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Any doctors experienced with Accutane side effects? Or how to reverse effects of retinoic acid? Systemic.

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Hi sir , is any side effect for using evion 400 regulerly?. my doctor suggest this for skin decease

Hi, I have a tria system laser hair removal. Is the use of over-the-counter numbing creams bad? What side effects is there? Can u recommend any?

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How can I lessen the side effects of benzoyl peroxide?

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How to tell if I am having an allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide or is this a normal side effect?

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How to use betamethasone for phimosis and does it have any side effects?

How to use betamethasone for phimosis and does it have any side effects? Please help doc...

Hydroquinone +tretinoin +mometasone furoate can be used daily? I am a Indian boy of age 17. Can it works on me? How to use IT? are their side effect

I am currently taking clobetasol propionate on scalp and having side effects. What other prescriptions could I use for dandruff?

I am on accutane. My back of the hand is peeling off with red color. Is it normal side effect and how can I solve this issue?

I google for side effect of Isotretinoin and came to know it may damage some lived tissues. So can I use Sotret Gel to avoid the side effects.

I had a very bad genital rash. I used a cream called sarfaz, which has 0.5% steroid in it. With docs prescribtion.What can be its side effects?

I have acne in my shoulders and back. What should I use? I tried some medicines but no effect.

I have acne scars on my face. Please suggest me some gel or cream or some medicine without any side effect?

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I have just stopped duac and has been prescribed epiduo gel, how do I avoid the side effects of it?

I have skin lightening product and i want know what the side effects are?

I have some acnes on my cheeks& I went to many doctors& they advised me of taking Roaccutane.Is it benificial?& what are its long term side effects?

I have taken isotretinoin (accutane) and a year later have side effects why are my eyes still so dry?

I heard that there are tablets & creams for treating varicose veins. Are they effective? Do they have side effects ?

I just got prescribed voltaren (diclofenac) 10% 1% menthol should I be concerned about any side effects? And how often should I apply it?