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I woke up this morning with my eye feeing droopy and swollen and when I looked at it in the mirror there was a black and blue on my eye lid. It scared me a little I have to say ?

Have very slight blurred vision like if im looking at something small like a computer screen print and ringing in my ears, but l feel fine?

's kind of hard for me to look into peoples eyes like I can't look people in both there eyes I have to pick which eye left or right that's not normal?

11yr old is complaining of a dust speck like irritating object floating around under upper eyelid for 2 dayscan't see anything there though. What is ?

3days now I've noticed that right eye looks smaller than other out of nowhere I where contacts and have allergies this cause it or is it disease scare?

6 yo daughter started complaining of fuzzy vision 4 days ago.She sees tiny dots that move constantly & sometimes it looks like it is raining inside. ?

A friend asks how to remove the flubby eye bags? It feels like the eye bags have fluids inside. Any good effective advice is appreciated. Thanks

Any eye drops that really make your eyes look whiter like how the ads say?

Are there any techniques for eye contact if you might have anxiety in a situation making eye contact? Like maybe looking at the chin,nose,forehead

Are wide side eyes a bad thing?

Awoke this morning with some eye crustiness. Pulled down lid, and was surprised to see what looked like a band of clear gel across lower eye. ???

Blurry patches in eye like I was looking at light then looked away, cannot see well at all. it's been 20 mins. what is it and what do I do about it?

Bottom eyelid feels feavy when looking down. Decongestant didn't help. What could be causing this. Eye exam all good. Scared?

Can apriso affect my vision? I feel my one eye has gotten weaker and things look a bit off. It's hard to describe

Can i see a pic of an ocular herpes? I have a wart looking thing on the inner corner of my eye. I can take it off with water but it comes back.

Can pregnancy make my sight worse in just one eye? My rt eye seems like its harder to see out of, also feels like i can feel the prescense of my eye.

Can rubbing the eyes or bumping into things make floaters worse?

Can someone look at my orifice picture and see the difference on the side that has the droopy eye and tell me what it might be?

Can someone tell me if my eye changing colouris a bad thing?

Can swimming goggles change the appearance of your eyes? What happen if it feels weird around eyes? If it is a smaller size goggle? Clues?

Can you get ring worm on Eyelid , looking like briueds?

Can you tell me how to make my both eye balls straight?

Can you tell me how to make my eyes look less tired?

Can you tell me the eye floaters that i see when i stare at stuff. Whenever i try to look at them they move away. What are they?

Can your eyes get a different form/look appearance when you rub and other the stuff that can hurt it? How will you know/ what are the clues?

Did you ever have an eyelash feel like a dagger in your eye? What can you do about it?

Do Asian guys look better with small eye or slightly big eyes?

Do you who has Marfan syndrome also expierence jumping of the eye(s)/like a shiny silver flashing thing in the corners of your eyes?

Does anyone know what's wrong with my eyes? Blister like things all over bottom lids when I turn them out.

Does blepharitis change the way the eye looks. Because it seems like every since I got this condition my eyes don't look normal by that I mean is its physical shape?

Does hanging upside down cause any problems like to the eyes or something?

Dull ache in skull in face eyeball seems twitch when im looking at something the corner of vision moves. I see spots and light trails? What could this

During what shape do dilated eyes look like?

Every once in a while my eyes feel like they have sand in them. What causes this?

Every time i eat my left eye lid moves up with my mouth, it's been like this since i was born, why?

Everything turned white except the thing i was looking at. Only temporary and back to normal after i winked my eye. What it might be?

Eye feels like there is glass in it. Hurts terribly. No discharge, just pain. Had shingles in other eye this year. When should I consider seeing dr?

Eye feels like there is something in it?

Eye floater outside looks like bug above my head, what to do?

Eye is still bulging slightly, plus eye aches, but today ophthalmologist says everything looks great. No thyroid issue. What do I do now? Nothing?

Eye problems: i'm seeing areas of distorted vision, what does this sound like?

Eyes feel heavy & vision is blurry after the use of artifical tears. I also notice that when I look in the mirror my pupil gets big & small when blinking.

Feels like something is in my eye but i can't see anything my veins are very inflamed across my eye to my pupil. This happens frequently. ?

Feels like something is in my eye when i blink but can't get it out. What can I do?

Flicker of light out of the corner of eye when was reading b4 that seeing thing from the corner of it but when look nothing there what can causes it?

Floating things in my eyes. Is this serious?

For a while i've been seeing a little flying "dirt" in my eye like I scratched my cornea maybe? Do you know what happened? Will it go away on its own?

For a while I've suffered from temp blindness in one eye it feels like that what I'm seeing is noticed by the other eye only it twitches too?

Had a eye test and eyes seem fine but I keep seeing a black dot in my vision and even when I close my eyes. It stays on one position then goes?

Had something in my right eye I think I irritated it, my vision is a little foggy when I look at a screen anything I can do?

