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Am 18, have had a cold off-n-on, now every time I blow my nose 1 ear only pops/doesn't pop, sometimes hurts, 1nce had dizziness for a few secs. Help?

Am 65 had ear tube removed now ear constantly popping. Very annoying! Is this normal?

Been 1 week with fluid behind eardrum with feeling of fullness and reduced hearing. Now ear is popping when I yawn. Good sign?

Before i have pimple in my ear Now I feel air bubble in my ear its keep go blow in my ear what should I do?

Blow my nose so hard now i can not hear. Can not hear on both ears.

Can a cold cause your ears to pop and crack when swallowing? Does it mean you have fluid? Does that mean you have an inner ear problem?

Can a food allergy cause ear popping and plugged up feeling?

Can anxiety cause your ears to feel full and pop? Been to ENT and said ears looked normal.

Can benzocaine ear drops help cracking and popping in the ears due to fliud ?

Can ear popping be part of tmj?

Can our ears pop on a train in a tunnel?

Can there be any anotomical reason why when i swallow my ears get blocked and i need to pop them?

Can you please tell me why it'sthat every time i swallow my right ear pops?

Can you tell me are my ears poppin out to much?

Can you tell me when you have a middle ear infection, is it normal for your ear to hurt when you open your mouth?

Causes of ear crackling / clicking?

Could my cross bite, or any kind of vite, cause crackling in the ear whenever i chew and swallow?

Could sticking your finger in your ear cause you to be deaf?

Could use your help docs! my ears pop when i swallow and yawn?

Could you explain why does my ear hurt when i yawn?

Do I have an ear infection? I have lost my hearing, my ear is very painful, when i blow my nose there is a crackling sound in my ear an its very sore

Do your ears pop when doing a sinus rinse?

Doc said my muffled noise in ears is TMJ .. No fluid not sick n ears looks good. 3 days now. Is this right?

Does popping inside the ear means that I have problem in ossicles of middle ear?

Does swallowing clear mucus cause earache and a ringing sound in the ears?

Does tinnitus make your ears hurt?

Ears click everytime i swallow. Been happening for 8 years. What could cause this?

Ears pop when i swallow, should I be concerned?

Ears popping when swallowing or open and closing mouth also ear ache on and off, ears feel blocked? Dr couldn't see any issues when looking in ears.

Ears ringing intermittently and sometimes pop when i eat?

Every time i exercise, my ears pop. Is this worrying?

Every time i lie down, my ears plug and sounds behind muffled. What could be wrong?

Everytime i sniff my ears clog & I have to open my jaw so they will but even by opening my jaw my ears pop/clog. What is going on? I do it constantly!

Everytime I swallow I can hear a crackling noise in my right ear. I have been in lifeguard training all week so my ears have been getting clogged alot?

Everytime I yawn my ears pop but I have to hold my nose and suck inwards for them to go normal again?

For 2days my ear has been popping and feels like an ear ache when chewing.i had tubes in ears when i was 6 years old?

Have i an ear infection icant hear out of my ear it sextremly sore when i blow my nose it makes a very loud crackling noise in my ear is very sore?

Having some clicking in ears when yawning.. Trying to pop ears manually while exhaling holding nose.. Feels like fluid but not popping.. No ear pain?

Hear myself breathing threw ear at times. Like it pops and feel air in ear. Ears crack when i swallow too.

Help docs! i had a minor cold and now my ears keep popping?

Help please! i don't know why when i yawn my ears always pop?

Hi my ear inside going water is lock i have pain my ear i cant hear any thing how can i open my ear...

Hi when I swallow there is a popping/clicking noise in my throat what is this?

Hi. I have been hearing small bubbles popping / crackling in my left ear. Sometimes it tickles/ itches. Some achiness here and there?

How can I get my ears to pop after an airplane flight?

How can I pop my ears?

How can I stop my ears from popping?

How can you tell if your ear drum is going to pop?

How can you un pop ears from cold?

How do you pop your ear drum to relieve presure?

How do you tell if you have a Eustachian tube my ear farts an won't pop when forced is that a sign?

How to get a pimple out of my ear that's causing an ear pain and is deep in the ear to pop?

I am sick and my ears are clogged. I have tried swallowing, popping them, chewing gum and even putting ear medicine in them. What should I do?

