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2 plastic surgeons say can't do eyelid surgery 4 my bulging eyes&undereye bags of graves disease but dr on this site say it's possible.Can it be done?

2 weeks out from cataract surgery. Constant eyelid droop. Will this resolve itself?

About how much does it cost to get one lazy eyelid lift?

After blepharophimosis surgery which included silicon slings being implanted to correct ptosis her eyes remain open while sleeping. what can we do?

After having a blepharoplasty procedure, is it common for the eyelids to go back to how they were before the operation?

Am not able to blink my left eye and i don't want to do eyelid gold weight surgery is there other thing i can do to fix this ?

Are droopy eyelids from fatigue permanent or can it be fully fixed?

Are there any other procedures that get rid of saggy skin under the eyes other than blepharoplasty?

Are there any procedures, other than blepharoplasty, that help under eye bags?

Around how much is eyelid surgery going to cost?

As people age, do most have some semblance of a droopy eyelid? Besides ptosis surgery what can be the most minimally invasive treatment option?

At 35 could I have lazy droopy eyelids get corrected with surgery?

Before chalazion operation eyelid is numb or not?

Before chalazion surgery eyelid is numb or not?

Bilateral lower lid epiblepharon repair, what to do?

Can blepharoplasty result in cataract?

Can a drooping eyelid correct itself if it's caused by omg?

Can a fat transfer eliminate sagging around the eyes? My eyes are saggy and sunken. Is fat transfer a good option for me, or do I need an eye lift? .

Can anyone offer any information on marcus gunn jaw wink ptosis?

Can Asian double eyelid surgery hurt?

Can Asian eyelid surgery help me if I do have a crease, but my eyes are hooded? From what i've read, i think my problem is too much fat in my eyelids? Does Asian eyelid surgery help with that, or do I need regular blepharoplasty? .

Can blepharoplasty leave you with misshapen eyes?

Can botox injections help get my drooping eyelid corrected permanently?If so what will be the probable cost?

Can Chiari Malformation cause unilateral eyelid/eyebrow drooping. The severity of drooping changes ?

Can drooping eyelids cause vision problems needing surgery?

Can eye ptosis be fixed without surgery? with exercises or something to strenghten the drooped eye muscle? any help please.

Can eyes be disproportionate?

Can i choose how high a crease to get with Asian eyelid surgery? I've read about different crease heights with Asian eyelid surgery. Is this something i can choose, or does the surgeon choose depending on my eye/eyelid size? .

Can I get my eye brow lifted up with some kind of surgical process?

Can I have eyelid surgery if I have glaucoma? My eyelids are puffy and sag, and sometimes they droop into my field of vision. I want to have this corrected with eyelid surgery, but I have glaucoma. Can i still get the surgery or are there any other option

Can surgery fix a drooping eyelid?

Can surgery help really puffy prominent eye bags!?

Can the eye be mishaped due to blepharoplasty?

Can the eye be mishapen during blepharoplasty?

Can the lifestyle lift fix my droopy eyes? I have bags under my eyes, and my eyelids sag. Can the lifestyle lift make my eyes look younger?

Can you give me more info on any experience with cosmetic surgery to remove the drooping of the pads underneath the eyes?

Can you give me more info on eyelid lengthening surgery?

Can you harm your eyelid ptosis by straining as in the bathroom?

Can you help a congenital eye ptosis with exercise?

Can you just get one lazy eyelid lift?

Can you let me know how many times can you perform blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery) on someone?

Can you please discuss the condition called where one eyelid isn't symmetric with the other?

Can you provide some advice for someone who's had a blepharoplasty?

Can you tell me about the anatomy of a hooded eyelid?

Could a blepharoplasty surgery benefit/improve the way these eyes look?

Could eyelid reduction surgery make your eyes look hollow?

Could the eye be mishaped doing blepharoplasty?

Could you expand the sclera for cosmetic reasons?

Dear doctor! I have chalazion in my eyelid ..Is its surgery painful?

Do you always lose your eye brows during chemotherapy?

Do you go under for eyelid surgery, or do they just numb your eyes?

Docs, could a blepharoplasty surgery benefit/improve the way your eyes look?

Doctor recommendation for eyelid surgery to reduce staring/under eye bags from thyroid eye disease.Can anyone recommend an eyelid surgeon? Thanks

Doctor said I have skin cancer in the eye lid , after 4 surgerys .& freezing it's moving I have an open ulcer below my eye brow it's in the bone ?

