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3 weeks after pushing on eye to get hidden contact out I was diagnosed with glaucoma. Could that cause it. I've been told I have unilateral glaucoma.

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I have been diagnosed with presbyopia and pinguelae in both eyes. Please explain this to me...

I have too much pressure in the eye and is it true glaucoma stems from pigment dispersion syndrome?

I was just diagnosed with ocular melanoma on my iris. What to expect?

I was told that I might have Pigment Dispersion Synd but it's not confirmed. I have controlled IOP ocular hypertension. Can i wear contact lenses?

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If someone is at high risk for glaucoma. What can she do besides see their ophthalmologist?

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Is one optic nerve being bigger than the other a sign of glaucoma? Is eye pressure 20 & 17 a sign of glaucoma?

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Is vasculitis in the eye heriditary?

Just diagnosed with Fuchs dystrophy. Also have open angle glaucoma & Macular pucker. Are the diseases related to each other or rare to have all 3?

My eye doctor told me that i might be a suspect for glaucoma. What does that mean?

My father had normal tension glaucoma. Is it possible for me to have congenital glaucoma? (i'm 30 years old)

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