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Am taking 5mg lisinopril once a day but am having side effects. Are there other medicines i can take? Why is the dose so weak, only 5mg?

Am taking ovacare tablet,can it be a cause of weight gain?what are the side effects of this medicine?

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Are there side effects to taking abuterol if you don't have asthma?

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Benzonatate capsule effect?

Can aderall have effects on just the first day of taking it?

Can I take Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim and theraflu together? Any side effects or reactions?

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Can taking metformin, trental, (pentoxifylline) nifedepine and acetylsalicylic cause any side effects.My grandmother taking these, and been passing out now and then. ?

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Can the tablet rexipra (escitalopram) 10 mg taken for over 6 years have any side effects?

Can there be any side effects with taking lacix water pill?

Can u drink wine while taking advair twice a day? What would the side effects be?

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Can you take tramadol while breastfeeding? Are there any side effects?

Can you tell me about side effects while taking prednisone?

Can you tell me any side effects after taking lactaid?

Clavamox 250mg tablets normal side effect is racing heart?

Could metoprolol give me side effects 2 months after bring prescribed to it?

Could someone get a side effect from trimethoprin 13 days after taking it?

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Explain the effects of warfarin tablets.?

Get side effects when taking griseofulvin?

Has anyone taken prednisolone steroids and librax (clinidium and chlordiazepoxide) at the same time. Interaction side effects?

Have been taking delsym containing dextromethorphan. What are side effects?

Help please? I want to know what are side effects of of taking tesboosters at age 16?

How long after stopping amlodipine do the side effects last after taking it for 2 yrs?

How long after taking a dose of amoxicillian would I have any reactions/side effects?

How long do the side effects last for someone taking Azithromycin tablets of 250mg?

How much time will it take to stop side effects after stopping verapamil?

How to combat the sleepy side effects of a taking aldomet (methyldopate)?

How to take tegretol 100mg and side effects of taking over dose?

I am currently taking biotin every day i would like to start taking oregano capsules daily. Will I have side effects taking them both?

I am having tegrital 100 for about 20 years for seizure and can you tell is there any side effects in taking this tablet for long time.

I am taking augmentine 500mg/125mg with panadol (acetaminophen) what are my side effects?

I am taking aspirin and atenelol does it no side effect if i take vitamin E at the same time?

I am taking atorlip (10mg) regularly-once in a day at bed time. Is there any side effect of taking this drug?

I am taking aztor 10mg tablets, daily one at bedtime for the past three and half years. Will I have any side effects?

I am taking ferro med for anemia. Does it have any side effects?

I am taking gabapentin 400mg three tablet three times a day, I am worry about the side effect?

I am taking levocetrizine montelukast tab.everyday for allergic purpose.And i want to know any side effects on taking everyday fr kidney or anything?

I am taking Levocitrizine 5 mg tablet one at bed time for the past five years.will i have any side effects?

I am taking montelukast for allergies and it is working well. Are there any long term side effects to taking that medication every day?

I am taking plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) and am wondering what are side effects?

I am taking slimming pills and omega 3. Any side effect?

I am taking telma and tonact daily. Can I also take sildenafil without side effects?

I currently take clonazepam 2 mg. What are common side effects?

I have been taking feldene, (piroxicam) doe it have side effects ?

I have forgot to take my metoprolol now for about a week. Would I have had side effects from just not taking it? And if so what would they have been?

I have taken ibuprofen of 24 pills in total and i one is 200mg and i don't know what the other one was but is that a overdoes and what side effects.

I have taken tablet zady 500 without consult to doctor does it have any side effects to me?