Does Asian eyelid surgery actually increase eye size? I know it doesn't actually make my eyeballs bigger. I'm talking about the "opening" of my eye. Will it be bigger? Or does Asian eyelid surgery just make eyes look bigger? .

Does Asian eyelid surgery work to get rid of an epicanthal fold? I think that's what i have. It's kind of a folded pouch at the corner of my eyes? I'd like to get rid of it, and i'm wondering if Asian eyelid surgery can get rid of it? I do have a partial

Does blepharoplasty change the shape or placement of the eyebrows? How will the shape and/or placement of my eyebrows change with blepharoplasty? .

Does blepharoplasty fix undereye bags? I have major undereye bags. Is blepharoplasty a good fix for this problem? .

Does blepharoplasty fix undereye bags? I have major undereye bags. Is blepharoplasty a good fix for this problem? .

Does insurance cover ptosis surgery if its almost covering 40% of my pupil ?

Does it hurt to have eyelid surgery?

Does laser surgery lead to a droopy eyelid?

Does mass health cover eye surgery ?

Does ptsosis surgery, by itself, that cosmetically corrects eyelid hooding usually result in a higher forehead?

Dysport resulted in droopy eye lids. Would a filler have been better?

Exercises i can do for treating droopy eyelid?

Eye doctor did on both eyes... Repair eyelid defect as well as revision of uper eyelid. Is it the norm to still be very tender after 61/2 wks?

Eyelid lift or blepharoplasty - is an ENT or eye surgeon better for it?

Facelift options: I have noticed so many people with droopy eye lids and few forehead creases after facial injections. Is this supposed to happen?

Fix for drooping eyelids covered by insurance?

Following dental anesthesia, I have experienced temporary eye weakness, ptosis of eyelid, diplopia but always on the contralateral side. Why this side?

For celebs how much did eye lid surgery cost?

For how long are your eyes swollen after eyelid surgery?

Frontal silicone sling for drooping eyelids due to opmd?

Had 15 units Botox put in between brows 1 wk ago. Rt eyelid/brow feels heavier & seems slightly droopy now. Can anything be done to correct this?

Had Restalyne under eyes. 1 has lump/or bag looks like. other eye good. Is this result of a botched up injection? He is an eye plastic surgeon. thanks

Has anyone ever had a surgical eyelid lift on one droopy eye only?

Has anyone ever had botched surgery for a drooping eyelid?

Has anyone ever had surgery for only one drooping eyelid?

Hello. I want to know if there is a cosmetic or eyelid surgery that can change large feminine eyes into smaller masculine eyes? Thank you.

Help please! is botox into the eye muscle possible to correct a small squint?

Hi doctor! I have chalazoin in my eyelid and doctor told me to operate this.Before operation eyelid is numb or not?

How bad is scarring after Asian eyelid surgery? I know the scars are supposed to be hidden in the crease when your eyes are open, but what about when you blink? Is it really noticeable? I don't want it to be obvious i've had Asian eyelid surgery .

How can I treat a scar on my eyelid after having chalazion surgery?

How can I care for myself after browlift or eyelid surgery?

How can I fatten up my eyelids without surgery?

How can I fix eyelid scarring due to anaphylaxis?

How can I help swelling from eye lid surgery go down quicker?

How can I help swelling from eye lid surgery go down?

How can I treatment my jumping eyelid?

How common is assymetrical creases after Asian eyelid surgery? I'm thinking of having Asian eyelid surgery, but i'm worried about my eyes looking mismatched. It happened to a friend. Her doctor told her it could take 6 months for results to be final, but

How common is it for somebody to get drooping eyelid?

How common is ptosis when using purtox? I'm thinking about having some purtox injections done, and i was wondering if ptosis was common with this drug? I don't want to have a drooping eyelid problem while i'm on vacation. .

How do I fix my eyelids/eyelid folds (preferably without surgery)? Both my upper(without any fold) and lower eyelids are low, making me look tired.

How do I know if Asian eyelid surgery would work for me? Are there certain people or eyelid types that get better results with Asian eyelid surgery than others? .

How do I know if i can get eyelid surgery ?

How do I make my left eye not squint when I smile; but without makeup or surgery?

How do I pick a surgeon for Asian eyelid surgery? Should i focus only on surgeons who specialize in Asian eyelid surgery? Or is it similar enough to regular blepharoplasty that i can use someone who specializes in that but not necessarily Asian eyes? .

How do you do a surgical eyelid lift?

How does the suture method of Asian eyelid surgery work? Can this kind of Asian eyelid surgery give results as good as the incision type? .