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Cyclosporine or Prograf, which one is more convenient or less aggressive for a patient with ckd stage 3 and less unpleasant side effects?

After 39 rounds of radiation, starting full strength Abraxane/Carboplatin on 3/3. What are the side effects and is it effective for 3b nsclc?

After doxorubicin and ifosfamide chemotherapy how long until hair grows back?

Any bad effects with the chemo drug cisplatin?

Any ideas why the drug vincristine have side effects such as loss of dividing cells an nerve problems?

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Anyone had to use doxorubicin as a chemotherapy? Side effects?

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Are stomach cramps a common se with taxol (paclitaxel)? What should I do?

Are the side effects of chemo and radiation permanent, or will they eventually go away?

Are the side effects of radiation therapy usually worse than those of chemotherapy?

Are there any known adverse effects from the combined use of cannabis and filgrastim (filgrastin) (neupogen) for a cancer patient?

Are there any side effects of MRI radiation?

Are there long-term effects of cancer?

Are there side effects of germ cell tumor surgery?

Can cancer patients do massage? Does it have any side effects?

Can someone have rectal bleeding after prostate radiation as a side effect?

Can there be any way to reduce side effects of external radiation for thyroid cancer?

Can you explain how vaccine therapy works in Lymphoma? Side effects?

Can you let me know how many days does radiation therapy side effects need to recover completely?

Can you please describe the effects of chemo on the eyes?

Can you please discuss the consequence of chemotherapy side effect?

Can you please tell me the side affects for cancer?

Can you tell me about know about side effects from chemo cause of breast cancer?

Can you tell me about the long term side effects from the chemotherapy drugs adriamycin (doxorubicin) and cytoxin?

Chemotherapy in hodgkin lymphoma what's the side effects and in future condition any long term side efect?

Could there be a cancer with no side effects?

Could you tell me what are all the side effects of radiation treatments for cancer patients?

Could you tell me what are side effects of radiation therapy in the throat?

Do chemotherapy and radiotherapy have the same side effects? Or radiotherapy is easier to tolerate?

Do microwaves cause any lifespan damage or what's their negative side effects? Are they cancerous?

Do prostate biopsies usually cause side effects?

Do you know the side effects of taking temodar (temozolomide) for longer than two years?

Does anyone know about the long term side effects from adriamycin (doxorubicin)?

Does brachytherapy for prostate cancer have the same side effects as beam radiation?

Does carboplatin and gemzar (gemcitabine) cause nerve damage in lower back?

Does glutamine prevent effects of chemotherapy?

Epogen, (epoetin alfa) for which of the side effects would you change?

For a 59 year old stomach cancer patient, should leg pain be taken as a chemotherapy's side effect? Patient is on eloxatin (oxaliplatin) and capecitabina... Thanks.

For how long does leg pain from Taxol (paclitaxel) last?

For what length of time do the effects of chemo last?

Gefitinib side-effects. Need to clarify?

Gemzar (gemcitabine). What is likelihood of side effects?

Had stage 2 breast cancer, receiving chemo, are there any side effects involving intimacy?

Has anyone had side effects from rituxan (rituximab)?

Help please! is chemo brain a real side effect of chemotherapy?

How bad are side effects of iressa (gefitinib) and whole brain radiation?

How can I explain to someone close what chemotherapy is and its real effect?

How can rs alcoholism effect chemotherapy?

How can you decrease the side effects of radiotherapy?

How do I tell my daughter about a side effect of gemcitabine chemo?

How do you choose between surgery and radiation for localized prostate cancer when both have similar success rates and side effects??

How does a patient survive the horrors of chemo and radiation? What are common side effects? Can these treatments make you so sick that you die?

How effective is chemo compared to cannabis?

How is testicular cancer treated? What are the side effects of treatment?

How long after a brain tumor operation and radiotherapy will the side effects start?

How long after a brain tumor radiotherapy will the side effects start? Are they disabling?

How long after rituxan (rituximab) treatment will the side effects go away?

How long after treatment with rituxan (rituximab) will side effects go away?

How long does the nausea side effect from radiation treatment for lung cancer last?   how do you tell if nausea is caused by radiation or tarceva (erlotinib)?

How to decrease the side effects of radiotherapy for a cancer patient in treatment?

How to know when do side effects show up during radiation for breast cancer?

I am about to undergo radiation therapy after a prostatectomy. What side effects, if any, can I expect?

I am receiving chemo for cll. What can I take on a daily basis to relieve the contant stomach that is a side effect of the chemo?

I had a neuroblastoma as an infant, what are the side effects as an adult from the cancer and chemo?

I have heard chemo has very bad side effects.My dad just had his first chemo with rituximab+chop.Its been 2 days and hes not that bad.Is that normal?

I have nonseminoma testicular cancer and have to have chemotherapy. What side effects will i be experiencing? What types of activities are restricted?

I was wondering what are the side effects of ewings sarcoma?

I've survived prostate cancer for 5 years now after radiation treatment, but with the usual side effects. Is it harmful to masterbate?

If it is treated, are there any long-term effects of breast cancer?

In general, is Gemzar (gemcitabine) as chemo for pancreatic cancer more potent with many more side effects that most other agents, like 5-FU?

Is avastin (bevacizumab) a good treatment for metastic colon cancer ? Are the side effects harsh ?

Is bruising easily a side effect of chemotherapy?

Is having breathing problems while on herceptin (trastuzumab) due to breast cancer a normal side effect?

Is hyperkalemia related to chemotherapy?

Is it acceptable to discontinue chemo after only two doses (due to side effects) and continue only with radio therapy?

Is it likely for a person to experience hair loss after just one round of chemotherapy, or does it take more than one treatment? Is there a chemo drug with less harsh side effects for breast cancer

Is marijuana a good remedy for more than cancer side effects?

Is neurogenic bladder a side effect of bortizomib in the treatment of of multiple myeloma ?

Is neuropathy as a side effect of velcade (bortezomib) transient or durable despite continuation of the treatment

Is prostate cancer a side effect of finasteride or I am misinformed?

Is the antiandrogen effect of casodex (bicalutamide) permanent?

Is their any side affect after the treatment of luekemia ?

Is there a current pain Rx for a stage 2 pancreatic cancer patient without the vomiting/nausea/euphoria? Quite sensitive to opoid side effects.

Is there a point at which radiation therapy for cancer doesn't help enough to make the side effects worth it?

Is there any chemotherapy that could cause seizures as a side affect?

Is there any side effect of luprodex 11.25 inj. In prostate cancer? What can be other treatment options for prostate cancer?

Is there any way to counteract the effects of drowsiness from using pazopanib for treating stage IV kidney cancer?

Is there any way to reverse the side effects of radiation therapy?

Long term effects of chemotherapy for breast cancer vs radiation?

My dad had 3 round of chemo and having no side effect. Will more chemo be helpful?

My friend gets carboplatin and Taxol (paclitaxel) combined and longterm - are there side effects to this?

My mom is undergoing chemotherapy-currently taxol- for breast cancer-is neuropathy that comes and goes a normal side effect?

My mom is undergoing chemotherapy-taxol-is urine incontinence a side effect?

Need expert advice on effects of orchidectomy and lhrh agonist drugs on prostate cancer?

Nose dripping after completion of chemo is this part of side effects?

Peg-intron treatment - what kinds of side effects?

Please can you explain what is the major adverse effect of etoposide during chemotherapy?

Please, can you describe the primary side effects of radiation treatments to the brain?

Prostate cancer - are there side effects of radiation therapy?