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have water in my ear plus earwax buildup Don't want it to turn into swimmers ear infection Which symptom should I address first? How?

cleaned my ears last night & after cleaning the left one a lot of earwax came out on the q tip after that i started having muffled hearing,ear ringin?

I feel like something is stuck in my ear.... and I can barely hear out of my ear, and when I cleaned out my ear wax was olive green! Plz help me?

My child had ear wax. I tried to remove but it went in further. she has now has a fever and ear ache! I'm now using ear drops! Is it a infection?

Woke up with my ft ear clogged. No pain, no cold, no headaches. checked my ears with the scope and saw no earwax and drum looked normal?

'm scared my right ear is trying to develop a middle ear infection. Is it okay to use the drops in that ear?

've been hit hard on my right ear then felt it was blocked,been diagnosed with water on ear drum, stikkfeel my hearing is reduced. Is it ear wax or wt?

2 yrs. Tubes six months ago suspect ear infection started ear drops today ear drainage and external ear is looking very bruised..Is this from infectn?

21/2 weeks ringing ear and pressure. Found out today I have fluid in both ears. Could this be the cause ?

2nd ear infection in 2 months. Swim 3 days a week. Wear ear plugs .On second antibiotics. Uses aqua ear, why the re-occurrence? Need help.

2nd ear infection same ear in 2 months. Cleared up now returned, frustrating, swim 3 days a week used aqua ear after swimming.Why the re-occurrence?

2yr old had ear wax removed by irrigation by pediatrician. She is crying that her ear hurts and is really fussy.What can I giver her for the pain?

3 y/o has tubes in ears. She has a cold, doc said ears are draining and the one is red just outside of the eardrum. Is draining a good thing w/ tubes?

3weeks ago i had hair removed from eardrums by ENT dr. He used a long metal tool i really hurt in rt ear now rt ear ring. Sensitve to noise?

4 y/0 says her ear "tickles" for last couple days. Could this be a start of a ear infectio? She just had one in the same ear couple weeks ago

4yr old had 2 sets of ear tubes. 2nd set came out and now more ear infections. What's next step? More tubes or a different procedure?

4yr old still getting ear infections even with tubes in his ears. Already has decreased hearing in left ear. Should i be concerned?

5years already. Right ear has 80% more earwax than left. Why ? Need to clean every couple of days. How to reduce ear wax production?

5yr old son had grommets inserted both ears last week. He just blew his nose and I can hear a loud whistle nose coming from his left ear? Normal??

78 yr old male...constant wax BEHIND both ears...cleaned...reappears overnight?

7yr/o has hole in ear drum and had 5 infections in that ear since Jan ENT says hole is like ear tube so can't do anything about recurrent infections?

8 yr old with t-tubes. In for 2 yrs. T-tubes put in bc of built up wax, no ear infections. Should we have dr take the tubes out? They r bothering kid

9 wks. Of no hearing in l ear. Dr. Irrigated wax out. 3 weeks later- still no hearring. Irrigated again- clear. On claritan for 2 weeks. Still no hearring. No injury to ear- no cold.

A lice has gone in my ear nd my ear is feeling closed please help it's very irritating?

A qtip damaged my hearing last night. Is it ear wax buildup or a perforated eardrum? No pain, no discharge..Just tinnitus and feeling like its clogged

Adenoids removed & tubes put in ears? Do you think there will be no more ear infections?

After a visit at my ENT today he noticed wax near the eardrum and referred me back to the doctor that reconstructed my ear why might this be ?

After the removal of ear wax blockage by syringe I feel like I have a tubal catarrh. What is the standard treatment? I'm flying in 3 days- any danger?

After using a q~tip to clean my ear, i woke up the next day with my ear bleeding and plugged. Same as when water is in ear. How do I unplug ear?

Air blocked in ear after swimming from yesterday evening..what to do?

All of a sudden my ears stopped producing ear wax. What could be the cause?

An ant got in to my ear last april and i got no consultation yet at doctor does it damage my ear? or barrow at my inner ear?

An ear tube that has been in my one ear for 15 years just fell out with a lot of ear wax. Doctors have always seen it. Should i be worried? No pain

An hour after having an ear tube placed today in Right ear for ETD, my Left ear clogged up and echoes. What causes this? Do I need a 2nd tube?

Are ear plugs safe?

Are there any natural ways to clear out your ear and nose canals?

Are using ear plugs bad for your ears?

Are your ears and nose really connected internally?

As a kid always had ear infections. Tubes after tubes. Hole in ear at a time. Doc said see fluid/drainage everytime check ears now. Says its normal.

As a pilot, I use a headset with foam tips that go into ear canal. I also suffer from frequent otitis media. Can they be related? Ent is considering tympanostomy. Can I use this headset w/ ear tubes?

As soon as I take my hearing aids out of my ears, my ears itch like no other. I end up making my ears bleed from itching it. What is this?

Bad ear pain. Nurse cleaned out wax. Doc said fluid behind drum and inf ear canal. How? I'm not sick. Ideas?

Badly blocked ear after fight, what to do?

Balance problems shortly after coping weeks of randomly plugged or unplugged ear... No excessive wax inside. ?

