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Accidentally put my daughters eye drops called polymyxin instead of my patanol (olopatadine) eye drops. My . eyes sting.. hurts when putting my contacts?

1 year old with right eye pus like discharge help? what otc medicine i can use?

20m toddler with pinkeye and prescribed eye drops fights treatment all the 4x she has it. I'm scared of hurting her eyes keeping her eyelids open.

24 hours of a puffy eyelid - no itchiness, redness, or oozing. Took an antihistamine/used cold compresses/OTC eye drops to no avail. What to do?

3 months ago i stopped using clear eyes. Now, after 3 months my eyes are turning really bloodshot.Could this be rebound hyperemia?

3 mth old was born, he had a problem with his tear ducts & put drops in his eye. It got better. His eye just started tear and gook again. Pls advice?

3yr old gunk in eyes. 17mth Brother had conjunctivitis. Dosage for drops different for 3yr old? Eyes seem worse after use on day 3. What to do?

4 hrs ago I put ear drops (95%isopropyl alcohol & 5% saline) in my eye. Flushed with water. Not burning now but still tearing a lot. Will eye be ok?

99.9% sure daughter has pinkeye in both eyes. Dr not open until monday. Have eye antibiotics from last time- not expired. Should I use w/o diagnoses?

Accidentally dropping an extra drop of fluorometholone into left eye via bottle leak. Will anything bad happen? It was a single drop.

After 30 min of flying, I get dry, bloodshot eyes. Don't wear contact lenses on flight. I use refresh dry eye drops but the redness stays. Any ideas?

After a 5 year addiction to an eye drop containing naphazoline (used 2 to 5 times a week) I went cold turkey about a month ago. Will my eyes recover?

After a couple hours or even minutes of use, my contacts start making my eyes really red. And create a red border around my cornea. Help?

After I blink with my pink eye medicine do I wash it out?

After instilling a drop for glaucoma, how long should you leave your eye shut?

After using erythromycin op for my pink eye it has gotten redder than before is this normal?

After using eye drops the liquid keeps on coming out of my eyes though eye lids are closed.doesnt it result in loss of medicine? Done lasik 3 day back

After using glaucoma eye drop how long do you wait before putting a contact in your eye.

Any good allergy eye drops?

Any ideas why hydrocodone makes my eyes burn?

Any natural treatment for pink eye? I have been using refresh eye drops.

Any proven method for cutting onions without teary eyes?

Are clear eyes similar to visine eye drops?

Are contacts supposed to be removed from eye to add rewetting drops?

Are eye drops the only solution for red, itchy eyes?

Are previously frozen eye drops safe to use again?

Are refresh eye drops bad?

Are similasan eye drops good for allergies, red eyes, and sties?

Are tear drops help to remove the offending agent, like liquid chemical if it deeply penetrated into the cornea , even after chronic period ?

Are TheraTears lubricant eye drops meant for moderate or severe dry eyes?

Are there any eye drops that change eye color?

Are there any eye drops to treat cataracts?

Are there any non-prescription eye drops that help, with the wildfire smoke in the air?

Are there eye drops that are effective in getting rid of eye redness?

Are there good natural cures for dry eyes? I don’t want to use drugs and medicated eye drops if i can help it. I’ve read that flaxseed oil can help make tears more oily so they don’t evaporate so fast. Is this true? Are there any other natural solutions?

Are tobramycin eye drops okay to put into your ear?

Are warm eye drops ok to use?

At an opticians they put your head in a rest but they tell you to keep your eyes ready and a machine puffs air into your eyes. What's this named?

Atropine dialating eye drops. I had 3 drops put in each eye from eye doc. Was that too much? & i also think i may have had a drop fall into mouth?

Aubrey J eye is red on the inside closer to her nose on left side. It's also crusting up & watery. I'm wondering may I use eye drops for it she's 2.

Been on combigan for years. Just added lantaprost. Eyes now dry. Pressure 12 in medicated eye. Can i stop lantaprost since it has made dry eye worse?

Blapheritis. Tried warm compress twice a day n artificial tears for 4 weeks. Eyes still dry n uncomfortable all the time. What else can be done?

Blepharitis I have been doing everything I should , eye scrubs, baby shampoo, drops, compresses, except the compresses, everything else irritates eyes?

