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A child at my school shined a laser pointer at my eye. What are the chances i'll get eye damage?

A why do some people develop bags under their eyes as they get older?

All my son's friends have drifted away from him and on facebook he only friends people far away. What is wrong?

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Are people with small eyes more prone to blindness than others?

Are people with small eyes more prone to blindness?

Are there any solutions or exercises for diabetic people affected with eye sight problem?

Are there people with epicanthal folds in eyes, but not mentally challenged?

Both my eyes are fine but one non dominant eye does not focus unless i close the dominant eye, why is this?

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Can a testosterone molecule be seen with the naked eye?

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Can people with wandering eyes see straight?

Can pupillary reaction present in blind people?

Can some people have double lashes?

Can someone have keratitis without knowing? Is it possible that somebody can have keratitis of the eye and not even be aware of it? .

Can there be any solutions or exercises for diabetic people affected with eye sight problem?

Can they make my eyes even again,because they haven't been even with each other I think sense childhood. I may be having surgery for the silent sinus ?

Can u just get nearsightedness as an adult (mid 20's)all of a sudden when u had perfect eyes & vision as a child & teen? Or is it something more?

Can using your cell phone extremely close to your eyes cause blindness?

Can wandering eye and cross eye be self diagnosed by simply looking at a mirror?

Can you develop a lazy eye rather than just be born with it?

Can you tell me how many believe that snow-burn is linked to people with light sensitive eyes?

Can you tell me if bespectacled people have smaller eyes?

Can you tell me if i knew someones height, how high are their eyes from the ground, usually ?

Can you tell me if the person have double vision is consider disable to work?

Can you tell me in a comprehensive description how does blepharitis affect the vision process and how is the persons sight affected?

Can you tell me what is an eye disorder/disease you can easily recreate for a movie?

Can't stop staring at people through the corners of my eyes. How do I break this habit?

Colour blindness: what is its treatment and its effect on a person's career?

Could a person be born with "clear" eyes?

Could anyone explain what bear print in eyes is linked to bowel cancer been told I have over 3 spots in both eyes and need tests why?

Could eyes don't blink naturally when a person is in a stressful situation?

Could it happen such that a person blind in one eye get a motor cycle permit?

Could people who have lazy eye see 2 different spots in the room?

Do a lot of people get eye swelling?

Do all people have some form of eye floaters from birth but they can increase with age? Possible to have them for a while & not realize it?

Do contact lences hide the fact you have a lazy eye?

Do cross-eyed people still see normally?

Do lazy eyes as a child usually lead to bad vision as an adolescent?

Do lots of people get corneal abrasion, or is it unusual?

Do lots of people get subconjunctival hemorrhage, or is it unusual?

Do people ever get a seizure due to the sight of blood?

Do people have a 'domenering' and a 'passive' eye? I have normal sight, but feel my right eye have more 'power'. Is that possible?

Do people pass out when they get tunnel vision?

Do people that have albinism have shifty eyes?

Do people with almond shaped eyes have a bit of a lazy eye when they smile?

Do people with aspergers have eye contact problems? Or are the people with autism the ones with eye-contact problems?

Do people with blue eyes generally have worse sight than people with brown eyes?

Do people with blue eyes get more cataracts?

Do people with farsightedness definitely develop presbyopia later in life?

Do people with glaucoma usually get cataracts?

Do people with one wandering eye see normally or wherever that eye is looking?

Do people with walleye/cockeye/lazy eye see double?

Do short-sighted people actually see better underwater than normal sighted people?

Do some people get chronic watering eyes?

Do you know any kinds of disorders or genetical errors which causes the eyes to be extremely photosensitive?

Docs, could a lazy eye relapse due to not enough sleep?

Doctor can ones eyes be straighten whereby the person was not born with it naturally but due to an accident such a person has been affected. Advice me?

Does anyone have a child that has to wear an eye patch?

Does anyone have any experience with corneal rings? What do the rings do for people?

Does anyone know a way how to tell which eye is more dominant for you?

Does anyone know anything about ulcerated corneas? How do people get an ulcerated cornea?

Does bad eyesight increase your chance of getting other visual or eye diseases later on in life?

Does everyone have eye floaters only some can see them and some others brains just ignore them?

Does having albinoism put me at risk for vision problems?

Does having high cholesterol makes eye floater become more disturbing?

Does myopia only happen to adults with weak eyes?

Does reading upside down could effect my sight? Like could I get crossd eye from that? How could a person get crossed eyes?

Does staring at people mean you have a problem? when in public i find that if im not careful I stare at people and that it becoems awkward eye contact

Does the person with diplopia get eyes tired easily?

For people who are nearsighted, like myself, is it normal for one eye to be a little more myopic than the other, or does it indicate optic neuritis?

For what length of time can you stay in utter darkness before you suffer eye damage?

For what reason are blue eyed people more likely to face early blindness?

Good day, is it normal to have double eyelid ? normally people have only one line --eyelid in thier eyes. what is the problem if there is. The truth is, i feel very weird about it thank you have a nice day :)

Has anyone else lost their eyesight from sjogrens?

Has anyone experienced eye flashes after giving birth?

Has anyone had temperary blindness in one eye when on detrol (tolterodine)?

Has anyone heard of pterygium (conjunctiva condition)?

Has anyone heard of pterygium conjunctiva?

Hello my daughter has been known to have shadows under her eyes. is it hereditary? she is almost 4 how do i get rid of them? his she lacking or in need of some type of vitamin?

Hello, does anyone know if floaters in eye can be caused by diabeties?

Help, what to do about my developing eye wrinkles (teenager)?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is bletheria eye disorder?

Hi doctors! my brother is obsessed by a wrestler who roll his eyes so he always try to imitate him! is it dangerous! could his eyes get stuck?