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2 weeks after lasek eye surgery i can see light redness in the white of the eye is that normal, ?

According to the eye doctor I have about 20/30 vision. Is that good?

After eye surgery, what is the white booger that builds up at the corner of your eye?

After treatment for iritis, should the eyedrops make pupil large with blurred vision?

After using antibiotic cream on my eye, white part of my eye near cornea has slight colouration for a month now and no blurry vision or anything,Help!

Am i in danger to go blind in both eyes if I have a lazy eye?

An "astigmatism" is like the eye blinking a lot on its own, right?

Are blindness and white eyes syptoms of an eye injury?

Are carrots actually good for your eye's ?

Are circle lenses huge risks to your eyes?

Are eye contacts really bad for your eyes?

Are there eye doctors or eye specialists on hand in hospitals?

Been to eye doc in July & oct. Both said eyes were fine. Now right eyelid twitches thoughout day. Is this eye problem? Eye lashes falling out in eye.

Been to two different eye docs this yr.Both says allergies on white of my eyes.Dilated eyes fine.pass vision test.but vision been changing.what 2 do?

Blood vessels on my eyes since June. I did have sinus & herpes1 infection.Had eye exam,eyes fine.visine don't work.i want my eyes white again.But HOW?

Bloodshot eye everyday, red/sore eye as soon as I wake up in the morning. Glaucoma or just dry eye? 20 yo asian male; no family history of glaucoma.

Blurry left eye and dilated pupil after conjunctivitis (pink eye). Is this normal?

Can a doctor know you have eye disease/illness just by looking at your eye in a vision checkup?

Can a eye doctor see right away if you have eye herpes.?

Can a lazy eye be caused by a hit to the eye?

Can a left eye that is bloodshot be an indicator of pinkeye?

Can a regular doctor or optician help me with an eye infection?

Can a stye in one eye cause it look smaller than the other eye?

Can an ophthalmologists do an eye transplantations now or is that impossible?

Can an eye transplant help rid someone of ocular albinism?

Can an opthalmologist see the muscles in your eye that move your eyes around?

Can astigmatism cause an object in 1 eye to appear larger than in the other eye?

Can chickenpox cause eye blindness . My brother has chickenpox in the eye . What should we do?

Can epiretinal membrane cause eye headaches? and can the membrane get worse?? or does it stay the same? ophthalmology

Can eye lashes get lost in your eyes?

Can eye make up worsen your eye sight?

Can eye-strain change the way your eyes look?

Can getting pink eye damage your eye sight?

Can honey cause blindness to eyes?

Can i go blind after being poked in the eye?

Can i tell me how i can make your eyes whiter?

Can it be possible to have wandering eye in both eyes?

Can my eye doctor detect if I've had a stroke in my eye ??

Can people with one wandering eye see where that eye is pointing?

Can pink eye be developed in cataract operated eye?

Can pressing on your eyes cause myopia?

Can sleeping with my contacts in my eyes damage my eyes?

Can someone tell me what causes eyes to get proptosis?

Can something not seen during an eye exam cause severe photophobia in 1 eye? Even the light during an eye exam is intolerable. Tube-shunt? Dry eye?

Can the supra orbital nerve cause problems with ur eye and eye lid?

Can wearing an eye patch on a "good" eye cause vision damage, or make the covered eye lazy?

Can you a have eye laser corrective surgery if the eye doctor notice eye pressure in your eyes, and then say it can lead to glaucoma? Plus had sarcoid

Can you get eye cancer from something stuck in your eye?

Can you tell me about my pterygium in my left eye?

Can you tell me about the matter with my eye?

Can you tell me if you are colour blind in one eye, but the other eye is normal-how do you see the world?

Can you tell me if you have a lazy eye are your eyes symmetrical when you look at something or do you see more out of one eye?

Can you tell me is having one eye dilated serious?

Can you tell me what having a pleat in the eye means?

Checked eyes by SR.Ophthalogist,Said eyes are normal inside did dil.BE test. but i see a very small black dot when i blink my eye,only in right eye.

Could eye doctors check for eye cancer?

Could eye stye harm vision in anyway?

Could I do anything to undilate my eyes after an eye exam?

Could you get eye cancer from something being stuck in your eye?

Could you go blind from covering their eye(s?

Could you go blind from having a pinguecula in your eye?

Do blue eyes get cataracts more than brown eyes?

Do colored contacts ruin your eye sight, even after the doctor said you have one eye with a weak eye sight?

Do eye doctors check your cornea when you get your eyes examined?

Do light-colored eyes get cataracts more often than dark-colored eyes?

Do people with one wandering eye see where that eye is pointing? I can never tell.

Do strain eye cause eye to lost focus, is strain eye permanent if not, how to get rid of strain eye, if i get rid of strain eye will my eye focus be good?

Do you need eye vitamons?

Do you still have a blind spot with both your eyes open?

Do you think I should see an eye doctor?

Do your eyes get bloodshot when you do coke?

Does an eye nevus go away?

Does epiretinal membrane usually affect 1 eye or both eyes?

Does eye patching for cross eyes cause any pain?

Does pink eye lead to other eye problems?

Does sinus inflammation cause cloudy vision or even eyes to cross?

Dr I have a problem in my right eye "lazy eye and crossed eye". I check my eye in madurai Aravind eye hospital. Dr told me we cant recover your vision?

Eye antibiotic gel make eyes blurry all day. What can I do?

Eye brow problems, what to do?

Eye dilated resulting in eye allergies but see a spot in amsler grid is this healthy?

Eye doctor said I have fluid in behind my eyes, I have been having a few floaters in right eye only, reason to worry?

Eye doctor told me i have conjunctivitis in back of my eyes that causing my eye flothers is that possible?

Eye floaters from serious eye trauma like a fist in the eye?

Eye site gets blurry at times. What can cause this?

Eye traumaic pupilary mydriasis. Pilocarpine eye used pupil got small but vision got blurr what to do ?

Eyes : what is the use of blinking eyes , is good for eyes to get rid of strain ?

Eyes tear constantly. Eyes get some sort of infection from the eyelids ?

Eyes tear up when i see teary eyes, what to do?

Following lasik can a eye doctor tell you had it by looking at your eye, what to do?

For many months straight lines look wavy with my left eye.Have myopia and astigmatism. Causes? Which should I see a optometrist or ophthalmologist?

For some reason almost every time i blink my eyes they get blurry but it's usually corrected if i blink again. eye drops don't help either..what is it?

For what reason would an eye dr not give me alphagan (brimonidine) for eye pain?

Get object out of eye?

Had basic eye exam. Doc said one eye pokes out 1mm. No vision problems, but eye aches. Is it an orbital tumor? Will I go blind? Will it kill me? Im 19

Had eyes dialited in July,eyes/optic nerve great. But everyday more redness getting into my eyes.should I go back to eye doctor or my main doctor?

Have a plaque in inside corner of my eye. Could this be a serious eye problem?

Have glaucoma in one eye. How likely that it will develop in other eye?

Have open angle glaucoma in 1 eye & use travatan. The iris of the treated eye looks like it has a white film over it. Is it from glaucoma or the drop?

He's eyes are blurry and after he is washing his eye it itches. Like he's having sand in the eye.

Hello, I was diagnosed with an eye pterygium? Help!