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my docs office said to stop taking hydrocodone and that its not a strong drug, that i won't have side affects been taking for 4 years. is that true?

"allergic sneezing" as doctor told me, prescribed an "orefex 120 tab".I am 20 year of age.Is the medicine has any side effects for long term?

1 of my friend started taking daily 20 mg of cetirizine without any requirement . she is of 15 yrs.what are the possible side effects if she continues?

1000 mg prednisone for 3 days for ms. (Yes correct dosage.) No taper. How long to withdrawal fully from medicine. Experiencing nausea and other effect?

16 years old. Hyperlipidema. Can I take Lipitor 3 times a day as am afraid of side effect. Since half life is 14 hrs it will stay in body for one day ?

3 tablets of sleeping what will its effect?. Pls help asap

7yrs ago I took Reglan (metoclopramide) for 2yrs without any bad side effects. If I take it again, am I still at risk for side effects?

A tablet is giving serious side effect.I have stopped it but still feel its effects.What should I take so that my body comes to normal?

After how long of taking one dexathemasone injection you should start feeling the side effects ?

After taking 2 days of Claritin (loratadine) d 24 hour then stopping how long can I expect the side effect to last. It stimulated my anxiety.

Age- 21.using DOXOL 100mg tablet from 7 months for pimples.1 tablet per day after there any side effect ?should I continue ?how long ?

Albuterol makes me really shaky and nervous after I take it. How long should those side effects last?

Alternative to hydrochlorothiazide? Are there any? I’m having bad side effects and want to know if there’s another water pill i can take?

Am taking lisinopril and having the two most common side effects light-headedness and cough. Is this normal should stop medication? Call my doctor

Am taking now enbrel (etanercept) and methotrexate till now no side effects.. if I kept taking them will I have bad side effect?

Any bad effects of low-dose aspirin in pregnancy?

Any side effects if i still using new mercazole 2 tablet dialy since 5 years?

Anything i can take for slight depression anxiety besides meds? Don't like all the side effects. If anything i can take where can I get it?

Are effects of Imdur and Nifedipine cumulative or no? After 5 days my heart still hurts &am wondering if they will make it any better as i take more?

Are headaches a normal side effect of concerta? And if so what can I take? Ibuprofen?Etc..?

Are morning after pills safe?And is it okay that i take them frequently or do they have side effects on the uterus?

Are ranitidine sandoz side effects very common or not common? I haven't used it yet but I'm scared it will make me vomit. Have to take 150mg/day

Are side effects easier on women than men when taking refalen.

Are side effects from Valtrex (valacyclovir) 1gm common? I'm scared to take it because of the listed side effects. My outbreak is not going away on its own

Are the long term side effects know after 10 years using levetiracetam? Can levetiracetam cause health problems while taking oral contraceptive pill?

Are there any side effects for taking renetedine for GERD symptoms for a long tine?

Are there any known reactions, particularly in absorption, when taking Suboxone and metformin ER?

Are there any serious side effects of clochecine and allopurinol, can they effect kidneys?doc gave me renal blood test after month of taking med

Are there any side effects for Itraconazole since I stopped meds after 2 months for Histoplasmosis? I'm getting 2nd opinion.

Are there any side effects of milk thistle?I have been taking half spoon of it daily and have headaches after 3rd day.Is it possible?

Been Taking .25mg of xanax for a month on a daily basis, once a day. is that enough to cause bad side effects like seizures if I stop?

Been taking flotral for long should i take and any side effects i should watch out for? i am 39yr olf male..

Been taking Synthroid (thyroxine) for about a yearany side effects that i need to know about? Also was taking it during 2nd 3rd trimester, she "shivers" sometimes

Begin taking 0.6 victoza (liraglutide) and side effects are crazy, how long will it take to diminish?

Besides to Escitalopram, I have been also prescribed for Trazodone 100mg. I am concerned about its side effects and really worried to take it. Just wondering if there are other medications better than it?

Can "high estradiol" be a side effect of spironolacton? I took 50 mg for 2 years. How long does it take to come back to normal after stop takeing it?

Can a fat burner(oxyelitepro) give u really bad side effect which lasts over 3 months ? I got sick after taking just 1 pill only just a single one

Can an ace-inhibitor 20 mg. Tab be cut in half and taken twice daily, instead of one time, since it reduces (it's working) side effects in a patient?

Can domperidone have long term side effects? I took it very briefly about 6 months ago and have been experiencing heart palpitations ever since.

Can doxycycline hyclate 100mg twice daily for 9 days cause distended abdomen. if so, is it a dangerous side effect ,should i discontinue taking it?

Can I safely combine sleeping medication with antacids. I f not what are the side effects?

Can i stop the amlodipine 5 mg from one day to the next? Have rash & neurological side effects. Chinese herbal dr. Said take celery juice. It works!

Can i take a motion sick med to help with adipex side effects?

Can i take a probiotic for constipation while also taking a decongestant without side affects?

