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70 year old high exercise level recreational road bicyclist with recent reduced exercise tolerance. Echo shows Basal Septal LVH. ACE or ARB?

Am vegetarian and have back problem. Cannot do exercise. Want to increase physical strength an stamina. Suggest meal an other ways if any.

Another term for cardiorespiratory endurance exercise is?

Any good low impact exercises for those with arthritis?

As modrate exercise is good for health, what about over exercise? Does it effect reversely on body wear and tear?

Best exercise routine for individuals with joint pain? I would like to know what type/kind of exercise i can do for overall health, toning and sculpting. I have a medical condition (mixed connective tissue disorder) that doesn't allow me to do high impact

By stretching we improve blood circulation which regulates nutrients and hormones. So why do doctors say stretching doesn't increase height?

Can antihistamines negatively impact athletic performance and lower vo2 max?

Can biking/cycling affect a 24 yr old with arrhythmia like exercising riding up hills etc can it do harm what are the effects or benefits from it ?

Can cardiovascular exercise increase the size of skeletal muscles?

Can doing sports activity in heat accelerate fat loss ?

Can exceeding your target heart rate during aerobics have a detrimental effect on muscle gain and fat loss?

Can I do cardio training (brisk walking, treadmill, cycling) in case of lattice degeneration + high myopia? Does lutein, zeaxanthin, bilberry help?

Can intense physical activity such as training for a triathlon cause an increase in both AST and ALT in liver function test?

Can lack of exercise or lack of walking cause rhabdomyolysis?

Can low vital capacity be the effect of to less excercising for several years? Can excercising increase vital capacity?

Can muscle cell increase the number of mitochondria in it with exercise?

Can running increase the number of alveoli?

Can the stress increase pulmonary hypertension? Can also walking & daily activity increase it? My RVSP 42.57

Can weight training help improve your heart health ?

Can you explain if it's true smoking can slow up your endurance?

Can you please tell me how high and low impact aerobics differ?

Can you tell me is ab exercise affect our sexual well-being?

Can your diet the day before a race affect your performance?

Could exercise overtraining (think intensive physical training for hours a day) lead to concentration or memory problems for a day or two?

Could moderate exercise decrease appetite?

Could you please describe how cellular respiration could be altered when you are performing vigorous exercise?

Could you tell me what are some at-home exercises i can do to increase my energy?

Differences between aerobic and anaerobic exercise in terms of efficiency on metabolism?

Do I have a low capacity for stress?

Do masturbation have any effect on muscles strength and metabolism level if I do it regularly 3- 4 times in a day?

Does carbonation in drinks affect aerobic performance in athletes?

Does depression or anxiety affects the aerobic and anaerobic systems during exercise ?

Does exercise reduce the risk of cardio diseases by improving BP and increasing HDL levels?

Does exercising your muscles during adolescence have an effect on them later in life?

Does extended ketosis *without calorie restriction* impact testosterone in men?

Does having a lumpectomy affect my ability to exercise?

Does having a mastectomy affect my ability to exercise?

Does having sex everyday affect exercise performance and muscle growth?

Does IBS affect how intensely I could exercise?

Does increased calorie restriction relate to longevity?

Does my weight have an impact on pregnancy-induced hypertension?

Does regular participation in aerobic exercise lower an individual's risk of developing cancer?

Does respiratory acidosis have significant effects on aerobic/anaerobic exercise ?

Does smoking effect muscle mass? I pretty sure it effect exercise performance.

Does smoking weed affect your strength and muscles if you are work out 3 to 4 times a week?

Does tetrology of fellot affect my cardio activities?

Endurance athlete always borderline overtrain. Had over-the-top reaction to corticosteroids because of low glutathione stores due to training?

Exercising which muscle group will increase my performance in bed? And how can I prevent negative effect of weight lifting on my performance in bed?

Explain the complications from excessive heat stress and what are the cardiovascular responses during exercise hyperthermia?

Have scientists found ways/exercises/techniques to increase metabolism rate?

Hello, Please kindly advise, in addition to exercise, the best ways to increase oxygen in cells? Thank you

Help please? I want to know what are the impacts of exercise and caffeine on pulmonary function testing?

How can regular exercise improve cardiovascular function during times of stress?

How can a heart block effect my career or limit my sports activities?

How can an increased blood supply help improve physical fitness?

How can arteriosclerosis affect athletic performance?

How can I improve my vascular system if I been smoking for 10 plus years no daily exercising?

How can I increase basic fitness?

How can I increase lactic acid tolerance for lacrosse and mile time?

How can I increase the size of my chest without compromising my cardiovascular fitness, something that is very important to me?

How can I tell if i'm in currently in good cardiovascular shape?

How can low BP affect athletic performance ??

How could ergonomics and requirements for rest periods during working time impact on productivity.?

How could the activity of a catalytic antibody be compared to the natural activity of ache?

How do cardiovascular and aerobic exercise differ?

How do I find what's the best calisthenic exercise routine to increase metabolism?

How do you determine someone's cardiorespiratory fitness level?

How does aerobic exercise affect the cardiovascular and respiratory systems?

How does aerobic exercise impact cholesterol levels?

How does aging affect my muscles even if I exercise?

How does exercise affect INR?

How does exercise help the cardiovascular system work normal again after prolonged bed rest?

How does high levels of stress and anxiety impact on my cardiovascular system?

How does lean body mass affect the clearance rate of drugs?

How does regular physical exercise affect the brain?

How does temperature affect heart during moderate exercise?

How does weight training affect the heart?

How does weight-bearing exercise affect the skeletal system?

How does your cardiovascular system respond to exercise?

How is cardiorespiratory fitness measured well?

How is someone's diet related to their age, gender and activity level?

How is the cardiovascular system affected by exercise?

How long after strenuous aerobic exercise can liver chemistry remain elevated ?

How much exercise does your body need each week for good cardiovascular health?

How to increase testosterone level? Exercise useful muscle stretching?

How to significantly reduce proctalin levels? maybe resistance training?

How would dextroamphetamine affect recovery after an intense workout?

I am working to eliminate my emotion-driven eating and to increase my activity level. Suggestions?

I do crunches exercise to flatten my stomach . Does t affect my health o affect reproductory organs?

I have a sedantry job I do workout but i'm gaining fat.Is there any way to increase metabolic activity?I have asthma also

I have major depression and I do high intensity intervals workout.If I take 5 grs of creatine each day, it helps to reduce my depression?Weight gain?

I have recently quit smoking. I have a very low respiration stamina - tired after 10 minutes of jog. Are there any methods to improve my lung's stamina?

I need a diet that can help increase athlietic fitness and brain function.?

I want to improve my running any exercise to help? am quite fast but have low stamina and my health is perfect says doctors

I want to know that whether weight training has adverse effect on singing voice. then how can i increase my stamina & strength without workout ?

I workout at a high intensity for 1 hr 3x week (combination of cardio and strength- intervals. Is this enough for heart health?

I'm breasfeeding a 3 month old i want to start jogging and doing physical exercises will that be a good idea won't it affect my milk supply.

I'm told i prob have adrenal fatigue, and high impact workouts are no-no's. What are some good low impact exercises to get me in shape safely?

In the last year I have gained 20 lbs. without any change in diet or exercise. I am 71 and have had cardiovascular issues including CHF. No edema. ??