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15 pounds weight change. Is this a side effect of the medicine ketorolac?

4'11 weigh 180. Which is better Adipex or Belviq (lorcaserin). I extremely worried about side effects of Belviq (lorcaserin). I've had success with Adipex. No health problems?

Am a 25 year old man. I like to gain my weight. Is their essential pills there to increse weight with out any side effects?

Anorexia side effect i started new medication a few weeks ago where one of the side effects is anorexia. I'm underweight already (5'6, 105lb) what can I do to maintain my weight instead of losing?

Any advice on how to stop this weight gain side effect besides extreme dieiting and exercising ?

Any anti depressants that don't have weight gain as a side effect?

Any side effects for the fat emuslsion?

Are linseeds helpful for weight loss? If so, do they have any side effects?

Are there any beta blocker medications out there which are known to cause less side effects of Weight Gain than Propapnalol? Thanks.

Are there any diet pills or appetite suppressants that work and don't have side effects?

Are there any negative side effects with the mass gainer " mutant mass" and if so can it affect my sperm?

Are there any over-the-counter drugs with weight loss as a side effect?

Are there any side effect a of 'herbal life' food supplement? My mother aged 60 wants to use it for weight loss. Is that ok?

Are there homeopathy remedies for weight reduction that have no side effect?

Are weight gain supplements beneficial for our health or have any side effects on our body?

Best pills for increasing height without side effects?

Can a low dose bcp pill give you less side effects like ex weight gain mood swings plz as I'm not sure which to choose I don't want weight gain on bcp?

Can creatine monohydrate helps in gaining weight? What are the side effects? How much should be taken?

Can flomax (tamsulosin) cause you to lose weight? I have been on it or 2 years several with other side effects.

Can herbal weight loss supplements have permanent long term effects?

Can i lose or gain weight on lamictal? Also is there any other side affects I should be concerned about?

Can i take topamax (topiramate) (50mg) for two weeks safely to assist weight loss. Was prescribed for my hemicrania but i disliked side effects with long term use.

Can i use serious mass? Does it have any side effect? I am 24 old and my weight is only 50 Kg and my height is 180 cms. Please give me suggestions!

Can my height increase with the help of exercises or by any aurvedic medication which doesn't have any side effects?

Can prolixin (fluphenazine) cause other side affects besides weight?

Can the diet supplement hoodia really suppress appetite? Normal to have migraines or severe side effects from this?

Can there be ways to combat weight gain if it is a side effect of a medication that has to be taken?

Can weight loss a natural side effect of cancer?

Can you please explain how i can combat weight gain caused by a prescription drug?

Can you prevent the side effect of weight gain from lyrica (pregabalin) with exercise and good diet?

Can you tell me if there are any side effects to xls medical fat binder?

Could you tell me about Sceletium Tortuosum? Is it worth taking? Are there side effects such as weight gain? Thanks.

Do fat burners have side effects?

Do mass gainers have side effects?

Do you know is weight loss a side effect of taking ferrous gluconate?

Doc has advised me to take glucophage (metformin) gor 3 months to regulate my hormones and aid in weight loss but i m wary. Will there be long term side effects?

Doctor recommended cipralex will it make me tired , cause weight gain ? I maintain a healthy lifestyle. What side effects are there ?

Does alliance's atarax (hydroxyzine) actually cause weight gain as one of the side effects? If so why? And after how long of using it?

Does amitriptyline have a side affect that makes you lose your appetite?

Does cla really help lose fat and cellulite. Does it have any effect on fat loss or side effects?

Does Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) cause weight gain or cardiovascular side effects? I have WPW

Does Folvite (folic acid) or consevel result in weight gain ? Do they have any side effect?

Does jerking off effect my bodybuilding? In any way?

Does ketone prescription diet pills have side effects?

Does l-carnitne works ? And how does it help to lower body fat ? Whats its uses and side effects ? What is the best time to take it ?

Does lipo 6 black fat burner really works ? And does it have side effects for a 16 yr old guy?

Does lipolysis and powder massages help lose weight? Do they have any side effects?

Does Lithium's side effect "weight gain" appears because of increased appetite that Lithium causes, or it comes by some other mechanism?

Does loratadine cause weight gain as a side effect ?

Does male masterbation has a bad effect of reducing weight?

Does masturbating daily increases weight? Any side effects?

Does omega 3 have any effect on weight?

Does oxyelite pro, a diet and weight loss supplement work? Does it is have any side effects?

