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Cosopt eyedrops can be use during im glucoma patient age is 39.if i plan for pregnancy is it ok?

I have catarct in both eye at initial stage i am using your product medicine from 3 years CENERIA MARTIMA SHWABE(DR?

23y with keratoconus in 2 eyes.Left eye thickness is suggested cross-linking and gave us choice between api-on and api-off.Which is better?

A Ophthalmologists diagnosed viral conjunctivitis steroids were given.5 wks later my vision is still blurry but improving very slowly, is this normal?

After all glaucoma treatment, had 2 bearvelt tube in right& 1 350 in left eye. Iop 15&22.With cosopt, alphagan, xalatan (latanoprost).C/d .9/.95. What else can b done?

After cataract surgery, there is a red and watery eye and inflammatory fluormesolone drops was used for two was n it's ok now, but on 3rd wk,it's not?

After having cauliflower ear , I was put on injection antibiotics and doxycline and now my vision is SUPER blurry for weeks now , is this side effects?

After lasik treatment. NORMO TEARS used.after 4 weeks my left eye infected, then doctor gave TOBAFLAM,Redif and vigamox. now low vision in left, why?

After taking medications, will my eye swelling and my proptosis at least go down?

All things equal what determines how long an slt treatment will control eye pressure adequately in glaucoma?

Any precautions or natural methods, vitamins, food supplements , so that my eye floaters constant or can reduce it, i have fewof them--2.5 myopi?

Apart from luemigon, betagon for glaucoma, please recommend any advanced eye drops?

Are class 1 led products dangerous? Can they cause cataracts or damage your eyes?

Are eye drops enough for my glaucoma? I was diagnosed with a mild form of glaucoma last year. I know that it's a serious disease my ophthalmologist seems quite relaxed about it. He says that it's nothing serious and tells me that using my eye drops is mor

Are ofloxacin eye drops safe for my four month old son ? What is this medication used for ? Thank you for your time :)

Are perennial allergies can be healed without recurrence. Or can only be controlled. Have the best eye drops to cure fully?

Are there any alternative medicines that can possibly remove eye floaters?

Are there any possible negative effects of eye dilation?

Are there any risks of getting atropine in my eyes?

Based on eye capacity what is the maximum volume of ophtalmic preparation can be administred to eye in one dose ( how much ml of solution in 1 dose) ?

Bausch + lomb preservision eye vitamin for teens, is this good?

Blood shot eyes had side affects to some UTI tablets called trimethoprim now my eyes are sensitive to light what can I do?

Blurred vision, at least half my meds, from antihystamine to prilosec, cause this. R they causing permanent damage?

Both of my eyes are off-center but only one at a time and I can switch at will.?

Can phenazopyridine for urinany burning be taken 4 days after cataract surgery? Will it discolor an intraoucular lense like a contact? Please help?

Can prolonged use of hydroxychloroquine cause retinopathy?

Can a stye effect your eye vision? If it starts to effects your eye vision while I am giving it warm compresses, do I need to see my doctor about it?

Can Bilberry or Bilberry Extract tablet cure/remove my Eye Floaters ?, I have tested through doc my retina is healthy.

Can breast discharge be used as eye treatment?

Can drop be inserted in eye for glaucoma 4 days per week @ 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm 2 days per week?

Can drugs improve the eyes when cartaract has set in?

Can drugs/medications cause light sensitivity to eyes?

Can eye drops for glaucoma stop you going blind or does it just slow the deterioration?

Can eye drops stop progression of glaucoma or just slow it down?

Can eye gel that contain Cetrimide as preservative be used long term? Doc say can. Leaflet say can damage corneal epithelium n cause eye irritation.

Can eye medicine(drops) effect the size of a pupil?

Can I dive I have ocular hypertension? I'm treating it with eye specialist visits as scheduled.

Can I dive if i have pigment dispersion syndrome? No active pigmentation for 2 years now. Iop controlled with eye drop and specialist care.

Can I instill fluorometholone on an unlimited daily basis. Ophthalmologist gave me permission after pressure remained normal.

Can I start use my glaucoma medicines after 1 month of having it?

Can I use apple cider vinegar to shrink ptreygium in my eyes.and hope it doesn't have any side effect to the eyes.thanks?

Can I use Cipro (ciprofloxacin) opthalamic solution 0,3? or Diclofenac sodium 0,1? to treat my cat's eye? She has mucous discharge from eye and her eye is tearing.

Can I use my glaucoma medicines before swimming?

Can Lamisil (terbinafine) cause constricted pupils and vision issues? I have been taking 250 'my for about a week and noticed my eyes being very sensitive to fans e

Can lotamax make your eyes dialate?

Can methotrexate 2.5 cause cataracts in the eyes only my eye test says i have.Methotrexate is used for my rhurmertiod arthritis?

