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2 days, under my right eye was swollen and hurt to touch and a little red and now there is a crusty feeling under my eye and feels like a scab. ?

A puffy saggyness under my left eye and my eye is hurting a bit. It's only that eye. Do you think it could be a stie?

After crying i got a swollen right eye.It hurts when i blink.Is there anything i can do to get swelling down and to make it less painful?

Any ideas why my eyeball sometimes moves by itself?

Area around Eye is swollen, also white of eye appears to be swollen. Feels weird to move eye.

At the end of my right eye, on top of the eye lid is a bit swollen, it kinda hurts and its a bit red to...What could it be?

Bad bad pain in inner corner of my eye for the past two days.. look okay but it's so painful..

Both my eyes hurt in the corners of my eyes and when I move my eyeballs?

Bubble on eye ball, what is this?

By the inner corner of my left eye, i can feel a tiny ball inside my eyelid that hurts when i touch it. When i blink, it slightly hurts. What is it?

Can spiderwebs hurt in the eye?

Can you tell me why when i put my right eye contact in this morning, my eye got all red and really hurt?

Can't see it but if I rub under my eye I feel its a hard lump in the bone under my eye. I have rubbed under it so is this the cause & will it go away?

Cant move my eyeball immediatly after waking up during the night somtimes i wake up and can't move my left eyeball immediatly, it does not hurt, but happens only at night. Ilay on my left side a lot and my hands are under my face against my left eye

Corner of eye is swollen and hurts very badly? What can I do about this?

Could prk eye surgery hurt or feel painful?

Could use expert help with why my eyes hurt when i move them around?

Could use your help docs! my eyeballs hurt (like they've been compressed)?

Couldn't open right eye this morning. Hurts at top (inside) eye and its making the right side of my forhead hurt. What can it be?

Does glaucoma hurt?

Dog's nose hit my eyeball and now my eye feels irritated. Should i be worried?

Every morning i wake up i have a swollen left pocket under my eye?

Every time i blink my left eye, it hurts. I think there may be a bump or something on the inside of my eyelid. Any ideas?

Every time i blink my right eye it feels like something init at the corner, my little head-butted me at the side of my temple will it be from that ?

Everytime i roll my eyes up, it hurts..Why? I've been having this for 2 days now..

Eye feels heavy underneath. I when i bend forward it feels like pressure build up around my eye and on top of cheek. Eye exam ok, decongestant didn't?

Eye floaters for years eyes feel heavy on and of all day they hurt to touch some times during the day could this be eye tumours ?

Eye hurts like somethings in it?

Eye lid got swollen and hurts a little?

Eye pain behind my eye, and worsens when it is closed. Feels like something is behind my eye. What could it be?

Eye press 26?

Eye sockets feel bruised, painful eyes, feeling of pressure in head and eyes?

Eye swollen an purple on the top eyelid its hot an buring vision blury! what is this an what can I do to help this? It hurts in my eye like a throbbn

Eyeball hurts when i blink and left eye is red in the corner.

Eyes have been hurting for days, what is wrong?

Feel pressure in my eye after being elbowed in the eye. Could this be serious?

For a couple of days now, my left eye has been opening slower than my right when i blink. Like its getting stuck or its sticky. What could this be?

For the past week I've been waking up every day with the inside corner of my right eye considerably swollen. Should I be concerned?

Forehead hurts when moving eyes?

Had sinusitis, think cleared. Something is hard to the touch left of nose under eye circle, feels like superficial vein. Hurts to touch. What is it?

Halo my eye is swollen shut yellow stuff coming out really painfull if I bend forward it feels as if my eye is gong to fall out?

Have swollen left eye...Tears alot..And underneath my eye theres a swollen sack.

Hello my bf just umm in my eye it hurts but i can see fine it only hurts to blink do you think i have pink eye?

Hello how are you? Um I just notice this now One of my eye is fine and my other one is Really Red and I cant even touch it and when I do it hurts .

Hello I woke up this morning and it hurt to blink, And it hurts to touch my eyelid, can you please Help me?

Hello, I have had a lump behind my eye for about 3 years. It only pops up when I rub it, and I am able to push it back in easily. But blurry vision?

Help two days ago i my bottom eye lid in the right eye was hurting. Now i woke up this moring and its swollen. Its pretty noticable. Any home remedies?

Help! my 3 year old has a bump on her eyeball and her eye is bloodshot shes crying in pain right now. What can be causing this?

Hi Doctor, my right eye is little bit paining. I feel that, there is something inside on right lower, but could not see anything foreign object inside?

Hi dr, I have a dull pain in the outer corner of my left eye, there is no redness or swelling but it hurts more when i blink. There is some discharge?

Hi I have had a really sore noise inside and on the same side my eye was hurting now just above my eye hurts even more to touch and my ear has a sligh?

Hi im feeling painful in my right eye bone on the upper corner it pains badly only if i touch it or else its fine lately my eyes were feeling very dry?

