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1 month ago i was told i had infection & serous otitis media in my left ear and ringing but now my right ear is also ringing IV been on 2 anti biotics?

23yo female a slight ringin in one ear at night but not during the day causes?

30% ear drum perforation, (not in middle) little hearing loss, tinnitus is present, been a month now how long could it take to heal?/will it?

34 y/o male, pressure in right ear with impaired hearing, fluticasone (indirectly) cleared pressure, 12 months later hearing loss and tinnitus. Ent?

56 year old husband with minor hearing loss has loud constant ringing in ears. What is causing this?

75% vestibular weakness in right ear with cookie bite hearing loss. Vertigo 3 times in last 2 years. Docs don't think meniere's. Now what?

A 10 years old girl has no hearing in the left ear; the doctor said because a virus maybe. Is there a solution to have her hearing back internal ears?

After an ear infection, I have a low level of hearing and tinnitus. ENT said only inflammation but a week later still tinnitus. When will it go away?

After flu recovery, occasional tinnitus in each ear randomly.Hearing test results r normal.Need MRI in lower abd for my uterine fibroids. Will noise from MRI worsen my ears,even after having ear plugs on?

After i've treated my ear problems, will my tinnitus go away?

After inner ear tests, my doctor still can't find what is causing my dizzines?

After long-lasting sinus infection and ear infection, i was told i have eustachian tube dysfunction which makes my ear feel full. is this temporary?

Age 64. (hissing tinnitus in left ear began about a year ago, but that isn't an issue. I've adapted to it.) developed pulsatile tinnitus in right e?

Any treatment for haflf deaf (left ear) caused by pendred syndrom?

Are hearing/ear issues and loss of balance issues related?

Are steroids effective in inner ear problems?

Are the symptoms for swimmers ear fullness in the ear? And what can be done about it?

Are there any supplements that I will help with ringing ears due to meniere's disease?

Are there serious conditions associated with having water in your ears?

Are visual snow and ringing in the ear connected?

Balance problems presumably caused by inner ear. Can that be menieres?

Being 23 is it normal to have a very noticeable difference in the ability of hearing in the left ear more than the right ear?

Bilateral pulsatile tinnitus for a few months. ears are fine, hearing test good.scared something is really wrong. could this just be a benign cause?

Blocked eustachian tubes? For about 4 years, i've had blocked eustachian tubes. I haven't experienced any notable hearing loss, but occasionally one of my ears will ring. On particularly bad days, if i turn my head to the left or right too far, one of my

Can a brain tumor cause loss of hearing in on ear and heat sensation through one eye followed with nausea?

Can a double ear infection damage pitch?

Can a hearing aid help with the Blocked feeling caused by hole in eardrum? Also, will it help with equilibrium issues?

Can a hearing specialist (ent) literally see, (with mri's) the presence of inner ear fluid buildup that may result in the diagnosis meniere's disease?

Can a inner ear problem cause tremor in hands/teeth?

Can a jaw which is i guess not in its place cause ear beeping and affect the vision.

Can a middle ear infection cause a temporary or permanent loss of taste and smell?

Can a middle ear infection cause temporary or permanent loss of taste and smell?

Can a non properly developed ear bed causing ear ringing?

Can an inner ear infection cause dizzyness and sleeplessness?

Can an untreated inner ear infection last almost 2 years and cause nausea/being off balance?

Can any sexually transmitted infections (sti) cause hearing loss and ringing in ears?

Can blocked ear or ears cause a voice change or horseness?

Can built up ear wax cause lightheaded foggy mild dizziness? Can it cause inner ear problems.

Can damage my ears due to the bass vibrating so close to my ear drums, is this true?

Can ear deformities be a symptom of cauliflower ear?

Can ear drainage lead to dizziness & being tired?

Can ear infection leave damage in future? Like headed dizziness.

Can ear infection with recurrent wax blockage and repeatative suctions cause mild confusion and slight drop in concentration level?

Can ear infections lead to tinnitus? Can an ear infection cause a high pitched noise in one's ear?

Can earwax causing a blocked ear cause a hoarse or slight voice change?

Can eustachian tubes cause chronic disequilibrium? If so, can this affect vision? I have allergies, ears feel blocked when swallowing, vng abnormal

Can getting water in one's ear when showering cause damage/hearing loss?

