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1 month since open repair of epigastric hernia using mesh. Is it ok to do 30min of 4mph walks or crosstrainer session. When is it ok for strength ex?

22m, I have exams for 15days continously.Is it okay if i skip the exercise.Dont do any of it for that time?2months post ACL surgery hamstring autograft

28 m. Had two inguinal hernia surgeries, at last one had mesh installed ~6 yrs ago. How to lift weights safely? Is a lifting belt a good or bad idea?

40yr. Old male 3 months out from hybrid maze ablation surgery for afib with pvc's 13% of the time , is it safe to lift heavy & resume road bicycling ?

44 yrs old, alcapa repair almost 2 years ago. Was fairly fit prior to surgery. Since surgery, have not been as active, very fatigued. Normal?

44yrs old female,is it normal to lose weight approx 9 to 10 kg 6 mths post microdiscectomy surgery?

5 months ago i had a laproscopic perforated appendectomy. I still experience issues when heavy lifting. I am 60 year old, healty, active female. ?

58 yo active male with SLAP Type 2 Lesion. Repair labrum or remove is question. Activities desired post include CrossFit/Olympic weightlifting.

After pad byepass surgery hospitalisation can I climb up to two floors( 28steps) to my home?

After 1 month of varicocelectomy , can I return to bodybuilding workout?

After a caesarean operation, how long before i can exercise?

After a laparoscopy appendectomy, when I can return to lift weights at the gym???

After a robotic hysterectomy surgery can you use a waist training corset?

After appendix surgery, and you are an athlete, you start instance training after 5 weeks, could their be some damage in the stomach?

After having a pneumonectomy when will I be able to jog?

After how many weeks of surgery i can start walking?

After lasik surgery can I go to the gym or do I have to stop for some time?

After open heart surgery if as of now i bench 225.. After surgery when would i be able to start working out with this type of heavy weight again?

After scalp removal or surgery can still work hard after a week of surgery and can i have bike,jogging, badminton,can i travel and flight.tanx?

After the kyphosis surgery, will the body remain mobilized like a robot forever ? No sports playing, no fast running, no sex, no gym, just passive ?

Age 29.. Thing to keep in mind after a B/L inguinal surgery( laproscopic meshplasty) if I've to do bodybuilding, loose fat, martial arts, HIIT. Its be?

Am getting pilonidial cyst surgery in two days, am worried about the recovery time, i lift weights intense, can i still work out after the surgery?

Are elliptical trainers good for starting to get back in shape? 6 months after surgery

Are hernias below the sternum after heart surgery dangerous? Can i proceed with my workouts, (weights)?

Are there any exercises (besides walking) I can do immediately after an appendectomy?

Are there risks if you are in a strenuous occupation following this continent ileostomy?

At age 44,is it normal to lose alot of weight approx 5 kg for 6 mths post microdiscectomy surgery for l5/s1?

Being referred for mole removal from jaw. It is 7mm in size. What should I expect ie procedure and aftercare regard to work (fitness trainer)/sport?

C-section 4 1/2 wks ago how long does it take for your incision to heal internally? When is it safe to workout & lift weights? I don't want a hernia

Can a person work out at the gym and do straining exercises after a leg bypass operation?

Can daily sex/mastrubation and strenous exercise cause triple AAA ( aneurysm)?

Can i be running and hitting the gym already after a month of having a laparoscopic oophorectomy?

Can i carry on with activities like sailing , jogging and joga one or two weeks after a hernia surgery in my abdomen?

Can I cycle or use a stationary bike with an ing uinal hernia?

Can I join gym for stomach exercise after a laproscopic operation?

Can I lift weights after having a first rib resection surgery?

Can i perform camel cat exercise 12 weeks after microd with hemilaminotomy ? I don't have any pain while performing this exercise.

Can I return to doing activities lkke crunches after recovery from inginiul hernia repair?

Can I run or jog with and ing uinal hernia?

Can i start exercise after 5 month of hernia surgery?

Can I start running again after fusion surgery ?

Can one golf 17 days after minor laproscopic hernia? If not how long. ~40 / male. 25 lb over weight.

Can people with hernia jog?

Can Slipped disc be fully cured by Ayurveda ? Or Surgery is must ? Am a Swimmer .will I able to swim in competition after surgery with full Power ?

Can someone be honest about the invasiveness of a total disc replacement? Would it be impossible to return to elite running afterwards?

Can someone that just got over a case of bursitis lift weights, or is it too risky?

Can umbilical hernia repair surgery be affected by doing light cardio and lifting light weights (10lbs max) two weeks after surgery?

Can using the elliptical machine help with recovery after knee surgery?

Can varicocele reoccur because of workouts? It has been over 5 months since the ligation and I have total recurrence, i avoid any squats or deadlifts.

Can you do regular activities a week after hemorrhoid surgery?

Can you recover faster after surgery if your ab extreme fit buff?

