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Since October 2014 I've been experiencing fever and pain, numbness, clogged ear and now, bad smell inside of my ear. I have no insurance money help! ?

Ear has been ringing, Also hurting on right side. Sound is muffled at high volume(public area). Checked with local doc says ear is fine. What to do?

I have a question umm my ear is stinging with pain do you know what's the cause of it?

12 month old keeps pulling at his left ear. No fever or diarrhea. Pulled at ear and cried all night. Could it be an ear infection?

18YO daughter complaining about acute ear pain after cleaning ear with peroxide because it felt plugged. Need to be seen or will this resolve?

1year old having upper respitory problems along with cronic ear infections.. Said surgery putting tubes in her ears will help... Is there another opt?

2 month ago i had inflammation and pus in my left ear and i took zenat antibiotics but now there is sound in my ear while chewing ?

2 year old with what seems like ear pain my 2 year old son is having pain in what seems like his ear (he grabs it) every time we feed him. Thinking that this was an ear infection we took him to the doctor. The doctor checked his ears for infection, and

23yo female bone behind just one ear hurts no swelling. Nothing on the other ear scared its cancer no othet symptoms?

3 days ago hurt ear with q-tip. Pain. Felt like fluid in ear too. Pain is gone, but have had tinnitus for 2 days. Likely ruptured ear drum?

3yo w/ear infection on antibiotic drops fever pain resolved very small area of pink behind upper ear no swelling. Mastoiditis?

3yr old has tummy pain, fever stuffy nose, dx with ear infec by doc but she has had no ear pain how is this possible and why does she have tummy pain?

59 yr old female. Ear pain, bad pressure, malformed eustachian tube. Need tube in ear. Hate needles. Are any needles involved? Help

5yo has a retracted ear drum and is in so much pain, so dr and no infection. Does it really cause so much pain and how can I help soothe her?

8 month old baby was diagnosed with ear infection and is tilting head to the affected side. Is this normal? Any advice to help sooth the discomfort?

A nurse irrigated my right ear but it was so painful that my ear still hurts 6 days later. There is no infection or perforation. What could be wrong?

A week ago I started having neck pain along with the sound of my pulse in my ear.The doctor told me my ear was inflamed. How long will it last ?

Abnormal swelling around the face with ear ache and throat pain.what could it be? An ear infection or cancer? Under the jaw swelling also.age 48

About once a month, I get ear pain. Is that ok or bad?

Adult. left ear - outer and middle ear infection. Taking meds. Pain is worse and severe. Pain spread to throat and side of head. Do I need to go to ER?

After medication I think I'm recovering from sinusitis, but ears are painful and one feels really hot inside. Is this a start of a infection?

After ten days on antibiotics, my ear pain is just as severe, and the ER doc said it was so swollen he could barely see my eardrum, just that its dull?

Age24,female,fungal infectioof ear,no visible discharge,have had 4 suctions,no more deaf,feel irritation in head on affected side but no severe,cause?

Almost year around post nasal drip that reflects in alternating ear discomfort with external wet ears. facial, chest and behind ear seborheic dermatit?

Are there any home remedies for earache.Not swimmers ear.Not leaking any fluids. Sharp pain every 30 seconds to 1 minute. Help plzzz! thank you.

Bad ear ache in right ear. What are some easy home remedies for an inner ear infection?

Been diagnosed w/ both TMJ & eustachian tube dysfuntion. How can one tell the difference in what problem an ear pain goes to?

Been having neck pain a few inches below my ear. Doctor checked it out and said its an ear infection. No pain in the ear though. Can this be true?

Been having toothache like pain since last night. Not sure if it's my ear or tooth. Neck seems swollen behind the ear. Nose burns when inhaling.

Behind my ear is also swollen. How is it that doctors test for chicken pox?

Can an infused ear cause me to feel discomfort in my eye, temple and cheek? How long does an infused ear normally take to heal?

Can carbide peroxide damage your ears? My ears felt like they constantly needed to be popped, no pain or discharge beforehand. Now I have an earache?

Can dental problems cause an ear infection? I know it can cause ear pain, but it feels like i had liquid in my ear. The pain started a few days after a bad tooth infection. Can this be related?

Can ear infection cause stomach pain and vomiting in a 2.5 yr old? Have been to urgent care and was surprised at diagnosis of ear infection.

