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Help docs! i'm trying to look really lean over summer. I have a barbell, chip up bar, a bench and adjustable dumbbells. What workouts should I do?

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How can I build forearm/extensor muscles with only a couple of dumbbells?

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I do 60 reps in bicep curls and hammer curls with 20lb weights. Should i bump it up to 25lb or 30lb if i've been doing it for a week?

I get pain in my biceps, triceps and chest after my gym workout session. Should I skip a day?

I had a pinch in my bicep during the bicep workout so is it normal?

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I've got a bench with a barbell, dumbbells, pull up bar, and a treadmill, what are some workouts i could do to gain muscle?

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If my bicep is twitching, should I still workout?

Is 50 pushups in a row a good workout?

Is biceps workout and triceps workout build muscles? Plz suggest i'm doing this but i don't want muscles only want to reduce arm fat..!

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Need help. Is 17 pushups and 80 curl-ups good for a 12 yr old girl?

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What do you recommend if I have a extravasation on my biceps. After heavyweight trainning, what could it be?

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What to do if i workout daily.But have small bisceps..?

What to do if i'm 5"8 and 122 pounds and i want to build biceps and triceps. Do you guys have any good workouts i can do?

What to do when your biceps hurt from lifting weights without warming up ?

What weightlifting exercises can be done while resting the biceps? For example, can I still do bench presses? What else?

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