Hallo Doctor,please younger brother 7 years old had a thing looks like a boil in his right eyes(inside the eye,retina nearby?) what should we

Hard to read with right eye, feels like black keeps flashing/lot of blind spots/floaters, hard to describe.Have this from 6, 21 now.Can it be serious?

Have dark under eyes and near the bridge of my nose sides as my eyes looks slightly puffy kind of like frog eyes what can I do ?

Have growths in the corner of each eyelid that pop a couple times a day and what feels like a grain of sand comes out. Ophthalmologist doesn't know. ?

He is like sand in the eyes?

Hello, i think my left eye have a little problem, it goes a little up like a small form of strabismus , but it goes just up, is there any solution?

Help please? What is it when eye is reddish, low, hurts in sun, seems like somethings in there but can't find nothing in the eye, hurts on edge of eye and gets watery?

Hey I have a dent on my iris on my right eye right corner ; not sure if I should be concern ? It's making me see a bit funny from that corner

Hi .I used to have big eyes .But now my eyes getting smaller .It looks like they are going deep in my head ..Whati can do to sol e this problem.I am27?

Hi Doctor, I was slapped on the face now my right eye hurts when I look up and when I enter a room with light. What is wrong with me and what should I?

Hi I keep getting strange lookin lights round my eyes , feels like I'm looking through a collider scope, looked it up but I don't get the headache ?

Hi, i had symptoms of pink eye but it looks like it's healing now. But now my eye looks and feels swollen and hurts to the touch. What should I do?

Hi, I have a prick like feeling in my right eye every once in a while, normally when I look to he left suddenly or something similar. I had laser eye surgery about 2 years ago and I am pretty sure it is not related to that. How can I cure this problem and

Hi. I have a serious problem. It's like my eyelash is stuck behind my eye pupil. It like half in it and half out. What should I do?

How can I make eyes more slanted-like?

How can I make the colored part of my eyes bigger?

How can you make those red veins on your eye ball go away?

How come my eye hurts when i look up or down during eye exam with the light?

How do I get rid of red / purple under my eyes and also what looks like a little blood vessel under one eye. Im a guy so make up isn't an option.?

How do I make my eyes stop hurting when I look out of the corners?

How long does pupil stay constricted after laser irodotomy? Everything looks like it's in shadows in the one eye. Tried calling, but they're closed.

How often should I have my eyes looked at?

How often should you see a eye doctor, if you feel your visions fine and you have no other conditions that would change it it's been 8 years..

How to figure out why i can't look others in the eye for very long without feeling uncomfortable?

How to get your eye to look bigger than normal ?

How will i know what does a stratched sclera look and feel like?

I not seeing distance things well like signs and my eye doctor has thrown lots of prescriptions and looked at almost everything and can't fin the pro?

I am a 26 year old female, both my eyes are hurting, especially when moving to look in different directions?

I am only 17 but I have weird bumpy looking skin under eyes which looks really old, tired and unhealthy?

I am short sight in one eye and it looks bigger than the other one is it normal?

I been blind in my rite eye since i was 5 and i'm 19 now and it seems like my iris is turning blue. Wat can I do fur as cosmetics make less noticable?

I can move the fleshy eyeball in the corner of my eye , it's like moving a contact .. Is this normal ? Thank you x

I can see shadows and things in my eyes., like a man standing there when there isnt one. Is this a cataract?

I can see shadows and things in my eyes., like a man standing there when there isnt one. What is wrong?

I feel like a nerve pain around the eyebrow area I'd say, and it makes the eyelid droop. Nothing else. Possible ideas of what it is? My eye's fine.

I feel like I don't blink enough and is why my eyes hurt. What can I do? I see sparkles of light throughout day but eye dr never finds anything.worrie

I feel like I have nearsidness with a little bit of double vision?

I feel like my eyes can zoom-in on objects. Is this normal?

I feel my eyes are dry .And lacrimal triangles became deep . Can't look at PC for along time ?

I feel sand like feeling on one eye when i removed the contact?

I feel tired. At times things looks blurred to me, went for eye test i don't have any eye power. What could be the issue?

I feel uncomfortable because I am always dizzy and if i look at the mirror, my eyes too pale but my blood is normal. What could it be?

I have 2 dots that i'm seeing from my right eye the thig is, there are times with more of them & they move when I move my eye.Sort of like a string.How?

I have a crawling (Like worms) sensation around my temples and face and now neck and I get this stringy white stuff in my eyes throughout the day. any?

I have a moving black spot in my right eye. It's small but annoying when i move my eye around. Will it go away or do I need to see a doc? I am 22.

I have a painful looking zit like bump, in between eye and nose but not on eye. What do u think it is and things to help the pain?

I have a question I have this white oval thing near my eye and nose. It looks like I wear glasses and it's a mark from the nose piece? What would it b

I have a soft ball like thing under the top of my left eye lid that's movable also I get an occasional flash in the corner of the same eye what can it be?

I have a spider vein under my right eye and i tend to touch my eyes a lot. Can touching it make it get worse?

I have a thing that looks like a stye. But its also making the inside of my eyelid peel.& it hurts and bothers?