Can ear infections go away on their own? Is pain always present with ear infections? Most of the time my ear feels fine but there is occasional pain

Can lupus cause ear pain? Bad right ear pain twice and no infection or signs of anything causing pain. Antibiotic ear drops did not work either..

Can non infected fluid in the left middle ear cause jaw pain?

Can persitent ear pain in 1 or both ears be a symtom of early hiv ? Ear pain is ( in eustachian tubes) pressure pain and feel full and block at times

Can smoking cause an inner ear problem/infection which can affect the throat and nose and you feel permanently unwell with cracks and pops in the ear?

Can urine help heal an ear ache?

Can you get Head/ neck pain due to blocked eustachian tube?

Can you have mastoiditis without an earache? I've had a cyst removed behind my ear before, & seems like I have another one but no earache?

Chewing gum for days.Than jaws/ears pain started same day. Ears were infected,pus, on meds.But spasms/tremors happening around top of TMJ and by ear?

Child has ear pain that last a few seconds but several times a day ENT says no infection but a hole in ear drum. So what can cause that pain?

Chronic ear pain includes drainage 4 3 mo. Just had right tonsil removed so I know pain can b referred. ear/throat connections? Cause of ear fluid?

Cleaned ears with Q-tip, resulted in small noise, mild sharp pain, and followed with blood running out of my ear (I know, bad idea). Discomfort in ear?

Clogged right ear doc put me on strong antibiotic what can I do for this? No pain

Clogged right ear feels like pressure deep inside no severe pain but swollen lump nxt to ear lobe 2wks now taking a/biotics. Is lump from ear infectn?

Could it be something bad if I have ear swelling?

Could walking in cold air cause an ear infection?I have pain in the r ear & going into neck.Last dr visit she said i had fluid in r ear a week ago.

Crawling/bug like sensation in left ear. 2 ENT visits. Removed small hair but ear continues to so call itch. Coly-Mycin S did not work. Now what????

Daughter says ear hurts when she pushes in on cartilage part of ear...What could b wrong?

Daughters outer ear behind targa is swollen . No crazy piercings her jaw on the same side is not lining up . She does not suffer from Tmj. ?

Day 3 into bad ear infection and have mild tinnitus in right ear. Will this subside when infection clears? Ear itself still feels clogged.

Day 4 of my daughter's operation.having severe pain in ear,..

Day 9 of 10 of Amoxicillin course for ear infection. Have had little pain since day 3. Today feeling pain behind ear.Normal or should I go back to Dr?

Day after arriving home from Mauritius holiday had ear pain. Saw ENT and had a clot suctioned out of ear. Had no known trauma. What could cause this?

Diabetic ears feel blocked but no infection what could it be?

Diagnose middle ear infection by 2 doctors went to 3rd doctor cause slight numbness in tongue, 3rd doc say this is from ear infection, would u agree?

Dip behind earlobe has nagging pain .. No lumps etc. No excess wax. ?

Discomfort in ear. Sinus hurts when massaged behind ear. What course to relieve symptoms? Taking OTC earache meds.

Do ear infects present differently after tubes? 14mo pulling/rubbing on her jaw/ear area.Fever 99. See3 teeth coming in 2 eye&molar. No drainage.

Do I have problems with my ear I get ear infections a lot and sometimes the hum or ring slightly and they really hurt?

Do i need middle ear surgery? About a year ago i caught a cold that developed into bronchitis. During this time, i had a build-up of fluid behind my right eardrum. Even after i recovered from the bronchitis, i still felt something behind my eardrum and it

Do people with cut on the ear have a lot of pain?

Does any connection between gastroenteritis and pain in my gum, head and ear?

Does the swelling in the ear canals go away by its self?

Dr didn't say anything about ear infection, just that I have a ton of fluid in right ear. Also have vertigo and some nausea. Does fluid = infection?

Dull ache in throat last night (1-2 pain) and still there today (0-2) i'm getting over ear infection with antibiotics. What could it be?

Dull pain in the crevice behind my ear & jaw for year. Used antibiotics, sinus spray and ear spray. Specialist and scan found nothing. Deep ear pain.

During upper respitory infection, I flew & now ear blocked & feel some liquid moving inside ear upon tilting head. What treatment can help me?

Ear & head pain on left side. