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Been on avapro (irbesartan) for 10 years, but been troubled by unknown cause if joint/muscular pain? Should i try change meds, what r the long term side effects?

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Can a medicine that is supposed to increase water in the intestine cause joint and bone pain? Not listed as a side effect for amitiza (lubiprostone).

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Does masturbation causes knee pain if not what is its side effects and how can it is controlled what food you doctors suggest?

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Does the medication aromasin (exemestane) cause abdominal pain?

Does the toradol injection have a lot of side effects? I have severe muscular pain that begins at my shoulder and goes down the side of my back

Experiencing muscle cramps in back which are listed as side effect of Losartan. Is their an equivalent alternative?

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Good medication to relieve symtpoms of small fiber neuropathy with few side effects? Gabapentin caused too many side effects.

Have severe pain in lower extrem x 2 mths. Dr switched me to atorvastin from pravastatin. Could this b side effect or fibromyalgia?

Having some of the serious side effects of colchine for the past 3 weeks. Such as muscle weakness, muscle pain, tiredness.. What should I do?

Hello, I had trigger point injections this morning due to chronic shoulder problems. What are side effects if I am still breastfeeding?

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Horse shoe kidneys what are the side effect, what to do?

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How should we protect ourself from side effects of pain killers?

How soon after starting zocor (simvastatin) should you experience side effects like muscle pain or other symptoms?

How to decrease tolerance to pain medication and lower the side effect of irritability that comes along with tolerance?

How to manage pain without side effect during periods time of females..?

I am experiencing aching muscles. and pain in my left shoulder is this a side affect from taking vitamin d2?

I am experiencing hearing loss (side: one side only) .

I am experiencing dizziness/lightheadedness directly from lisinopril. What could be possible causes of this besides side effects?

I am having pain and hardening in my breasts. What could this mean? Could it be a side effect of medication?

I am on Naproxyn for knee pain. Can it be taken on a regular basis. If so, what are the side effects ?

I am taking 1 ml of vitamin D3 every 15 days orally. I experience severe lower back pain and muscle pain after taking it. Is it a side effect? And why

I am taking 100 mg azathioprine; 25 mg prednisone for Crohn's flare. I have constant headache and fatigue. Side effect?

I am wondering what helps with numbness in feet due to side effect to topamax (topiramate)?

I got electricutied at 8 years. I am 25 and I now have fibromyalgia. What is the side effects of being electricutied. ?

I had an IUD placed about a month ago and have been having lower back pains. I am currently breastfeeding. Is this a normal side effect?

I had cervical ep. For radiating severe neck pain. Sugar "hi" high, huge weight gain (20 in a week). How long do these side effects last?

I have a pain pump with prialt (ziconotide) and dilaudid. I am concerned about the side effects, like weakness, constipation, nausea etc. Should i stop this?