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woke up in tears bc her ear hurt so bad.gave her Motrin,had her lay on a heating pad propped up and nothing helped.Ear drops hurt her. Ear infection?

I'm pretty sure I have an ear infection and I don't have the time to go to the doc at home I have Insurance for Meds I looked up all my Symptoms and it all comes back to a ear infection so I don't know what to do I live in Tyler tx BTW?

.My kid is 6 year old , last 1 and half year she was suffering left ear parotid swelling repeatedly , happened 4 or 5 times in a year whats the reaso?

1 y/o with cold x 1 week. Fever Friday - Dr checked for ear infect & throat - none. Appetite decr following day and sometimes hits at ears. No Sleep?

12 days amoxicllan 4 sinus and dizzy. Now sharp deep pain in nook behind earlobe. Used nettypot but no water came back out. Still dizzy. Water in ear?

13month old , allergies and 2 past ear infections who is falling all the time and hates standing or sitting in water. Could it be an ear problem?

14 year old daughter diagnosed with swimmers ear yesterday & prescribed ciprodex. Complaining pain is now much worse & feels like it's 'swollen shut'?

16 m old had 17 ear infections before tubes 2 months ago. He has had 2 double ear infections since tubes. Does this ever end?! I'm going insane!

17 months many ear infections now dr says ''ear drum looks ready to burst.' too many drugs already loves to swim tubes? Problems with? Alternatives?

18-20 days ago had a ear itch like crazy after last Wednesday my ear started ringing went to doc told me it's red prescribed me ear drops and spray?

1yo is now getting 3 rocefin inject. 4 ear infect. What r side effects? Why not ent? 3rd infect in 3 mo.

2 weeks ago was sick with a lot of fluid in ears. Had tubes put in. Left ear is ok but right was infected and is still full & draining. Use medrpol?

2 wks. with ear infection. Healed yesterday. Woke up with stuffy nose&swelling. When I stand it stops. long will this last? I have plans tomo!

20 days with ear pain. Then 5 days with drops of antibiotic. Today yellow discharge and worse ear pain.why I take so long to heal from otitis? Thanks

20 yr old male w/hole in ear drum from noise incident. got bath water in ear causing pain. we put aurodri drops & pain got severe. is this dangerous?

28w pregnant. Blocked/snapping/popping ears since 16w pregnant. ENT can see nothing. Could this be from increased blood/pressure in head? No prev isue

3 year old son got ear tubes and adenoids surgery 4 days ago. he is using antibiotics and ear drops .is it normal to have stiff neck? Or blood dischar

3 yr boy w fungal infection in middle ear with pe tubes. How common is this?Ototoxic? Infection may have been present for 2 mos prior to dx- he rubbed and said rock in ear but dr saw nothing b4 pus.

3.5 year old son who got over an ear infection now has a perforated ear drum involving 60%. What is the likelihood of healing on its own? Get patch?

30 weeks preg. Had a bad cold 3 wks ago that turned into a bad sinus & ear infection. ive taken 2 sets of antibiotics & still have clogged ears?

3yo has tubes and ear infection 3 wks. On augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) for wk and when she sometimes swallows she starts screaming her ear hurts. Has runny nose?

4 days have had bruised feeling top of head and swollen feeling in sinuses. 33wks pregnant.Sphenoid sinus infection? Safe to wait til tomorrow for dr?

4 ear infections this yr, 6 mo ear pain, abx not helpful. Ear surgery an option, in combination w/revision tonsillectomy? Seeing ENT Wed.

5 days into a sore throat green thick mucus thing, i got sharp pain pressure and deafness in one ear. Started amoxicillin. Next day other ear bad. ??

6 month old has had 5 dbl ear infections since oct 5 2012 with 2x's the right has ruptured. Should she gets tubes?

6 month old has had 5 dbl ear inflection since october just found out that the right tube is straight that's why they r so bad&rupture what can be dn?

6 weeks after viral labyrinthitis, my balance has returned and my hearing has come back to around 80%. How long until it's back to 100%? Heard 3momths

6 year old's ear seems to have ruptured twice, or drained, since last night. He is still in a lot of pain and slightly dizzy. Options to help?

6yr/o has hole in ear drum for 4mnths since then she has had 3 ear infections 1 ent says patch it and will help w infection diff ent says don't patch?

