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Can i use Elliptical cross trainer for my workout. because u said not to do jogging and running ? is this machine is safe for disk herniated persons

1/2 hr mixed exercise 80 pushups 100 crunches and 60 rev crunches and legups 50 how many calories appr i burned?Thanks doctor

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Calves super tight, Working out circuit training 3 days cardio 3 days. Well hydrated. Nutrition good. Why so tight at rest? During exercise all good

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Can i use Elliptical cross trainer for my workout. because jogging and running are restricted ? is this machine is safe for disk herniated persons?

Can i use Elliptical cross trainer for my workout. because jogging and running are restricted ? is this machine is safe for disk herniated persons?

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How often to work out? Crossfit gym says 3 days on, 1 day off. Is this too much for a relative beginner? I recently started going to crossfit (a crosstraining fitness program) and after doing their introductory workouts 3 times a week for a month, i've no

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