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21 yrs old female had TB meningitis last yr. She still has issues like one side weakness. Can Ganoderma enhance recovery? Any side effect of ganoderma

22 yrs old female had TB meningitis and still having issues. Can we give her ganoderma for enhancing recovery? Any known side effects? ??

Accutane low dosage for long term -20 mg weekly ,has the same effect as 20 mg daily but with less side effects..agree? is check up needy in this case?

Advised to use remicade (infliximab) for my leftsided colitis. Afraid of drug’s side effects. Do benefits outweigh risks like serious infection & lymphoma?

After weaning off massive prednisone doses of 23 days (6of those days was 480 ml/day), how long can tremors (side effect prednisone) last?

Am off valcyte (valganciclovir) and am experiencing side effects of halos peripheral flashes. Have applied for patient assist program from genentech will effects clear?

Any advice? What symptoms/effects may i carry after a brain operation ?

Any other certain side effects of novo rapid or levier?

Any prescriptions associated with the side effect of photophobia?

Any side effects of sular (nisoldipine)?

Any side effects with anatabloc known?

Anyone been given leukine (sargramostim) to raise your white count and did you have any adverse side effects?

Are constricted visual fields a common side effect of quinine sulphate tablets?

Are prednisone side effects including heart mumur?

Are reversible MAOIs like moclobemide less effective than irreversible ones? Reversible ones seems to have fewer dietary restrictions

Are severity of side effects correlated to dosage of dexamethazone (in a ganglian impar block)? Or are they likely to be fixed with any amount?

Are ther side effects of coming off digoxin after 35 years of usage?

Are there adverse effects of Plan B on pseudotumor cerebri?

Are there adverse effects to taking amoxicillin for respiratory infection while on lamictal, have epilepsy and nafld (genetic etiology)?

Are there any adverse effects from long-term use of MSM for arthritis pain?

Are there any complaints about extavia?

Are there any dangerous side effects If a depressed patient use Omega-3 1400mg once daily... He has no other diseases & no drugs sensitivity.

Are there any definite known negative side effects to 5-htp or having artificially raised serotonin?

Are there any diabetes medications that have a higher incidence of side effects amongst women?

Are there any long term effects from taking Xeloda (capecitabine) for hand foot syndrome?

Are there any major side effects of xolair?

Are there any noteworthy so-called side effects following the first 3 weeks following triple bypass which went well. Any common factors complaints?

Are there any other side effects or have anyone experienced symptoms from prolong use of prednisone?

Are there any potential long-term effects to having pvl for my daughter?

Are there any potential side effects to the acth simulation? I also have had thyroid cancer. Currently, I have lupus.

Are there any risks/side effects to including cyanobacteria into my diet?

Are there any serious side effects that can be caused by demulen 1/50?

Are there any side affects to botox ?

Are there any side effects associated with antihemorrhagic agents?

Are there any side effects associated with baclofen?

Are there any side effects for not treating a diabetic foot puncture?

Are there any side effects or risks to treatment of atrial septal defects?

Are there any side effects or risks to treatment of legal blindness?

Are there any side effects to central heterochromia?

Are there any studies that have looked at whether the bone-thinning side-effect of most aeds is dose dependent?

Are there any studies that link Lexapro (escitalopram) and alcohol use to blackouts? I see a lot of people reporting that side affect

Are there diseases that have diminution of vision as a side effect?

Are there long term side effects of taking too much magnesium glycinate for a week (2000mg)? Ie. Joint/cartilage weakness/deterioration?

Are there long-term effects of liver spots?

Are there side effects associated with beta blockers?

Are there specific harmful effects of tocolytic therapy?

Are there specific lab tests that should be done before starting forteo? What are. Potential adverse side effects?

As a caretaker, what are risks/side effects of warfarini should be aware of?

As anyone experienced side effects of nifedipine for labor?

Aside from Plaquenil, (hydroxychloroquine) which drug used to treat lupus has the least side effects? Likely going to have to add another to my cocktail.