Blepharitis n dry eyes. For 2 months used eye mask 2x/day- microwave 10sec, put 5 mins. Reduced to 1x. Eyes very red everytime after eye mask. Stop?

Bloody nose after eye drops?

Blurry vision from blepharitis not responding to any treatment ..Warm compresses, eye drops etc anything else i can do ?

Both eyes are itchy frm eyelid but right eye is red from veins, Can i use eyedrops to make it stop from over-the-counter and which ones are the best?

Both eyes have been a light pink for 2 days. Feel irritated. I have rinsed them and used some drops. When should see eye doctor? Do work with computer

Burned my eye yest using contact lens solution that is only for a vertical case. Flushed out. Eye still red & bd irritated. How long til it is better?

Can eye drops tobramycin causing a nose bleed?

Can a cold cause blurry vision and kind burning eyes? Eye doctor says my eyes are healthy that i just have blepharitis wich i treat with warm compress

Can an infrared heat lamp damage my eyes when i am using it on my face to treat my cold?

Can anything happen to your eyes if you put in eyedrops if you don't need them?

Can expired eye make up cause blepharitis on your lids?

Can eye color change with honey, msm and arbutin eye drops?

Can eye drops cause irritation?

Can eye drops drain down your throat when put into your eye?

Can eye drops help blood shot eyes?

Can eye drops treat keratitis?

Can eyeglass cleaner with isopropyl alcohol cause eczema on the eyelids?

Can hCG drops hurt you? Is there such a thing as "pure" hCG drops? Can a doctor prescribe them?

Can I get any ointment otc for a scratch on the eye?

Can i give a 3 month old baby tobramycin eye drops if he has pink eye?

Can i give my 4 year old visine?

Can i put antibiotic eye drops in my nose?

Can i put chlorsig eyedrops in the fridge? lol thanks

Can i safely use prescription drops for pink eye if i don't actually have pink eye?

Can I still use similasan eye drops with my pink eye medicine ?

Can I stop iteye problem by just using a tiny bit of neosporin antibiotic ointment in my eye and rubbing some around my eye?

Can i treat pink eye with polysporine eye drops?

Can I use naphcon a to relieve viral pink eye?

Can I use clear eyes eye drops while pregnant?

Can I use clear eyes for chlorine in eyes?

Can I use erythromycin and eye drops to get rid of pink eye faster?

Can I use eye drops to treat the redness from pink eye? I'm using an antibiotic cream from my doctor to cure my pink eye, but it doesn't treat the redness. Is it safe to use visine or something similar to make my eyes less bloodshot? .

Can I use eye makeup if I have pterygium?

Can I use eyedrops on this red dspot on my eyeball?

Can i use lacrigel ointment once a day for long time in my right eye cause of dry eyes prob? Eye hurts in morning whenever I dont use it at night. TY.

Can I use my old face makeup after i had pink eye?

Can I use olopatadine hydrochloride ophthalmic solution in a lightly scratched & slightly infected eye?

Can i use onion +ginger juice drops in my eye. I have read somewhere it is antiseptic and keeps eyes fresh and filters out impurities in forms of tear?

Can I use OTC eye drops along with the RX antibiotic eye drops? Eyes are dry and irritated.

Can I use over the counter eye glasses? I've been having blurry vision and have an appt with my eye Doc next week, meanwhile I want a quick solution

Can I use podowartpaint on eyelids?

Can i use rose water inside my eyes ?

Can I use some brightening eye roll on or eye cream while im pregnant ?

Can I use sterile eye drops for a stye in my eye?

Can I use TheraTears (sodium carboxymethylcellulose) and Systane eye ointment (mineral oil & white petrolatum) together?

Can I use visine eye drops for my ear infection?

Can I use vitamin e oil on the above eyes,below eyes and behind ears.19days post surgery .all stitches are out.

Can iritis heal without dilating drops?

Can lubricant eye drops stop me from having a blepharoplasty?

Can my 5 year old son to receive artificial tears (walgreens brand, lubricant eye drops) for a slight redness on sclera. Recovering from flu..

Can my eyes turn yellow from using to much visine?

Can optometrists from walmart prescribe something for pink eye?

Can pataday eye drops cure pink eye?

Can redness relief eyedrops work with pink eye?

Can regular eyedrops at least make you eye a little brighter?

Can selsun blue be used around the eyes and eyelids?

Can similasan dry eye reliefdrops also work for irritated red pink eye?