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.I'm being corrected for farsighted and astigmatism. I see better without them night is even worse?

47/59 vision better or worse than 20/100?

About once a month, I get diplopia. Is that ok or bad?

After getting glasses for my sight problem(astigmatism & hyperopia.things got worse whenever I take off the glasses.Stress when seeing a moving object?

Any ideas why squinting helps you see better?

Are there any ways/food to improve eyesight? I don't wear glasses but i recently i feel that my vision is getting less clearer

Are there eye exercises I can do to get better vision?

Been experiencing visual snow for 8 months. Gets worse with headaches and hasn't gotten better at all.Not floaters. Is there a cure? What's the cause?

Been using eye drops, but they only make my eyes feel good. The blurred vision is getting really annoying, can anyone help me out?

Been wearing glasses for 6 years. Eyesight getting worse. Am I going blind?

Can astigmatism and hyperopia to get significantly worse?

Can braces affect my eyesight ? Like make my eyes blurry? I have sensetive eyes that get blurry for no reason and I'm scared it'll worsen with braces

Can carrots really make your eye sight better?

Can everyone with graves get bad eyes?

Can get away with going to an eye doctor and "faking" farsightedness?

Can getting enough vitamin a improve your vision?

Can glasses actually make your eyesight worse?

Can glasses get worse over time?

Can glasses make color-blindness worse?

Can glasses make your eyes even worse when you take them off?

Can having bad vision in one eye since I was little start to make my other eye worse? What can I do?

Can I become blind from having bad eye sight; can nearsightedness keep getting worse and worse and worse?

Can i get rid of eye glasses if I have perfect vision?

Can it be possible for you to get a lazy eye from being tired?

Can it be possible to get better vision than 20/20 from lasik?

Can lazy eye get worse?

Can only old people get cataracts? I'm 25 years old, and sometimes i can't see well because my vision is cloudy or i see double. Could I have cataracts?

Can sleeping in contacts make your vision worse?

Can someone tell me how people keep the eye sight from getting worse?

Can someone's eyesight suddenly improve when they get older?

Can the wrong eye glass prescription cause a 3 year old eyes to get worse if he is diagnosed as having amblyopia?

Can there be a natural way to get better eyesight?

Can there be a way of naturally getting better eye vision?

Can you get tired looking eyes from not wearing glasses when you can't see clearly?

Can you tell me about tips on how i can get better eye vision ?

Can you tell me how could a 17 year old get cataracts?

Can you tell me how I could get my doctor to do something to rectify what he did to my eye?

Can you tell me what you suggest if i'm nearsighted and my eyes are still getting worse, would they get worse after laser eye surgery?

Can your vision get worse from squinting too much?

Computer text gets blurry once in a while. Is this from bad vision?

Could glasses make my eyes worse?

Could having bad eyes and needing glasses cause me to get headaches?

Could someone go for lasik again when he gets presbyopia?

Diagnosed with a macular pucker in January. Will it get worse and will I get one in my good eye?

Do under eye bags get worse as you get older?

Do vision problems like blurry or double vision come and go with ms or do they stick around after they start? at what point should you get glasses?

Do you strain your eyes when you squint, which makes them weak?

Docs, wanted to know if I can get ride of dry eyes permanently somehow?

Does any one know where to get nice eye glasses for teens?

Does anyone get cause of this myopia?

Does astigmatism get progressively worse?

Does optic neuritis get worse when tired?

Does stress makes eye floaters to become more disturbing or worse?

Does your vision have to be really bad to get lasik?

Everytime I blink vision gets double and blurry I gotta blink a couple times to get it stable again but even then it hoes back to double and blurry?

Eyes "get stuck" staring, is this normal?

Eyesight getting a bit blurry, what to do?

For how long should you wait after getting pink eye to get an eye exam for new glasses?

For MS people why they having eye problem some days the vision gets better and sometimes gets worse? What cause the problem?

For the past few days I am having a double vision(diplopia). What can I do to get rid of it?

Have thryoid eye disease. Eye surgeon said eyes will get worse until a point is reached where won't get worse but also won't get better, stable. True?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is better vision in one eye called?

How bad can vision be in order to get lasik?

How bad does your eyesight have to be before your vision starts getting blurry?

How bad does your vision need to get before you start to notice?

How can a 17 year old get cataracts?

How can I get better eye vision, or stop it from getting worse?

How can I get better vision natrally?

How can I get dermo-optic vision?

How can I get my eye to get better?

How can I get my eyes healthy again?

How can I get rid of halos in my vision?

How can I get rid of weak farsightedness?

How can I go about getting prescription sunglasses for light sensitivity?

How can I improve my Eyes without getting glasses?

How can I make my eyes stop seeing double vision?

How can I stop my vision from getting worse when I use the computer all day at work?

How can one get better hand eye coordination ?

How can you make your eyesight good in the dark?

How come when my eyes water my vision gets better ? As if i had glasses on

How could a 17 year old get cataracts?

How could i make my eyesight good in the dark?

How do doctors find out if you have cataracts? I have not been to the eye doctor in three years, and over that time I have become progressively more nearsighted. Now, my prescription glasses do not even seem to be helping me. I am afraid that i may be get

How do I avoid getting cataracts?

How do i get fulliness back under my eye?

How do I get this floater out of my eye? Driving me crazy.

How do you get rid of double vision at night?

How do you make your eye sight better without glasses?

How does squinting help someone see better?

How often should I get my eyes checked? My insurance covers glasses every 2 years, but i like my frames so i haven't thought about getting my eyes checked in over 7 years. I only use my glasses when my eyes are fatigued (maybe once a month).

How often should you get your eyes checked by a doctor if you have bad vision?

How old do you have to be to get lasik?

How to make your vision more clear?

How to prevent our eyes from getting spectacles?

I already have bad vision but sometimes i get small blurry circles as well. Any explanation for this?

I am blind in my left eye have been wearing glasses since 3 my right eye sight started going about 1 yr ago with glasses is getting worse?

I am going to eye doctor to get glasses, what to expect?

I am myopic and I am currently 14, can my vision get better?

I am myopic. I got glasses last year. I can't see well out of my glasses anymore. Is it possible that eyesight has gotten worse?

I am myopic. What can be done to make my eyes better and make sure they don't get worse?