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Am a bodybuilder I have strong body with huge muscles but my problem in the abs area too much fat and don't know what I should to do for it?

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Body contouring and conditioning class?

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Can saggy body get toned after 8 years? Can strength training and cardio tone the saggy body as i am young? I am 21 year old female.

Can working out more than three times a week over train you body ?Or anything

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Can you tell me how i could build upper body strength?

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Can you tell me if i could just do pull ups to increase my upper body strength and size without any other workouts in between?

Can you tell me if i workout .My torso is rectangular.What is my bodytype?

Can you tell me if one is not a body builder and doesn't plan to be, are supplements a good way to build body muscle without side effects?

Could a doctor please give me ideas on an effective work-out plan that'll help me burn fat and tone the rest of my body?

Do I have to release sweat when we do exercises for toning body muscles?

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For exercise I do upper body strength training one day. The next day I do lower body cardio. Should I do lower body strength training after 40 y/o?

Gym is good or running better for good body shape ?

Hello doctor my age is 20 and my weight is around 64..I want to build up my body so what meal should I take?

Hello doctors, i need advice on upper body building and cardio!?

Help please? I want to know what are some exersices that will build up the upper body?

Help please? What is a good workout routine to tone up my body?

Hi i'm 22 yrs old female my weight is 43 kg how many squats are enough for me and how many reps? Will it help me archive good body and posture ?

Hi sir i am 16 years old and i am working out since 3 years back from now and still there is no improvement in my body no gain i have made in my body?

Hi, do you think I can ever run out of creatine in the body ?

How bad for the body is it do my arm workouts everyday?

How can creatine be bad for your body?

How can I build upper body strength?

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How often should you work out when doing calisthenics? Do you work out 3 days a week with full body workouts or 6 days a week using different muscles

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How to know what exercises uses the entire body, or at least most parts?

I am 19 yrs old and how can I do a good body workout?

I am doing exercises, i reduced pounds in my lower body. My upper body remains the same. What should I do to reduce my upper body?

I am so week .My legs arms hands all my body is so thin how.Can i increased my weight what can I eat?

I am too lean and I have less muscle mass and no fat. My body is hot to others.?

I am very skinny how to buil my body?

I am working towards getting a toned body, how many rest days should I have per week?

I carry most of my weight on my legs, if I do weights for my upper body & run alot, will shift a lot of that weight onto my upper body?

I did P90X program 4 times. I still do not have abs or a toned body. Do I have a medical condition which prevents muscles growth?

I do lotsa weight lifting. Will this cause me to lose of the body like the face and lower body?

I do upper body weight lifting. Will this cause lose fat on other parts of the body like the lower body?

I do upper body weight lifting. Will this cause me to lose fat on other parts of the body like the face and lower body?

I don't want my body to be like body builders because I am a girl, so should I do abdominal crunch or abs excercise to reduce belly fat? Are they safe?

I had an ache in my elbowos..Im a body builder?

I had my appendix removed 2 years before. Is it okay for me to do heavy body building exercises.?

I heard that not only working out your core, but low low body fat is the key to having washboard abs?

I need to build my body with good looking muscles and broad shoulders. Suggest some ideas?

I think I've got constipation and am a body builder. What do you suggest?

I want a slimmer body. What are some good workouts to tone my arms and abs?

I want to become a fast runner and build a fit muscly athletic body! where do I start?

I want to build body but without going gym.Which exercise must i do?