7 month old daughter fever for 4 days, every day up to 104.2. Saw gp 2 days ago, said ear and throat infection, use acetaminophen. Should i see gp?

7yo failed hearing test & ENT found fluid in ear & large tonsil. After 2 rounds of antibiotics fluid decreased but not gone. Can we wait it out?

7yr old went to GP 2 weeks ago for an ear infection - leaking yellow substance and pain. Went back yest, got new antibiotic/drops but she's still in a lot of pain.. do we just ride it out or should she be taken to A&E?

8 month old has a little gunk in her ear. She has no fever and seems her normal self. Should I go see a doctor?

8 yo son had gromits had them taken out hearing has got worse gp said no fluid but eardrum not healthy referring to specialist should I be concerned?

9 mo fluid in ear is getting yellow & eardrum looks red. Should I start her on Septra (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) right away or wait it out? Fluid not infected last week @ ENT.

9 year old daughter ear bleeding and has pain for 2 weeks. Had antibiotics and ear spray although no sign of infection. dr wont refer until been 6wks?

About a month ago i went to a doctor because i thought i had an ear infection. He prescribed me drops for my ear. Last week i went to the doctor again because of a sinus infection but also still had ear pain. He gave me a z pack. I am still having intermi

About how long does it take for otitis media with effusion to clear on average, and will the ringing in my left ear stop with it? It came from a uri.

After bath time my daughter gets an ear ache from the water that got in her ear. Is there anything i can do to help?

After having an infection in my ear throat&nose I am feeling my face a bit numb. Still taking the prescribed antibiotics.Is numbness a normal sympyom?

After taking 2full days of amoxicillin for very painful ear infection i feel no better. Ear is still blocked and red hot.Do i need stronger antibiotic?

After taking one capsule of oxyelitepro i noticed one my nostril is clogged and alternates for 3 monrhs now ENT says allergies could it last this long?

After three antibiotics, My mastoiditis keeps coming back. Does that mean I need a mastoidectomy?

Am 4wks preg. Having bad ear and throat ache. Can i take eardrops and ibuprofen at this early stage?

AM taking methylprednisolone for clogged ears..ringing, pressure. Starting 3rd day..when will get relief?

Amoxicillin/augmentin & ear drops have not relieved my month long ear pain. I'm seeing my ENT on Thurs, & am wondering what the next steps might be.

An ER doc gave me benzocaine/antipyrine ear drops yesterday. He said there was no inflammation or obstruction. Still have pain over 24 hours later.

Any medicine for an earache and catarrh with blood?

Any suggestions or even oppions please my left ear keeps popping I got a flu a month ago an since then it hasn't stopped ?

Anybody know about a good medication for ear discharging?

Are Hopi ear candle treatment dangerous?

Are popping ears linked to dairy allergy?

Are there any medications I can take to relieve the pressure in my ears when I fly?

Are there any natural allergy medicans that are fast to take away ear pain?

Are there any natural allergy medicans that can take away ear pain?

Aspirin allergy question? Is that why my eare ring?

Awful ear pain, full of fluid, feels so full and swollen behind my ear. Can I still continue taking soldrin otico ear drops or should I stop now?

Azithromycin cleared my sinus infection, but still have "closed" feeling in left ear that won't clear when yawning. How long till my ear gets normal?

Baby has been on cedifir for 70 hours for double ear infection. He has shown some improvement but still is in pain. Is this normal?

Bad cold virus. 2 eye infections going away and now ear infection. Pain is gone but it's plugged and can barely hear out of it. When will it clear?

Been 2 wks since I had a ear infection just finished 5 days of amoxocillian still have a little fluid & pressure in ear will it go away on its own?

Been deaf for 2 weeks after a bad cold / and pressure there .. gp seen and says fluid in tubes .. how long before hearing returns?

Been dizzy for 6 months. Tried betahistine dihydrochloride and cinnarizine. Hasn't helped. Last day experiencing pain when touching tragus?

Been getting over vertigo due to inner ear inflammation. Started period 2 days ago. Why has my vertigo gotten more before and on my peroid?

Been having fluid in left ear 4 weeks now! Doc prescription me zyrtec (cetirizine) D & amoxycillin. None work. Hearing impaired in right. Foggy in left. What 2 do? Annoyed!

