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I'm having horrible ear pressure that i've had for almost a year! help needed! ):?

I've been hearing a single thump noise in my ear. Is it caused by my blood pressure or my add medication? After the thump i always crack my neck

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Intense ear pressure for 6 months. Waiting to see ent. Take meds for allergies. Pressure worse with standing & bending over. Please help.

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Less headaches when I travel to places with opposite barometric pressures than home (NOLA). Could this be inner ear related?

Mandible and ear pressure after eating, should I be concerned?

My ear has blood running out. What can be the cause?

My ear is ringing and it hurts when I apply pressure. What is wrong?

My ears feel clogged when i'm on the airplane. Is this normal? Is there a medication for this?

My ears have pressure in them like I'm inn an airplane for 2 days now. No pain was dizzy for a couple days...why?

My ears keep ringing but my blood pressure is normal?

Myringotomy but still pressure in the other ear. Why?

No pressure no pain only crackling in ear when swallowing had a cold?

Please help docs! where are the acupuncture pressure points for the ears?

Pressure and fullness in ear, sore teeth?

Pressure back of head, neck and ears for three weeks. Pulsing in ears worse on right. Nasal passage clear no fluid in ears. Sinus infection?.

Pressure behind eye from ear infection, is this related?

Pressure in ear drums causing migraines, what should I do?

Pressure in head and ears. No sinus problems. Mri clear. Had for 2 months no relief with meds. Feels like someone pushing down on head and ears pop?

Pressure in nose, pressure in ears dizziness, can this all be due to my allergies and asthma been feeling this way for about 4 days now?

Pressure in only one ear most of the time. Can a food allergy cause this?

pressure sensation in my ear for 5 days now. I could also hear my heartbeat. The pressure comes and goes, no pain at all I see redness on my ear canal

Right ear is clogged after an airplane flight/cold? What can I do?

Slightly uneven pupils. Ms. Head and ear pressure. History of on and damage to ear nerve. Old damage or flare?

Sometimes after masturbation my head feels pressure and especially my ears. My hearing can almost be minimal for a while. Some ringing. Heart issue?

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What can I do to relieve the pressure in my ears? They're clogged up

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What causes painful pressure to the sinus?

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What could be the cause of ear pressure?

What could cause pain, pressure and burning in my chest and pressure near my ears?

What could cause presure like feelings in the ears, besides being on a plane? I have presure in my ears

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What do you advise if i want help with my ear pain & pressure?

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What to do about ear pressure that I've had for almost a year! help needed! ):?

What to do if I have a sinus infection and there's a tremendous amount of pressure in my ears my dr said there was air bubbles in them?

What to do if I have high pressure in my ears this week and i'm aparently not doing what i think. Help?

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What treatments do you recommend for ear fullness and pressure?

What's the best way to ease pressure in my ears from sinus pressure? They feel clogged and everything sounds muffled.

When sitting to standing I get pressure in my head and pulsatile tinnitus in one ear. History of allergy issues but could this be something worse?

Why are my ears popping at higher altitude?

Why do I have pressure in my ears if i've remained in the same altitude?

Why do my eyes have pressure behind them and when i blink i get pressure in my ears that causes pain and dizzyness?

Why do nasal allergies effect the ear? How do they muffle sound and cause pressure?

Why does Diamox (acetazolamide) causing ringing in my ears? My pressure is normal from iih and have no headaches or papilledima.

Why does swallowing relieve the pain in the ear during the rapid acsents or descents of the airplane?

Why is there so much pressure in my ear?

Why when i blow my nose or hold my nose do I have so much pressure build in my ears like im on a airplane is this normal could it cause vertigo?

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