I am sick and my ears are clogged. I have tried swallowing, popping them, chewing gum and even putting ear medicine in them. What should I do? Word

I am sick and my ears are clogged. I have tried swallowing, popping them, chewing gum and even putting ear medicine in them. What should I do? Word2

I blew my nose and now I can't really hear out of my right ear & there is pain & ringing. I am just getting over a cold, could this be fluid on my ear?

I can barely hear on my right ear and when i swallow saliva i hear a pop sound. Is that a ear infection?

I can make sound (cracking/popping) inside my right ear and also comes when swallowing. Is it eusthacian tube disfunction? Could it cause deafness?

I can't pop one of my ears. Do you have any tips?

I flew 3 days ago with a bit of a cold, my ear is still plugged, will not pop, painful, can't hear. Need to fly again in a few days, what should I do?

I get crackingand hissing in my right ear all the time , it puts pressureand hurts ear drum sometimes .

I had a tympanoplasty 2 days ago. Now I have popping when I swallow or talk. Is that the patch blowing on and off? Or is the popping normal?

I have a clicking in my ear when chewing.

I have a cold and i blew my nose hard and heard a pop, do you think i ruptured my eardrum?

I have a cold and my ears are plugged, when I open and close my mouth I hear a hissing sound in one ear. What's causing this?

I have a crackling noise in my ear and sometimes it feels like someone is tapping lightly on my ear drum. im on antibiotics but its not going away.

I have a crackling noise in my right ear when I chew... What could be causing this?

I have a cyst in my ear. Can i pop it on my own?

I have a horrible earache. There is a constant ringing in both of my ears and theyre always popping when I swallow or yawn. Why?

I have a hypermobile tympanic membrane in my only hearing ear. It flops in and out when i swallow, and close my eyes, when i pop my ears. what are the?

I have a problem in the ear nose throat section? My ears tend to be plugged and pop off and on

I have bubble stuck in ear please, what to do?

I have crackling in the ears and I pop my ears quite frequently because my hearing goes weak,i have a dustmite , mould popping them bad.

I have deep ear pain, and constantly do the valsalva manoeuvre to pop ears. Can pop ears at will and helps, but as soon as I swallow it reverses. Why?

I have earwax on my eardrums and now i cant hear well and it hurts. What should i do??

I have otitis media with effusion and my ears have been slightly popping all morning when swallowing, is this good or bad?

I have pain when touching my outer ear (near the tag and around the ear canal), tenderness on my face in front of my ear, unable to hear anything, constant ringing, it feels very full and will not pop, and a crackling sound when I open my mouth. When I pu

I hear a rubbing sand sound in my left ear when i open my jaw.....What could this be?

I hear/ feel a crackling+ popping sensation in both my ears when I chew or swallow. I've had this for two years is there anything I can do?

I hit my eardrum while cleaning my ears now it hurts to yawn, burp, and hiccup?

I keep hearing a crackling sound in my head behind my nose/eyes. I have had it for a couple days. What could this be?

I keep hearing crackling and popping noise and my ears are always itchy. Is this allergies or something else?

I know you aren't suppose to blow your nose when you have a ruptured ear drum, but what if you do it with a ear plug in & hear a pop but can hear stil?

I went to the doctor a week ago they syringed my ear,but i still can't hear and i hear waves in my ear. My ear hurts when i cough,sneeze,yawn,etc. ?

I've been having a really hard time making my ear pop. Do you have any tips?

I've had a head cold. When i blow my nose my ear pops.

I'veused terra cortril ear ointment 2 weeks i can hear a drumming sound from that ear and feels like wind is blowing in my ear.Is it normal?

If i hear popping in my ear when i swallow is the fluid draining out?

Is eardrum popping bad for you?

Is it normal for peoples ears to pop?

Is it normal when you yawn or drink your ears pop? Especially when I have sinus pressure my ears pop but more when i yawn.

It is possible that a food allergy causes ear popping and crackling?

Jaw protrusion causes ringing in the ears. Ears often need to be "popped".

Just did neti pot for first time, my ear is feeling weird and making squeaky noises when blowing my nose. Normal?

Just got over the flu. Now both ears are hurting, I have fulness, muffled hearing, popping when i swallow or attempt to clear my ears. What can I do?

Left ear slightly clogged and crackles when i open mouth. What could be the problem?

My ear clicks/ pops every time i yawn or swallow, is this bad?

My ear feels clogged and hurts when it pops, but keeps popping on its own. What is this?

My ear has humming and my throat is clicking. Please help!

My ear is bubbling and popping. I have an earache, am a bit dizzy, my ear is slightly ringing, and blood comes out on a Qtip. Any suggestions?