Can I take baby aspirin for headache? Baby aspirin has less side effects than regular strength. The smaller the dose = the less side effects

Can i take claravis and lamictal at the same time and would not get any side effects?

Can i take doxiderol without prescription? To focus better and boost my memory ? Is it safe? Does it have any side effects?

Can i take fertisure f capsules on my period days? Any side effects?

Can i take phentermine whilst in ketosis? What would be the possible side effects?

Can i take vicoden while taking chantix no side effects to chantix except upset stomacch when i first take it. I am 57 and in good health.

Can metformin & glipizide mixed together? If yes than what is the possible side effect related to this

Can Minocycline HCl 100mg cause baldness or any bad side effects?

Can taking iron medication effect your stomach months after stopping the medication if you took it longer than you were supposed to?

Can the patient feel the effect of "gincosan capsules" rapidly or it may take a long of time to work ?

Can the side effect dizziness, when prescribed HTN medication, be a continuing experience when the dosage remains the same since body may not adjust?

Can there be any side effect if tablet is taken for pain relief during periods?

Can there be anything to take to subside metformin side efects?

Can there be anyway to control the side effects of lortab?

Can vallium injection's side effect last for a week? Forgot the events of the day she took it & other memory is messed up too, is it due to vallium

Can you get high or have a euphoria like effect from taking 500 mlg pill of acetaminophen?

Can you have side effects whilst going off atacand BP med. He is slowly reduceing the 4mg dose?

Can you help? Could someone please tell me how long before you start feeling the effects of chemo?

Can you please describe the effects and factors of taking over 22 pills of diphenhydramine hci 25 mg?

Can you take gas-x or beano everyday without side effects?

Can you tell me if a side effect of a medicine is a heart attack should you take it anyways?

Could I be getting side effects from escitalopram just a few hours after taking it for the first time?

Could this be a side effect to diclofenac just started taking yesterday first one at noon second one around 9pm then 1 this morning?

Could you tell me how long it takes your body to get used to the side effects of a new medication?

Currently take Topamax & Phentermine daily. Any potential side effects as my wife and I try to conceive? Took about 3 months for 1st child (pre-meds).

Currently taking revia (naltrexone) & experiencing abdominal pain, tiredness, headache. How long does it take for effects to subside after taking it for 5 weeks?

Currently, I am taking epilim200 for epilepsy. It is been a long years I have take this drug. Does it effects my fertility?

Dad is taking enalapril but it has severe systemic side effects should he discontinue are there other alternatives ?

Dear dr. I would like to ask you about amplodipine effectiveness after taking? Thank you

Dear sir, My doctor prescribed me Olanzipine 5 mg, but i has bad side effect on me. when i take i cant movement, I need your adive please?

Do people experience side effects of accupril (quinapril) when taken over a long period?

Do side effects generally just fade away in time, when you stop taking the causing substance?

Do the side effects of fluoxetine get less bothersome the longer I take it?

Do the side effects of prednisolone go away after I stopped?

Do to side effects my doc want me to stop amiodarone and take toprolxl, is this med safe for my fibrillation?

Do you think that in the next 10 years a new anxiety drug will be developed that is better with less side effects?

Doc prescribed Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride for an infection, reading possible side effects. How is this helping me, seems it could cause more issues?

Doc prescribed me 150mg ranitidine for nausea and heart burn. Any side effects to watch out for? And is this a normal starting dosage?

Doctor doubled my dosage of cardura (doxazosin) and along with clonidine will my body get use to the side effects?

Doctor gave me Lipitor (atorvastatin). Just wondering what to expect from it? Side effects?

Doctor if i take weak erection drug like viagra (sildenafil) how long will it take before it take effect and is there any possible side effects?

Does anyone know the complete side effects for Azo yeast tablet?

Does anyone know what side effectcs are if I suddenly stop taking carbidopa?

Does anyone know what the side effects are if you take two dose of methylprednisolone by mistake?

Does cetirizine 100 mg per day cause death or any dreadful effects ?? when it is taken without any reason??

Does daflon 500 have any side effects? The doctor prescribed me to take 2 times a day after meals due to haemorrhoid.

Does dolonex dt or ibuprofen causes side effects if taken prolong during menstrual pain?

Does metformin cause painful diarrhea? If so what can I do to prevent this side effect given i need my diabetic meds...

Does piracetam have any effects that don't go away after stopping? I was taking it at 12g per day for a week, I'm wondering how long it will take for the effects to subside? Can you tell me? Thanks.

Does side effects come out only after patients have gone off accutane? How long does it take?

Does Simethicone lose effectiveness if taken regularly? Does it have any bad side effects?

Does the brat diet help someone having side effects from taking antibiotics?

Does the diet pill v3 have any bad side effects?

Dr I'm taking Zolof for 2 day already how long does it take to start feeling an side effect or it helping ?

Dr priscribed 25mcg thyroxine after 14day accidently i took 88mcg two day so side effect became again 25mcg start but side effect present what i do?

Dr priscribed 25mcg thyroxine after 14day accidently i took 88mcg two day so side effect become. again 25mcg start but side effect present what i do?