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(Varicocele)What are embolization's side effects?

After heart stents is it a a side effect to have very loose bowels?

Any info about heart stents and a side effect very very loose bowels?

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Anyone know the side affects after partial gastrectomy? Vomiting?

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Can botox help in looking younger? What are the side effects?

Can I have a tubal ligation if I have a history of ovarian cysts? If so, which type of procedure is most safe with fewest side effects?

Can lung surgery effect your period?

Can norplant (levonorgestrel) cause long term side effects or permanent medical problems years after it has been removed?

Can the after effects of meningitis be removed ?

Can there be any side effects of a cardiac stent?

Can uterus removal at the age of 45-50 leads to the development of arthritis? What can be the side effects of uterus removal?

Can you please lay out the long terms side effects of laser eye surgery?

Can you tell me about gallbladder removal side effects?

Can you tell me if there are any side effects of carotid stent procedure?

Can you tell me side effects of being put under general anesthesia?

Could general anesthesia have any side effect to memory loss?

Could you tell me what are side effects of being put under general anesthesia?

Doctor i m 18 yrs old and i m facing the problem of gynaecomastia and I have exercised but no result do I need surgery and are there any side effects

Does a tubal ligation cut off all blood supply to uterus? What are the side effects, and are there any long-term side effects besides sterility?

Does accessory breast removal have some side effects?

Does circumscision effect sensation?

Does ercp have significant side effects?

Does having a shunt put in for hydrocephalus usually cause a lot of side effects?

Does having laser eye surgery give any long term side effects?

Does leg osteochondroma surgery have side effects on your reproductive system?

Does lipo-laser really work? And are there any permenant side effects?

Does the tonsil surgery have any side effects?

Does velashape actually work? Is it safe or are the side effects not worth the procedure?

Dr. I will do a hydrocelle surgery It is easy and safe ? It has any side effects ? Im worry about it

Had a breast lift with general anesthesia, is the hair loss a common side effect?

Hello which is better for treating testis varicose surgery or imbolisation and what are side effects of surgery ? Thank you

Hi I'm interested in lipocryo is it really effective? What are the side effects?

How can having my pancreas removed effect my life?

How can I minimize my potential for adverse side effects after an eyelid surgery? I'm asian, and i'm considering having eyelid surgery because i want my eyes to look bigger. I'm scared by some of the possible side effects like scarring, blurred vision, or

How do sugical abortions work? Do they hurt? Any side effects?

How much does thyroid surgery cost? Both sides.

How risky is phototherapeutic keratectomy, any side effect?

I had an emergency splenectomy six weeks ago and I have had a side effect of the surgery. I can't breathe in my back with just two pillows at night. ?

I have cysts on my ovaries, what are the side effects of them not being treated?

I have swelling across body and have gain 4kg weight in last 4 days post parathyroid surgery under general ansthesia is this common side effect ?

I have thymoma what is the down side to the operation.

I have to have a abortion on medical grounds only 9 weeks. I have chosen no anethsetic for surgery because I'm scared of side effects. Will I be okay ?

I want to do a non-invasive liposuction on my tummy it advisable?what are the long term side effects of it?

I was wondering are cataracts a side effect of ivf?

I was wondering what are the effects of spleen removal?

I was wondering what are the risks or side effects of refractive surgery and how common are they?

I was wondering what are the side effects of a radical neck dissection?

I was wondering what are the side effects of a sympathectomy to cure hyperhidrosis?

I was wondering what are the side effects of having a mastectomy?

I was wondering what are the side effects of surgery for spondylolisthesis?

I would like to know the facts about liposuction-including the side effects of the procedure.

I'm about to do my thermage operation very soon, my question is, any side effect? Can i see dramatic change before and after?

I'm young and single and considering egg freezing. What does the procedure involve? What are side effects of the procedure?

I've had a wrist operation a few days ago. Any side-effects from this?

If a patient has had the procedure of a temporalobectomy on the right side of the brain; could a post surgical psycholgical effect be suicidal ideat.

If gb is removed for a 21 yrs girl, will the liver compensate ? Will there be any other complications/side effects ? Please elucidate.

If you have polycythemia how can it effect you if you have to have surgery?

If your uterus is removed due to tumor, what is the side effect of that? Would there be any dangerous disease?

Im 18 years old is MRI risky ? What are the side effects?

Is a skin ulcer formation a normal side effect after having gynecomastia surgery?

Is a whole body laser hair removal surgery safe? Are there any side effects? Does it effect sensations in private area*?

Is alopexy 2% for hair growth has any side effect.?

Is depression a side effect of open heart surgery?

Is headache a normal secondary effect of nuvaring when removing it every month?

Is it a must to remove torus palitus? Any side effect? Is the any method to reduce the size?

Is it necessary to have bowel prolapse surgery? what are the side effects?

Is it safe to have painless delivery or there can be side effects of painless delivery?

Is it they is any side effect, if i remove tonsil, by operate it?

Is itchiness a side effect or reaction to my oxycodone 5mg or is it from my anesthesia? I had surgery yesterday morning.

Is limb lengthening a safe surgery ? Any after effects ?

Is liposuction even safe? Are there sides effects?

Is retrograde ejaculation an outcome of the evolve BPH laser surgery, or just a possible side effect? If so what are the chances? Of it happening?

Is sagging eyelids a normal side effect after surgery?

Is short and long time memory loss a side effect of a radical neck disection?

Is small moles are removable medically without any side effects?

Is the procedure of angiography safe?? What side effects can it cause??

Is there any side effects of Varicocele Surgery?

Is there any side effects or risks of knockknees surgery?

Is there any side side effects of implanting 2 chambers pacemaker? What is the advantage of a single and dual chamber?Thank you

Is there any treatment to remove frecles with side effects?

Is there any treatment to remove frecles without side effects?

Is tubal ligation safe? What are the side effects?

Just had my eye bags removed, what is a common side effect?

Laser operation of appendix and any side effects?

Medically necessary hysterectomy (no cancer) with removal of one ovary what are common long term side effects and health concerns I should know about?

My mom had a total abdominal hysterectomy operation. Is there any harmful side effects such as emotions, physical, or anything?

Names of typical/common drugs/steroids used for general anesthesia in outpatient sinus surgery? Any risk of cancer side effects or other side effects?