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I was hit on my face and have a swollen ear lobe and tenderness around the ear . The swollen ear lobe is long, thick and floppy . Is this permanent?

Why do my ears hurt internally when it's cold outside?

17mth old-virus cough and middle ear infection. 1 ear now has a bit of fluid behind it. Only did 1 course amoxicillian.Ears red on outside now. Why?

3yr old daughter has lump on neck behind ear more close to hair line was red but redness has slimmed family member said could be built up ear wax?

A pimple inside the ear?

Allergic to my glasses? Itchy rash behind ears

Any doctor available so i can send file of something behind my ear and something in my scalp.. Both hurts just don't know what it is?

Are skin tags just inside ear canal ok? Been there many years with no change

Behind both ear redness sore crack what is it how to treat it tried all lotions ?

Best over-the-counter cure for inner ear itching?

Bite? Pimple? Behind husband ear does not itch but pots blood if touched

Blister on the opening of ear sore only when touched or banged opening nearly shut?

Both ears have red swollen earlobes and are itchy just on the outside?

Both of my ears are itchy and crusty inside and they hurt?

Boxer;s ear is quite swollen. Is this cauliflower ear?

Bump found in ear canal (near the outside) while q tipping my ears this morning. Hurts when pushed on stung when peroxide applied to it. What is it?

Bump in inner ear filled with puss, what can cause this?

Can a fever blister go to the inner ear or ear if u have one on lip..

Can an ear infection cause a red cheek on the same side of the same side of the ear infection?

Can an itchy scales tops of ear be caused by allergies?

Can drs actually see inside your ear for inner ear infection?

Can Fifths disease rash spread to the ear? Not behind the ear, but the outer ear?

Can inner ear fungal infections be harmful to your body? My inner ears have been itchy for a long time now and I don't know what's causing it

Can pores in ear lobe get infected?

Can scratching your ears cause bruising?

Can someone explain to me how come my ear is itching?

Can tickling in ear canal be caused by allergens?

Can wiggling your little finger in your ear( to itch the inside of your ear) damage your ear?

Can you get thrush in your ears. On constant antibiotics and get itchy and inflamed inner ears. What is best treatment?

Can you spread hsv1 to your inner ear (nerves, cochlea) by touching your outer ear?

Cause of itching and popping in my ear?

Constantly itchy ear canals. Now gone, but it still really itches and also everytime i chew gum my ear canals itch like crazy! any ideas as to why!?

Could a lump under the skin of my armpit be caused by ear infection? I wore a earing for too long my ear is now blue or is it cancer? I get chills too

Could a skin rash indicated a ear infection ? 7 month old may have a ear infection, she is tugging at her ear. She has developed a rash all over her body from neck to feet

Could you describe to me, what is glue ear ?

Could you get an inner ear inflammation from an environmental allergy?

Could you get ringworm inside the ear?

Could your earlobe become red and swollen if I have an ear infection?

Dark brown ear wax in one ear, its very painful?

Does herpes occur on inner canal of ears?

Does HIV cause very itchy ears? Constant wax?

Does itching in your ear mean its healing?

Does the petroleum jelly helps to vanished the itchiness of my ear ?

Dried skin on my ear lobe?

Dry rash behind ears and lobes face down to side of my neck just itchy no red bumps WBC was 11.92 could it be infection?

Ear canal swollen and same ear and eye on left side bumps all over and itchiness. Could there be something in ear or just allergic reaction.?

Ear sore to touch on tragus/lobe & itchy in ear. Preceded by cut at outer ear canal. Now slight itch/barely any pain. Still need to get exam/infected?

Every morning I wake up with moisture in my ears. The sound when I rub them is like I jumped in a pool. This has been going on for year. My ears are very crusty and itch. What can I do to change this cycle with my ears?

External ear canal has been "itchy" for a couple of weeks. No drainage or pain. Suggestions?

Feeling itching in my inner side of helix in the ear.. And if i rub it there is secretion of some kind of transperent liquid.. What could be reason?

For about a month now, every so often i wake up and the inside of my ear itches/hurts. What cause this?

For the last month my ear canal has been itching and hurting in the middle of the night, what causes this?

Had a middle and outer ear infection2 months ago. I took all the antibiotics and did ear is still sore and has knot on the bone that is sore?

Had my ears pierced since i was a baby one ear hole itches every once in a blue moon now both are itchy&irritated & one has pus coming out what is it?

Had swimmers ear infection had neomycin drops, my ear outside of canal and lobe swollen and inflamed? My outside ear is very large compared to other

Have blisters behind ear and head and also on cheeks - they are not paining and not itchy but sometimes have burning sensation.