Hi my friend has a issue with eye her eye is swollen and it hurts when she blinks and close it or moves it a day ago her eye had puss come out?

Hi my left eye is in a little bit hurt. I feel like i got punch on my left eye. And then when I closed my eye is getting a mild pain.

Hi my left eye lower eyelid is little bit red and then when i closed my eyes i feel a little bit pain. What does it mean?

Hi, I been having pressure behind my left eye till my eye feels stuff and dry but feels better when I stretch eyelid and roll my eye around in socket?

Hi, the bone above my left eye hurts whenever I focus too much. It throbs and becomes swollen for a few days. Do you think it is a serious concern?

Hi! My right eye has been hurting for like maybe 4 or 5 weeks Now. It's very vainy & feels very dry. I put like 5 drops of rohto in my eye & it hurts?

How can diabetes hurt our eyes?

How come my right eye hurt?

How come my right eye hurts when I blink?

How long will a black eye hurt to touch?

Hurts around eye and nose, why?

I am dizzy, my eyes hurt when I open them normally, my eyes feel swollen, and I have a small fever. What do you think is the cause?

I am having pain on my right is not conjunctivitis. There is no swollen eyes .but it is paining constantly for 3 days now.pls help?

I been having problems with my right eye its really red from the inside and my eye gets really little and it hurts its been like that for months?

I can feel a lump over eye below eyebrows it's not on the outside but feels inside right above eyelid. ?

I can see fine but sometimes my eyeballs hurt; what might this be?

I feel a stinging pain below my right eye whenever i blink, and when i looked into the mirror i noticed a very pale spot with a visible vein.

I feel like I have something in my left eye on the side it hurts off an on I already up eye drops an nothing when it does hurt I can verily keep open ?

I feel like I need to sneeze but dont, and my left nostril hurts and my eye gets watery (left eye) why does it happen?

I feel like there is something inside my eye, but there's nothing? I got that feeling after rubbing my eye

I feel like there is something moving in my eye. And yesterday I couldn't see for about 30 seconds. (Left eye).

I felt the urge to rub my left eye. Now it's swollen and red. The white part of my left eye is swollen. I'm icing it now. What can cause. Treatment?

I got bit by gnats in my neck and right below my eye now my eye is swollen and hurts and my neck muscles are very sore am i allergic?

I got hit in the eye like 8 weeks ago and its is still painful to the touch and is still a little discoloered the pain in my cheek bone right undaer my eye?

I got poked in the eye last night and it still hurts.. Is that normal to still hurt?

I hav a bubble on my eyeball and it feels as if theres grit in my eye?

I have a bruised like feeling above my right eye in the eyebrow area without any signs of bruises. Its been there for about a month. What could it be?

I have a little purple dot on the top of my right eye that ends at one of the veins and i don't have it on my left eye. It hurts every now and then?

I have a pain below my right eye. It is slightly puffy below eye as well. No bumps or bruising. Feels like I got punched what should I do?

I have a pain in my inner corner (closest to my nose) in my left eye everytime I blink I went to bed without taking off my eye makeup last night too?

I have a purple knot on my lower eyelid with extreme pain and swelling feels like a fire ant in my eye what is it? Hurts worst when i blink

I have a small lump on the outside of my eye kind of near the bridge of my nose but by the eye and its hard it hurts to touch it or close my eyes?

I have a swollen eye and i don't know what it is can you tell me? It hurts

I have a wierd pain in the outer corner of my eye. Almost feels like a pimple under the eyelid. Pai ful to touch or to blink. What could be the cause?

I have a yellow spot right beside the iris of my eye for a few months now. It doesn't hurt and my eye feels the same, is this normal? Can I leave it?

I have eye pain, and looks like blood vessels have burst in my eyes, right when i wake up in the morning and later on it dosnt hurt. What is this?

I have felt my eye is bulging for months now. I woke up this morning and eyelid is swollen and feels bruised. What could this be?

I have had a weird pain behind my left eye for three days only that hurts when I blink. If I blink fast enough it doesn't. Please help. ?

I have left eye pain actually less pain more irritationits been obout 3 days i feel that a llittle papilla under in eye please help me?

I have like this puffy eye and when I touch it in the corner I feel a little bump?

I have MS. My eyes hurt. It hurts to keep them open. What is this???

I have pain in the corner of my right eye next to my nose. It's slightly swollen looking and hurts to blink. What could this be?

I have swelling above right eyebrow.Eyeball feels tender.Eyelid looks bigger than the other one.Mild headacheno injury.Its been like this for a week.

I have swelling under my left eye. I felt a little pain yesterday in the eye when touched. I. Woke up with swelling in the left eye lid. ?

I have this bump under my eye. Should I pop it out? Will it hurt my eyes?

I hit under my eye, and now my eyeball feels out of place.

I poked myself in the eye and it still hurts after an hour? It's red on the outside of the eye. Is there anything I can do for the pain until tomorro

I scratched my eye and it really hurts, what should I do?