Been on antibiotic for a week, how long does it take for the dizziness and off balance to go away? No fluid found in middle ear. Just sinusitis.

Been taking Claritin (loratadine) niacin & Flonase for ringing in my ears and stuffiness. Can allergies cause the stuffy nose and slight ache in ears?

Been to ENT nothin rong with earring but got static noise in ears n wisdom tooth comin n over active jar they say I have had it 4 months now please help?

Best ways to remove fluid in ear? It's been three weeks and nothing prescribed to me has worked.

Blocked ears for 3 months. I have seen my primary who flushed them out and put me on antibiotics.No help.I have also been on hydrocortisone n coprodex

Blocked eustachians for a month after sinus surgery. No pain but won't clear ever. I fly for a living. Ent says eardrum healthy. On prednisone. Help?!

Blocked eustacian tube cause tinnitus dr samoa tried cure sinusitis to cure it.Didn't work. What shouldd be done now? Limited healthcare few machines

Both ears feel wet in morning. (21weeks pregnant) had Eustachian tube problems since 16 weeks. What is causing this? ENT says my ears are normal. TY

Both ears infected. Went to the doctor last sunday. They put me on amoxicillin my ears are still closed. Pain subside from the meds. What's wrong?

Buzzing and ear fullness did not go away after treating Otitis Media (started 3,5 weeks ago) with amox-n and zpack courses. Why? What's the next step?

Can a flu virus get to your brain from the ear? Just getting over the flu and got saliva in my ear via a qtip. Sorry for the weird question.

Can a lot of sedation given cause tinnitus in ears the next day.

Can Afrin and Flonase thickin the fluid in Eustachian Tube? I used both yesterday 2 sprays in each nostril. My left ear feels clogged today.

Can allergic rhinitis cause fullness in your ears like fluid in them.

Can allergic rhinitis cause vertigo symptoms,fuzzy/static feeling in head and ears? Dr gave RX steroid nasal spray for symptoms and Dramamine.

Can anxiety make ur ears funny I've had my ears looked at on a weekly basis always look good n had a test done for etd all good ?

Can any doc tell me what's the best and fastest working medicine in your opinion for terribly plugged ears, stuffy nose, and overall head congestion?

Can Cephalexin cause or increase tinnitus?

Can cerumen impaction contribute to vertigo? Thinking of asking for ear lavage while i'm in the ER since i haven't had one in a very long time.

Can Claritin (loratadine) make ear pressure change?

Can dizziness caused by TMJ?i have TMJ and haven't been using mouth guard. Ear pain, and dizziness.Slightly congested too.Cold?Combo? Eustachian tube?

Can doxycycline cause /aggravate tinnitus?

Can Flonase treat fluid in the ear even if it wasn't caused by allergies?

Can having my tonsils removed help reduce my chances to get ear infections? I've had tons of ear infections in the past 35 years of my life.

Can i fly from ny to london england sick? I've had pneumonia and ear infections for several wks. Had chest xrays and medicine. Had checkup today and dr told me i still have fluid on left lung and ear infections are still there. What would happen if i sti

Can i put flonaze directly in my ear? I have used it for a year and my allergies are better. But i can hear the fluid in my ear. Stacey S

Can I take ees (erythromycin ethyl succinate) if I have a tickle in throat/blocked ear?

Can I use deborax for ear itching problem? My ear has been itching since last month. I have ear itch problems since childhood, but they go away as and when i put ear drops in them. But this time it doesn't seem to ease away. Can I use deborax for it? It

Can me taking amoxicillin make my dry eyes worse ? I took it and all of a sudden they burned and went all Blurry ! Or could it be my ear abcess causin

Can my daughter go swimming tomorrow if she was diagnoised with strep yesterday? She is on antibiotics. She will be floating on a tube down a river.

Can pregnant people take ear drops?

Can snoring cause fluid in the ears? I have allergies/reflux which are semi controlled but ENT and allergist state I have constant fluid in ear.

Can taking niacin and experiencing a niacin flush help cease ototoxic medication induced tinnitus by improving circulation to my middle ear?

Can the allergie medicine zyrtec (cetirizine) cause constant ringing in the ear?

Can you take a decongestant while on 30mg of prozac (fluoxetine)? If so, what you do suggest? There was fluid in the ears, but no infection at the time of dr. visi