Azithromycin was given to me as prophalaxis for bronchiectasis , but didn't suit me, due side effects , are there any alternatives please? thanks

Because of side effect, my doc asked me to do 10 mg simvstatin every other day. How effective is this especially with the 1/2 life for this medicine.

Besides bone deterioration, what are some other side effects from prolonged use of prednisone?

Best med for mild hypertension (assuming lifestyle changes not effective enough) - fewest (most benign side effects)? Thoughts on chlorthalidone?

Best rated meds for acute mild CHF to help heart pump better with fewer side effects?

Bromazepam+clonazepam .What could be the possible results(benefits and adverse)?

But i heard that inhaled steroids for asthma treatment have dangerous side effect to overall health.

Can a person sleep off all the side effects associated with Viagra (sildenafil)? Vision problems and headaches are what concerns me the most.

Can a person's recall and concentration ever be affected when taking anti-hypertensives? Can they be part of the side effects listing?

Can any of the side effects of actonel (risedronate) affect the liver?

Can anyone tell me about the side effect of the guillain-barre syndrome?

Can botox be used for truncal/groin sweating? Is that dangerous? What could be side effects?

Can chemotherapy side effects increase the risk of heart disease?

Can children take rhigf-1 with no igf deficiency or would it cause severe side effects?

Can fosomax have a side effect of causing dizziness?

Can haldol (haloperidol) decanate still work and function in your system after a month has passed from initial injection. Does it have permanent effects on brain?

Can having large tonsils have any adverse effects?

Can high levels of thorazine (chlorpromazine) as a child cause any side affects?

Can it be possible that the effects of parnate (tranylcypromine) could be mildly felt within the first few doses?

Can lamotrigine (taken for my epilepsy) have an effect on any major parts of your body that I should be concerned about?

Can lupini be harmful for g6pd people and what's the side effects?

Can phenytoin ( anti-convalsant ) cause diabetes mellitus as a side effect?

Can there be any kidney related side effects?

Can vancomycin IV cause side effects or issues that show up years later? For example digestive or endocrine problems.

Can verapramil have the side effect to produce sunlight sensitivity that is being experienced?

Can you please define hepatitis and what effects does it have on people?

Can you please describe the effects and scientific name of rubella?

Can you please discuss the long-term effects of bacterial meningitis?

Can you tell me how many Accutane side effects really do occur?

Can you tell me the connection of beta blockers as hypertensives and the prevalence of depression as a resultant side effect?

Can you tell me the major effect of calcitonin?

Can you tell me the physiological basis for the difference in side effects between estrogenic and androgenic steroids?

Can you tell me the side effects of having heterochromia iridis?

Can you tell me what you suggest if anyone has experienced sexual related side effects from lithium carbonate can you please describe them here?

Can you tell me which medications are most often prescribed for type 2 diabetes. What are their primary side effects?

Chanix and wellbutrin: think one or both may have (rare) blood lab abnormality side affects. What type and which one has less risk of this please?

Chemical structure of corticosteroids and testosterone are similar , does T have corticosteroids side effects? Like osteoporosis , edema etc (For HRT)

Cinnamon side effects comprehensive view?

Cipro (ciprofloxacin) central nervous system side effects due to caffeine?

Corneal implants--any adverse effects?

Could eczema effect a particular age group?

Could high levels of thorazine (chlorpromazine) as a child cause any perminent side affects?

Could PRP treatment for hair loss( in a young boy)provokes side effects? Has research found any long term effects?Is PRP,used for many years,safe?

Could PRP treatment for hair loss( in a young boy)provokes side effects? Has research found any long term effects?Is PRP,used for many years,safe?

Could taking Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators for fitness yield any long term side effects. I can not find enough information on them.

Could the intake of karvezide 300/12.5 cause complex cystic nodule as a side effect?

Could use of thuja occidentalis for a month(every day) ,dissolving pills under tongue, cause short-term or long-term side effects on nervous system?

Could you please describe the different hormones used in fertility treatment and some side effects?

Could you please describe the effects of agglutination?

Dear sir, can I know what are the risk & side effects of herbal life products. Your word of reply is highly appreciable?