Blocked sinuses. Goes from left ear/nostril to the right. Could it be due to damage to the ear? Loud music?

Blood is slowly draining from one ear canal, no trauma or earache?

Build up ear wax, put some olive oil, nothing came out and my ear is bumged up. Cant have it syringed coz perforated eardrum in the past, what to do?

Bunged up ear due to build up earwax, cannot syringe coz of prev. Perforated eardrum. Worried about altitude! want to ease before flying please advise?

Can 5m of depth damage your ear drum when you're not properly equalize? (Im a free diver)

Can a fan a few feet from you to the left blowing air into your left ear cause ear damage? (On lowest setting, breeze)

Can a hole in the ear drum cause frequent ear infections? Ear was fine till ruptured and had 4-5 infections in 6mnths in same ear as hole

Can a lodged piece of cotton in one`s ear cause deafness?

Can a stray piece of cotton in the ear be a reason my left ear is ringing?

Can a wax blockage in your ear cause a high pitched ringing only during loud noises, as well as being sensitive to sounds? Ive had a partially blocked ear all day, it got worse when I itched it and pushed more wax in. Is this common with blockages?

Can anyone tell me what causes swelling in ear canal?

Can blowing your nose to much cause an ear go deaf from damage?

Can drs actually see inside your ear for middle ear infection just using the ear scope?

Can ear plugs be helpful in avoiding ears pain that occurs when plane decends?

Can ear wicks be inserted without a physician?

Can ears take a little while to stop ringing after being blocked with wax for over 2 weeks , never no ringing before jst irrigation hasn't stopped it?

Can earwax build up damage hearing? My mom was cleaning my ears out & I suddenly can't hear out of one ear. Any solutions? It doesn't hurt.  

Can ER help me with leaking ear don't have money for a ent?

Can food poisoning cause an ear infection? I had (what i believe to be) food poisoning two days ago, and now have a clogged ear. The ear isn't blocked by wax and seems to be at ambient pressure.

Can I get my hearing back and get rid of this fluid inside ear without tubes just antibios?

Can I use my headphones if I have a perferated eardrum? it happened yesterday so my ear hasn't healed or anything yet

Can impacted ear wax cause Eustachian Tube Dysfunction? Can it cause fluid to build up in middle ear? Starting to think issues started cause ear wax.

Can impacted wax from continuous (5 years) use of ear plugs at night result in an ear infection? And could an ear infection result in pain in the jaw and neck as well as the ear?

Can inserting ear plugs inside the ear too far, actually damage the eardrum?

Can it damage middle or inner ear? I put ethyl alcohol pure in ear to unclog swim ear or wax. It hurts when i burp and I have ringing now.

Can pe tubes fall backward into the head instead of into the ear canal?

Can q tip hurt ear? Please help. My elderly mom has wax?

Can sleeping on my side on my ear to hard or the wrong way on my pillow cause cauliflower ear or the ear cartlidge to be reshaped? Thanks

Can sleeping with ear plugs cause eye pain?

Can some person with otitis media dint feeling any pain in their ear but have ringing in their ear instead ?

Can someone tell me how long will it take for my clogged eustachian tube and swollen ear drum to heal?

Can someone tell me how to know i'm getting my ear drops into my ear properly?

Can swimmers ear naturally heal?

Can teething make ear(s) sore/ feel clogged with a muffled hearing in adults?

Can u take an ear wick out 2 days after you get it?

Can we view the whole human Ear canal (from the opening to the ear drum) from our naked eye with the help of a flash light.(without using an otoscope)?

Can wearing ear plugs for 4 days straight harm your hearing?

Can wearing headphones make your ear bigger?

Can you get cauliflower ear with "no trauma"?

Can you get frostbite in your ears?

Can you have fluid come out your nose or ears after a tonsilectomy and tubes put in the ears?

Can you push yiur ear canal into.your brain?

Can you suggest a means to get my ear to unplug?

Can you swim underwater when your ear tubes fall out?

Can you tell me if i could phone my gp about my ear?

Child having tympanoplsty with inscion above the ear and in ear canal. How long should she stay home from school ?

Chronic pressure in ears for 4 years now. Tmj doc&2 ents say looks fine. Pain=unbearable. I won't do it, but i feel like slicing open my ear drums myself for any relief. Hearing is excellent. What now?

Cleaned my ears with earwax removal drops and a water-squirting bulb. Earwax gone, but immediately had a sore throat a minor headache. Related?

Clogged ear after exercise? I often get a clogged or stuffy ear after i exercise. Why is this? What can I do to prevent it?

Clogged right ear, diagnosis is severe ear pressure with fluid completely filling the inner ear (euschatian tube), cant see an ENT doc until october, ?

Constant ringing (tinnitus) in ears. Realized I use q tips, I heard it can cause this. Is it because of loss of hair inside ear? How soon will it heal

Constantly blocked ears, & wet ears and pain every morning for the past year. Some days blocked hearing is substantial & doesn't clear till next day?

Cont. Q1 swimmers ear. Oral antibiotic. Why is my ear getting worse? Is my ENT doc a quack?

Could a plugged up ear(wax filled or pressure-filled) make you dizzy?

Could diabetics get their ears gauged?

Could having your ears pierced affect the reflexology points in the ear?