarts

Left eye keeps twitching...upper and lower lid. Has happened before, usually lasts a day or two and then stops. Could this be anxiety related?

Left eye lid keeps having random spasms over the past week and legs also been twitching over last few months no pain but annoying ?

Left eye lid twitches a lot. Who do I see?