Have what looks like Seborrhea derm in both ear openings. (Had on scalp once.) 1 ear feels a little blocked up. Wax removal no help. Is it the SD?

Haven't worn earrings in awhile but a rash keeps coming & groin behind my ears. What could be causing this?

Hello doc. When i rub my fingers behind my ear it smells. I wash behind my ears twice a day. Pls doc, is there a medical reason for this?

Hello dr my age is 22 and i have so much hair in my inner and outer ear .. how do i stop is permanentely?

Help with Itchy ears and blockage when swimming?

Hi I have a pimple on my outer earlobe on my right ear I recently went swimming and my right ear was clogged with water ?

Hi i have some kind of infection on my ear its oozing liquid and its crusty on and in my ear also have oozing lumps all over my groin?

Hi woke today with sores on my ear lobe , red not itchy and going scabby? Did have ear infection 3 weeks ago but this is other side

Hi, I have a small pimple in my outer ear that causes a pressure kind of feeling, I had one of those before and i popped it and my outer earwasswollen?

Hi, my hsband's inside ear (coming out from inner ear and spreading outward) is covered with bumpy wart like skin. It covers abouy 75% of his ear and ?

Hi, my throat was something like psoriasis behind. What should I do before the scab was expanded and now?

How can I care for my draining periauricular pit (that tiny hole that some people are born with above their ear or both ears)?

How did i get a itchy and inflamed bump behind my ear?

How do I get my ear canals and roof of my mouth from itching at night?

How do I know if I have an ear infection if my ear feels clogged and itchy but doesn't hurt and is there a cure?

How do I stop an itchy outer ear?

How do I treat constantly flaking ears?

How to treat a red swollen ear from an earring?

I always have flaky things coming out of my ears. What is it?

I am having itching in my left ear & sometimes dry skin comes out with ear bud when i clean my ears.Plz tell reason and how to get rid of ear itching?

I am having problems with wet and itchy ears in the inside what could be causing this ?

I get outer ear infections all the time. Ent said it was no big deal. What could cause constant outer ear infections. Ears are always itchy.

I get this white, flakey crumbly stuff on my ears and around & just inside the opening to the ear canal. Clobetasol helps. Seborrheic dermatitis?

I had my ear irrigated, then the ear canal became itchy, then i got a middle ear infection, now the infection has gone its itchy again? What will help

I had my ears pierced and i stretch one and let it close cause it was infected and on my left ear I have these tiny pimple like things what are the ?

I have a boil bigger than a pea in my ear not inside the canal but on the outter part in the middle should attempt to pop it?

I have a dripping sensation and itch in my ears. What can it be how can i stop it?

I have a ear infection on my left ear it's like a big pimple I had it for a year now so what's the best way to get it healed?

I have a few scaly white bumps on my left outer ear above the ear canal. No other symptoms, no change for months. No drainage/ulceration. What is it?

I have a hard pimple (no colour) on my outer ear near my ear canal. The first days it was painful now it's not. I have it for a week. should I worry?

I have a large pimple inside my ear lobe. Have tried popping it but can't because it is on the inside of the ear lobe. How do I get rid of it?

I have a middle ear infection, my ears are starting to pop a little. What does this mean?

I have a rash on my neck and inside my ear?

I have a serious problem with fluid draining from my ears constantly. Outer ears skin peels like onion skin & significant loss of hearing. Itchy?

I have a very painful and itchy black head inside my ear to where i cant even see it what could i do to get rid of it without causing damage to my ear?

I have a very small bump on the inside of my ear canal against the ear drum that I can feel with my pinky finger. is it wax?

I have an ear pinna allergy caused by earrings.Scale formation and itching. Can you prescribed me an ointment?

I have an itch in inner ears and throat, how to treat?

I have cauliflower ear from a trauma. The external cartilage has solid drainage from inside the aurical part of the ear. It's very painful and M?

I have constant itching in ear canal. Cannot get rid of it. Been bothering me for over 1 year. Allergy medicine does not help. Skin in ear is dry.

I have dry skin on the outer part of my inner ear if that makes sense where the ear folds it's all dry skin behind, what is this and what can I do?

I have flaky itchy akin in ears , i wear hearing aids in ears and I have itchy scalp. My doctor prescribed otocomb otic ointment for ears no change.

I have had itchy ears for about 2 months now what can it be?

I have itchy and flaky ears. This has been going on for about a year. What could be the cause?