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Are there symptoms or health problems when you have agenesis of the sphenoid sinus?

8 months of tinnitus, post nasal drip, sinus pain, grinding of teeth, anxiety and stress. Help!

A lot of post nasal drip/fatigue/swollen cheek under eyes. Father has severe sinus problems. Could it be sinisitis?

According to my MRI, my sinuses are inflamed. Are those causing my tinnitus? Is it likely to go away if my sinus problems go? Had it since 50 days.

Any useful advice for sinus pain?

Are sinus problems related to teeth pain?

Can a chronic sinus infection cause you to feel ill in general at times?

Can a climate with high humidity cause an increase in ear & sinus infections...As opposed to less ear/sinus infections in a dry climate?

Can a fractured nose cause later sinus problems?

Can a septal spur cause excessive mucus secretions and/or sinus problems? Particularly of the ethmoid sinuses?

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Can a sinus infection cause loss of vision?

Can a sinus infection cause snowy vision?

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Can a sinus problem cause eye pain?

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Can chronic sinus problems cause extreme hoarseness?

Can chronic sinusitis cause throat swelling sensation and difficulty swallowing? How do I treat chronic sinusitis?

Can cronic MRSA infections in the nose cause GI Problems?

Can GERD affect ears and sinus?

Can having chronic sinusitis affect eye health?

Can having your ears flushed cause sinus issues?

Can infected teeth cause ocular(silent migraine... Or sinus infection cause it?

Can inflamed sinuses cause pressure on the ears causing disequilibrium? I had off balance but after antibiotic for sinuses the symptoms were better.

Can jaw pain be associated with sinus and thyroid problems?

Can maxiliary sinusitis lead to tooth infection?

Can mold in workplace cause chronic ear infections?

Can nasal polyps or sinus problems cause me to have dizzy/off balance feelings?

Can severe blocked sinuses kill you as don't want operation due to anxiety issues help ...

Can sinus infection as a result of bad wisdom tooth removal job lead to brain infection? Is there barrier between the sinus and one's brain?

Can sinus infection cause temporary night blindness?

Can sinus issues, like an infection, trigger or make migraine symptoms worse?

Can sinus polyps cause occasional vertigo?

Can sinus pressure indicate dental infection? No pain in teeth or gums, but also no stuffy nose. Endo said no, but not convinced. History of infection

Can sinus problem cause chest congestion?esp. after eating?

Can sinus problems cause swelling above eyebrow?Thank you very much

Can sinus problems replicate meningitis?

Can sinusitis or sinus congestion lead to some odd visual problems?

Can stress and tension in the neck cause sinuses not to drain properly?

Can stress cause inflammation of the sinus passages ?

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Can you get sinus infections & migraines from allergies?

Can you get temporary vision loss because of a sinus infection?

Can you please list the common causes of recurring sinusitis?

Can you tell me in the cavernous sinuses may represent inflammation such as can be seen in tolosa-hunt syndrome. so, could these be related?

Can you tell me is a sinus infection or problem causing this off balance feeling i have?

Chronic fatigue no heart issues I do have allergies, sinus problems and asthma should I be worried?

Could a cyst in the cavity near my ear above the jaw bone be caused by chronic nasal infections, and could that be causing me headaches and fainting?

Could a sinus infection cause balance problems?

Could restasis make sinus problems worse?

Could sinus problem cause tinnitus?

Could teeth clenching and grinding be causing sinus pain and inflammation? Doctors have ruled out allergies and infection.

Could the chronic pain and pressure in my nasal cavity be caused by a TMJ problem?

Could the chronic pressure in my ear be caused by a tmd-related problem?

Could TMJ cause sinus and balance problems?

Could you tell me why I have sinus problems for years?

Do i really need septoplasty ? I have a lot of sinus problems and a deviated septum, but i can breath. I don't think i breath as well as other people do, but i can breath. I have other problems that might contribute to my sinus issues like allergies and h

Does a bad sinus infection cause eye pressure to rise?

Does anybody know an effective way to alleviate a sinus infection?

Does eye booger mean that I am sick or have sinus problems?

Does floaters in etes be connected to sinus problems?

Does headache around the left orbit two weeks after allergic sinus infection indicate this will become chronic?

Does my sinus infection reach my brain?

Dr says I have a frontal sinus infection which is causing my dizziness. Was wondering if saltwater would be ok to use to help clean out my sinuses?

Earache due to sinus pain, or 2 unrelated infections?

Ent question: how do you diagnose a sinus infection in the frontal sinuses? How is it different than regular physician?

ENT said sinuses are clear, so does that mean my symptoms are definitely not sinus related?

Environmental allergies affecting only left sinus cavities, why is this?

Eye twitching and sinus can be related? I have chronic sinusitis.

Greetings. I would like to know which is the best antibiotic for sinusitis. the best anti-inflammatory for the throbbing pain caused by sinusitis.

Had bacteremia from sinuses.Hair loss for 5 months and worst right before diagnosis.Can my bad sinus infection then bacteremia relate to my hair loss?

Had CMV infection during childhood.hvng sinus,nasal polyp.get sinus infection often.vng small lump behind ear for 3 years.what could be the cause?

Had surgery to fix deviated septum and clean sinuses--REALLY bad infection. Could the infection have caused my Intracranial Hypertension symptoms?

Hard swelling of mastoid no other symptoms. I have allergies and sinus problems sometimes. Also have seborrhea on scalp and in ears?

Have chronic sinusitis caused by dev sep with 90% rs blockage, and hyper turbinates. How come my sinus infections are always on the non-blocked l-side?

Have pressure in frontal sinuses for 3 years, but isn't painful just annoying, No other symptoms of a sinus infection. I work in concrete construction?

Having lightheadeness of unknown cause. How to r/o sinus issues? Is md looking in nares with otoscope adequate?I do get occasional sinus pain at night

Help plz! Can sinuses cause eye problems at all?

Help! what can be causing symptomatic sinus tachycardia?

Hi , I have sinus pilonidal longer than 10 years. Last one year I have severe fatigue; can it be related?

Hi doctor. ..i have chronic sinus misery that lost my smelling sense and doctors said it is sinus infection . is that related to my high blood pressure. Which is 155/105?

Hi, i m suffering from sinus tract infection from one year nd i don't want a surgery ...

History of chronic sinus infection. Even after this last sinus infection I still have much pressure and behind the eyes headache. What can I do?

How are GI problems connected to sinusitis?

How bad does my sinus infection have to be before I can have surgery?

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How can inflammation of inner ear caused by sinuses be treated and how long does it last?

How can you tell if your sinus infection is caused by bad teeth?

How do I fight sinus problems?

How do I find out what is the best thing to do for a sinus infection?