Does Prilosec prescription have any reports of serious side effects. Also does this pill cause weight gain.?

Does rizatriptan affect your weight?

Does taking prednisone eye drops have the same side effects like po prednisone? (Weight gain, blood sugar increase, insomnia, and irritability.)

Does the Depo-Provera shot make you gain weight? Side effects?

Does the MIRENA (levonorgestrel) make you gain weight? What are some weight-related side effects?

Ear clamps for weight loss how effective it is and is there any side effects ?

Effects of weight losage in kidney disease?

For weight loss, laser treatment like zerona is harmful for health? Which is other best way without side effect?

Have any doctors prescribed the med Belviq (lorcaserin) for weight loss? I just saw an ad for it on TV & and the side effects sound awful. It doesn't even describe what the drug even is! What is it?

Having loss of apoetite, decrease concentration, tiredness, nausea. These may be side effects of pill. Never improved for 6 mts. Should I change brand?

Hello doc, I'm thinking to take Amway Nutrigain to gain more weight.Does it has any direct/indirect side effects? Gud for health?

Hello is maitake mushroom drops safe to take for weight loss and are there side effects?

Help! need to know if there's any weight loss pill or supplement that will be safe, work and have no bad side effects for me?

Hi dr. i m using endura mass ,if it havi any side effect ?

Hi im 18 can I use growth factor plus to gain height? and what are the side effects?

Hi, i'd like to ask about the lipo 6 fat burner is there any side effects?

Hi. Can tamoxifen have this side effects if uset by male for gyno, water retention, acne and weight gain?

How can exercise effect an ulcer?

How can I avoid weight gain on clomipramine? What could i suggest my dr to take instead that does not have weight gain as a side effect? :/

How can I stop weight loss after a grastic sleeve? Did it 10 months ago but still can't eat much, and does it have any long term side effects?

How can we keep ourself away from the side effects of duphaston like weight gain?

How common are side effects (weight gain/loss, trouble digesting, etc) after gallbladder removal?

How do I keep myself safe from olanzapine side effects? How to stop gaining weight and also lower my cholesterol level?

How does increased weight reduce the effect of alcohol on a person?

How does weight loss pills work and do they have long term side effects?

How likely is a one-time Kenalog shot to cause side effects such as weight gain or water retention? More likely with multiple doses?

How long do side effects continue when forest starting Valprease 200 , is this similar to Lithium , will it make a person gain weight . ?

How long does the side effects of omnacortil take to diminish .. Like puffy face and weight gain .. Afte the stopping of the steroid ?

How profound are Sibelium side effects? Like how much weight can we expect to gain in 3 months from it and how bad is the weakness?

How quickly is the weight gain side effect of birth control occur?

How should I workout to keep cortisol at bay and gain muscle and testosterone side by side ? Thanks

How to gain weight in less time without side effects?

How to loose wight in less time without side effects...Give simple facts?

How to lose weight without much exercise & to control appetite without a drug, as drugs hv side effects?

I am 17 years old female. I want to gain height with least side effects. I go for swimming too but it has not helped much. Please recommend medication?

I am 34 yrs old woman and on lamotrigine 25mg twice a day.What are the side effects if i conceive.Does it also causes weight gain?

I am on a low dose of Depakote and i know it can effect weight, but can it effect energy?

I am using inderal (propranolol) and artane and have put on a little weight since . Is weight gain a common side effect?

I am using protein powder ("serious mass" brand) for gaining weight. Is there any side effects of using it?

I have been prescribed phentermine 37.5 mg for two weeks now with no real side effects besides extreme dry mouth. Is this drug ok to use for wt loss?

I have been on 40mg prednisone, then 35mg, and now 20mg since October 6. Weight gain is affecting my self-esteem. How long will the side effects last?

I have been on Thyrox 25 and Thyropace 25 for a month. I have gained lot of weight and a big belly. Are these side effects from these tablets?

I have been prescribed Belviq (lorcaserin) from my Doctor. I'm 4 feet 11 inches and weigh 179lbs pounds. I'm worried about the awful side effects. Is it safe?

I have been taking hydroxizine for angioedema for a year now. What all side effects does this cause and does it cause weight gain and intestinal issue?

I have just been prescribed topimax to combat the significant weight gain from taking risperidone and Geodone. Any harmful side effects?

I have just started amitriptyline (10mg) and noticed I have lost my appetite. I was told a common side effect is increase in appetite and weight gain?

I know Depakote has a side effect of severe weight gain what is the percentage rate of people who have gained weight while taking it?