Can grinding your teeth at night really cause ear problems or hearing loss?

Can having an ear infection cause me to lose my balance?

Can having an ear infection permanently change the structure of your ear inside?

Can having ears flushed 2 x this yr for ear wax be cause of a sudden allergy issue & Eustachian Tube Dysfunction? never had allergy problems before.

Can hitting your eardrum with a qtip cause infection? I have a fullness in my ear and pain. Conserved about infection and hearing loss.

Can inner ear disorders cause dizziness?

Can mold cause inner ear problems or middle ear problems?

Can multiple ear piercings affect vision?

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Can otitis media infection in middle ear cause drowsiness and hearing problems?

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Can ringing in your ears be caused by dehydration?

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Can using ear buds affect my hearing?

Can wax buildup lead to dizziness?

Can wearing ear bud headphones 24/7, literally, cause damage? If so how and what symptoms could occur?

Can you damage any part of the inner ear while coughing?

Can you get arthritis of the inner ear?

Can you lose your hearing if you don't get an ear infection treated right away?

Can you tell me when slapped in the ear, how bad can you damage it?

Could a tooth infection cause my hearing lost?

Could an ear infection cause hearing lose?

Could an ENT find tumor in ear or acoustic neuroma by looking into your ear canal?

Could an untreated abscess on a tooth lead to mild hearing loss and a ringing in the ear?

Could eardrum problem due to loud noise cause constant mild tinnitus and constant lighthead/balance problem?Is it curable?What kind of treatment?

Could hydrocephalus be related to recurring sudden unilateral hearing losses with almost complete recovery, intermittent tinnitus or ear congestion?

Could inner ear damage be treated with ear drops depending on the degree of damage?

Could mild eardrum damage fixed by itself? What are the symptoms?

Could multiple ear piercings cause physical illness?

Could wearing ear plugs night and day for 4 days adversely affect your hearing?

Could you lose your hearing from ear infections?

Could you tell me what's the best way to treat an earache that was caused by an earwax buildup?

Could you tell me why my inner ear is full of congestion?

CT, ENT exam, tymp test, &audiogrm normal: Cause of ear fullness & muffled hearing? Hard to hear myself singing mid-range/using facial resonators.

Cyst in my middle ear that has caused hearing loss, facial paralysis and vertigo. Is it better to have surgery to remove it or put up with it?

Deafness in ear due to wax build up driving me mad, what can I do?

Did tympanoplasty in left ear in 2006 due to infection and hear loss..Rt ear drum has hole and infection.Conductive hearing loss.Time for hearing aid?

Dizziness due to heart problem or inner ear. How do I differentiate?

Dizziness, ringing pressure and loss of hearing in right ear, have gone to 3 ENTs they've all said different things, one but one said Meniere's ?

Doctorsaid i had an ear infection. no pain but i have had hearing loss in my right ear. i was prescribed ear drops but its been 5days?

Does a buzz in your ear mean you are losing your hearing?

Does all inner ear disorders come with nystagmus?

Does constant dizziness mean that I have an inner ear problem?

Does having a large ear affect your hearing in any way?

Does otoplasty affect hearing? I know otoplasty is for changing the size, shape or position of the outer ear, but does it ever affect hearing, either for good or bad? I'm mostly worried that making the ear smaller could have a negative effect on my hearin

Does pressure inside tympanic membrane lose some hearing and make tinnitus?

Does salt and caffeine make tinnitus from otitis media with effusion louder or is it not the same as tinnitus from nerve damage?

Does tinnitus in the head sound similar to tinnitus in the ear? Almost similar? Which is common and can it be easily distinguishable between the two?

Due 2 road acident i got head injury resulting damage of vestibuocolear nerve of my left inner ear's, ear drum is ok, i can't hear, any advice? Medicine

Dx otitis media; went er sunday for vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss; got antibiotics dx otitis externa clear out wax; still tinnitus motion sick.

Ear drops always give me really bad temporary Vertigo. Sometimes I vomit. Why is that?

Ear infection associated with mono? Blood in my ear wax, serious pain and dulled hearing

Ear itchiness, teeth grinding per dentist, swooshing noise in left ear. Worse w movement. Subtle and not effecting hearing on and off x 1 year