Can migraine preventatives cause iop eye pressure like prednisolone does and if so which ones should I steer clear off. Many thanx?

Can modafinil or Depakote cause glaucoma?I am diagnosed and 29 years old.If i take my treatment eye drops am i sure i will not go blind?

Can over usage of betnovate c causes eye irritation?

Can post-lasik prescription eye drops cause stomach cramps?

Can Retinol or other skin care ingredients used under the eye cause blurred vision?

Can serrapeptase enzymes can cause any harm to eyes or body? If no how much is dosage. Taking for eye floaters just trying may work it for me !!

Can stl laser be used as first line treatment for suspect glaucoma instead of drops..

Can taking a bath if your eyes are tired cause blindness?

Can taking vitamin B12 injections once a month lead to having blurred vision?

Can the eye patch cure my lazy eye even though my age is 14 or is it too late and the patch is useless?

Can the sun have positive effects on vision?

Can there be any type of herb for eye strength?

Can there be loss of hair with topical chemotherapy eye drops for eye cancers?

Can there be some alternative medicine that can possibly remove eye floaters?

Can we use them everyday , in routine for cleaning the eyes ,does it have any ill effects if used for longer periods of time or are they good for eyes?

Can weaker than prescribed classes harm your eyes?

Can you prescribe some exercises for eyes?

Can you suggest how to lower my eye perscription or stop it from getting higher?

Can you tell me about using latanoprost with homogenous brown eyes?

Can you tell me the alternative brands of betabrim eye drops of micro labs?

Can you use adult ciprofloxacin hydrochloride ophthalmic solution 3.5mg 0.3% as base safely on an 18 month old? If so, how many drops in eye per day?

Care that should be taken when eye is burnt to protect vision?

Chronic eye itching/inflammation during day? No response to anti-his.., both oral/ drops. Peak in am/before sleep. Periodic redness. Year-round.

Could a prescribed eye drops medicine for flashes contain traces of cocaine?

Could a retinal eye scan be safely used on newborn?

Could atropa belladona be used in eye exams?

Could being underweight effect the eyes?

Could clonidine mess up my eyes?

Could i experience headache and nausea from taking pred forte over a month on side of head where I put drop in eye 4 times a day for hypotony?

Could imipramine ( an antidepressant) make you more perceptive to floaters in the eyes?

Could prednisolone acetate drops in the eye make you gain weight?

Could too much alcohol alone cause "wrist drop?

Cum in eye, what could be effects?

Currently on travatan for glaucoma am concerned about possible eye color change & darkening skin. Would cosopt be good alternative w\less side effects?

Dad had temporary 'white out' of vision following daily eye drops & laser surgery to reduce pressure. Is this serious? What causes it?

Dilated eye exam was good except some eye inflammation. Optometrist prescribed 7 days of bromday.Day 2 no improvement. Would it hurt if no inflalmati

Do non preservative tear drops have any side effects ? How long it take to show effect on dry eyes ?

Do theralife supplements help post lasik dry eye?

Do you know eye drop which can control or keep myopia from increasing ?

Do you know if atropine eye drops can control or keep myopia from increasing? My daughter's nearsightedness is getting worse and the optometrist suggested she use atropine eye drops to slow it down.

Do you know what works better than salagen (pilocarpine) for radiation induced xerostomia?

Doc said severe dry eyes caused by antidepressant taken for 1 year. Reduced dosage by 60% 5 days ago. When will I see improvement in eyes? So far none

Doc saw that my eye has 22 mmHg pressure and said that my sight nerves were a little damaged (94 instead of 100)Should i do SLT or is medicine better?

Doctor, i had bell's palsy for a month, my eye doesn't blink as fast as the other side, but i can close it now. The dr. Prescribed me lyrica (pregabalin) is it ok?

Does anti glare glasses help to reduce eye strain?I use laptop for long time.I am taking frequent breaks as suggested here to reduce eye pain.Thank yu

Does femara (letrozole) effect eye pressure? I am taking six eye drops a day for elevated pressure and I have not yet started femara (letrozole)!

Does having sex, watching tv and using the computer increase eye pressure for ocular hypertension patient under medication and observation?

Does imipramine ( an antidepressant) make you more perceptive to floaters in the eyes?

Does methotrexate affect the.Eyes? If yes how can it be prevenred from.Harming the eye?

Does quinine affect your eyes in any way?

Does slt laser therapy for glaucoma provide more stable control of pressure than eye drops?

Does slt therapy have less side effects and safer than eye drops for glaucoma?

Does squinting your eyes have any adverse effects?

Does steroid eye drops like Maxidex or FML need to be tapered off after using 4/ day for a week? 1 doc says taper off. Another say not required.