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Been experiencing ear pressure, nose pressure, and forehead headaches for week now. ENT said chew gum and drink water but not helping. Recommendation?

Best way to decrease ear pressure sometimes i my head get pressure any suggestions and or remedies that can help? Thanks in advance!

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Causes of ear fullness in one ear ? Tenitis? Some PND. Feel pressure like in airplane ?

Chronic dizziness vertigo feeling popping in the ears pressure around the eyes for 3 weeks. Ent found that my ear holding fluid causing the symptoms?

Congestion in both ears and tight temples on both sides. When I pull on my ears, pressure in my temples dissapear. Sinus infection?

Constant ear popping(on swallow), tinnitus, irritation in throat, from last 2months. I can't feel pressure in ears when I do "valsalva maneuver".

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Could TMJ cause ear fullness / pressure sensations? If so, is there anything i can do when feeling the pressure to relieve it and confirm tmj? Thanks!

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Ear drops cause pain and pressure why?

Ear pain and pressure, still on antibiotics and just finished 5 days being on sudafed, but ear pressure remains, anything else i could try?

Ear pressure for 3wks. Have allergies, take meds. Ears are able to be popped, but it doesn't relieve the pressure feeling. Ear drum mobile, no fluid in me, and normal tympanograms. Any insight?

Ear pressure for 9 years constant everyday dizziness and anxiety could this be allergies?

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Ear pressure that i've had for almost a year! help needed!?

Ear Pressure, pain, hear heartbeat When pressure under ear on neck where jaw bends HB noise stops. No infection What is it giving ha how to stop.

Ears plugged and hurting high blood pressure, blockage?

Feeling of pressure in ears when tilt my head down--even slightly--feeling is in both ears could it be impacted ear wax? No cold or allergies.

Fluid behind eardrums, nasal spray doesn't work and I am now in some pain, I can feel pressure in my ears?

Have ear pressure for 2 weeks in both ears that is not relieved by chewing gum or yawning. Doc said ears look fine but pressure bothersome. What is it?

Head, ear pressure, nose, ear popping, headaches, dizziness.

Headache blood pressure 155/100 pulse is usually high but isn't right now. Ringing in the ears.

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I am experiencing ear pressure. I have had the pressure in both ears but it is more noticeable on my left side. A doctor prescribed amoxicillin. ?

I am having headaches and pressure around my nose and ringing and pain in my right ear. I have had headaches for about a week now and pressure around ?

I am having problem with my blood pressure. At night it increases to 145/95 and at day it is upto 125/85. Also i have ringing in my ear. it is loud.

I can blow air out of my ear by pinching my nose and breathing out. With no force, it just flows out of my ear. No pain/injury. Ear tubes 10 yrs ago?

I experienced a pressure in my head and then a pressure release. I then had immediate vertigo. Was this a tia? Famdoctor thinks ear infection.

I feel like I have blood pressure in ears. What do you suggest?

I feel uncomfortable build up of pressure in my ears periodically, and not at high altitudes. Would having wax cleaned out of ears by doctor help?

I grind hard all night. Have any suggestions to balance out the ear pressure and unblock my ear?

I had a myringotomy in December of 2014, no problems until now. When I lay down or back my ear fills with pressure. If I stand up it disappears.

I had cold. Now one of my ear is blocked esp when i stand?

I had high pitched ringing and blood rushing sound in ears for years? Is this impending brain aneurysm?!

I have a diagnosis of an ear infection. I have so much pressure built up and my left temple is throbbing. What can I do to relieve the pain/pressure?

I have a strange pain and pressure above ears?

I have an ear infection on one side and a infused ear on the other. Can this be what is making me lightheaded/pressure?

I have an etd in my left ear, the pressure is relieving but i still have ringing and the popping and cracking sensation. How long will these last for.

I have constant feeling below my ears (small pressure). What could it be?

I have constant high pitched frequency in my ears?

I have fullness pressure in my ears yet no one can help me yet...I've seen many doctors over the last few years and i just want to feel normal! help!

I have had a slightly blocked nose and pressure in ear for 2 weeks now. Is it serious ?

I have had clogged ears with pressure for 9 days (with a cold)cannot unclog my ears- no pain just pressure and its harder to hear. What should I do?

I have high blood pressure. Why do my ears feel clogged when upset?

I have otitis media and fluid behind my ears and a feeling of pressure, am on betaclav for 5 days and sinucon. when will the pressure go away?

I have permanent pressure in ears that cause vertigo and black outs atleast ones a month is there any meds to help.

I have pressure/pain in ear after a airline landing?

I have roaring in my ear in time with my heart beat and eye pressure. What could be the cause?

I have tinnitus and pressure in my inner ear. What can I do to reduce the symptoms and how long before it goes away on its own?

I hear my blood pressure swooshing in my ear, what is this?

I just had Septoplasty 3 days ago. I am experiencing a lot of facial & ear pressure. Is this normal?

I often have a little pressure in my left ear, but swallowing or holding my nose&applying pressure(like on a plane or elevator)doesn't relieve it.?

I tried to relieve pressure in my ears by holding my nose and now I have pain in my right ear i've had a cold for a few days

I was scuba diving and i equalized my ears and now I am feeling this pain. Should i dive tomorrow and what might i be experiencing?

I would like help with my ear pain & pressure?