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3 years ago I had posterior uveitis, then cataract surgery. I was recently diagnosed with Graves Disease. Is all of this related?

Any reason why my eyes are bulging but I do not have graves' disease?

Are one of the late effects of hyperthryoidism bulging eyes?

Are permanent effects of hyperthryoidism bulging eyes?

Are protruding eyes normal for anyone, or are they always thyroid disease?

Are puffy eyes associated with hypothyroidism?

Bulging eyes need help ugly?

Bulging in palpebral conjunctiva is apparent when the eyelid is spread outward. Lateral canthus also shows bulging. Some blisters are noted on conjunc?

Can graves disease cause temporary blindess in one eye?

Can obesity cause yours eyes to be bulging out?

Can proptosis be caused by myopia?

Can you be born with protruded eyes? How is this treated?

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Cause of one bulging eye?

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Could you explain best's disease of the eyes or tell me where to find the info?

Do you always get prominent eyes with thyroid disease?

Does having graves disease mean my eyes'll pop out?

Grave's disease and protruding eyes--what is treatment?

Grave's disease and protruding eyes, are these connected?

Had Graves' disease 28 years ago, now hypothyroidism. My eyes get a lot of pressure behind them. Eyelids open during the night. Painful.

Has anyone had a blepharotomy for graves?

Have graves disease&bulging eyes.Is there minor surgery i can have to reduce staring appearance&under eye bags?Orbital decompression seems drastic?

Hi doc. Do i need to see an opthalmologist for.My bulging eyes? I was diagnoses with graves disease and taking methimaxole for almost one mobth alread

How can posterior scleritis and sinusitis cause proptosis and how to manage in that case?

How do I know my exophthalmos is serious?

How dp graves dease affect the eyes?

How is eye sight affected by graves disease?

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How over active would a persons thyroid have to be to cause eye buldging?

I have grave's disease. How long do I have before my eyes bulge?

I have thyroid eye disease. How to reduce puffiness around the eyes?

I have thyroid hypertension but also have grave disease i went to eye doctor they one of my eyes is out of line what cause this?

I think I have graves disease, will my eyes pop out?

I was told I have graves disease. How do I treat the protruding eyes?

I'm considering getting orbital decompression for graves opthamology(bulging eyes). Is it safe?

If I have graves disease will my eyes bulge? Will meds prevent bulging?

Information on the disease and how to treat the protruding eyes?

Is any kind of protruding eyes normal?

Is it normal for a 17yo to have iritis? I'm worried that I have an autoimmune disease as well because the iritis has affected both my eyes.

Is it normal for patients with grave's disease to get bulging eyes?

Is it possible for a person with hyperthyroidism to have an eyeball protrusion in only one eye?

Is it possible for anyone to figure out why my eyes are bulging but I do not have graves' disease?

Is there anything other than surgery to help protruding eyes with graves?

My eyeball are more outward than others. Is this a sign that I have exophthalmic?

My mother has graves disease which has affected the eyes. What can she do?

My sister has hyperthyroidism, but without goiter and no eye problem (no eye protrusion or vision loss) , what can be the possible causes?

Need expert help here. What are the most common eye diseases?

Need on advice on how i can hide the puffy bags under my eyes when I have graves disease?

Once you are being treating for hyperthyroid will it make your eye proptosis return to normal?

Please help! what is the mechanism of developing exophthalmos/ proptosis?

Please tell me what are diseases of the uvea of the eye?

Proptosis protrusion of the eye is caused by something pushing the eyes out?

What are exophthalmos?

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What is the treatment for visceroptosis (enteroptosis and gastroptosis)? Are there any exercises I can do?

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When one is suffering from goitre do the eyes appear to bulge?

Why are my eyes bulging if I do not have graves' disease?

Why does grave's disease give you 'bulging eyes'?

Why his exopthalmos only in one eye? Is this dangerous or can still be controlled? He did orbital scan but result says autoimmune tumor.

Why is one of my eye more bulging and bigger ?

Will blepharoplasty help droopy eyelids caused by myasthenia gravis? I have the neuromuscular disorder known as myasthenia gravis which has caused my lower eyelids to be droopy. This is becoming an increasing problem since it is effecting both my vision a

Will bulging eyes from graves disease ever go back to normal?

Will the eye bulging ever go away? What is the best natural remedy for eye bulging/hperthyroid?

Would an eye surgery doctor know a lot about eye diseases or and eye doctor who specialize in eye diseases?