Can you tell if it is risky to continue working as a cna performing heavy lifting during pregnancy & possible hernia?

Can you tell me how to stay in shape after hip surgery?

Could I return to gymnastics after back surgery?

Delivery job entails lifting 75-150 lbs, walk 6-8 miles, in and out of truck 200 times.Had menisectomy, hernia surgery. Now TKR.Can I still do my job?

Do you know are kneeling, bending the body and squatting after TURP (prostate surgery) , harmful ?

Fast-paced, long distance horseback riding would not pose problems to a well-healed 4th degree perineal repair would it? About 4 months postpartum

Finally feeling great again after having gallbladder removed via robotic surgery. When can I start exercising (ie zumba cardio etc)?

Following a spleen repair can you resume an active sports lifestyle?

Following an ileostomy & panproctocole tomy I have lots of mesh in my lower & upper abdomen. Is it adviseable to use a rowing machine for excersise?

Football player with internal hemmroids, discomfort. Fiber, water, diet, witch hazel hasn't helped. I need to lift, what do I do? Band surgery help?

For 57+ F to be undergone cataract surgery thru phacoemulsification, does it have any restriction for bath, cooking, bending or weight lifting ?

For how much time respiratory exercises to be done after hip surgery.

For what complications yoga should not be done?Is there any age limit?

Gallbladder surgery 3 months ago but now the day(s) after exercise (circuit training and field hockey) i feel completely wiped out?

Had an inguinal hernial 1 month ago which went well, was wondering when can I resume swimming and football?

Had gall bladder surgery 4 days back thru laproscopy. When can I resume work outs and exercise. Can i carry weight or will i get hernia.

Had open henia surgery. Job requies lifting 75 lbs and pushing up to 150 lbs.How long after surgery before I can go back to work?

Had vaginal hysterectomy with anterior/posterior repair, 5 weeks ago. Is it safe to vacuum rugs and do mild gardening and gentle yoga exercises?

Have had lap band surgery and tummy tuck with breast lift. Starting to gain some weight back can I take an appetite depressant? I am a 49 year old female, married 30 years have 4 children. I have had a lap band surgery 2 1/2 years ago and 16 months ago a

Have had lap band surgery and tummy tuck with breast lift. Starting to gain some weight back can I take an appetite depressant? I am a 49 year old female, married 30 years have 4 children. I have had a lap band surgery 2 1/2 years ago and 16 months ago a

Have lattice degeneration with a retinal hole . No treatment required. Can I do abdominal exercises, situps, the plank, pressups, legraises and squats?

Hi doctor I have viroceceles and I had a surgery to remove it,my doctor said that liftingweights caused it,so can I train heavy now after the surgery?

Hi I just had a Vitrectomy a few weeks ago. Will this procedure prevent me from lifting weights and working out?

Hi i want to become a cardio surgeon one day. Any advice?

Hi. I'm applying to be a firefighter and I'm going 5months recovery after a c-section. When can I possibly do heavy exercises? Thank you!

How can I continue weightlifting if I got a hiatal hernia from lifting?

How can I lose my belly fat with a tear in my meniscus, i'm waiting for surgery?

How can I plan an exercise program when I have had back surgery?

How can I shrink my tummy aftet C section? Any exercise or belt can help? I am 6 week post partym. Also my rings do not fit. Any recommendation?

How do I know if im healed from my unilateral varicocelectomy? I want to start heavy weight training and my operation was 5 weeks ago

How long after a laparoskopic inguinal hernia surgery with mesh, is it safe to squat, bend over,push a stroller or lift? I am with a toddler at home.

How long after a lasik surgery can I start lifting weights?

How long after a robotic TLH/BSO can I start exercising? And dieting?

How long after a Umbilical hernia non mesh surgery can I start weight lifting, provided i start slowly? Can pain or discomfort be my guide?

How long after an inguinal surgery is it safe for to begin training in karate to get myself in shape?

How long after back surgery (ruptured disc) is it okay for a woman to resume sexual activities?

How long after childbirth before I can return to competitive running?

How long after gall bladder surgery can I use the elliptical exercise machine?

How long after I have my fibroid embolization procedure can I return to regular excercise and physical activities?

How long after laparoscopic sterilization can one exercise and do other things.

How long after reconstructive hand surgery should you wait until performing calisthenics such as pull-ups?

How long after sinus surgery can one resume swimming workout?

How long before exercising? How long after appendectomy before returning to lifting weights?

How long before i can start exercising after open heart surgery?

How long can a weight constriction last when you have laprascopic surgery?

How long does swelling last after umbilical hernia repair? I am 46 years old, at a healthy weight, and exercised for 60+ minutes before the surgery.

How long is the training to become a cardio vascular surgeon?

How long must I restrict activity after discectomy with fusion?

How long should I wait before i can do my normal weightlifting activity? I'd lap inguinal hernia repair. I'm on 6th day post-op. Feeling better(60%).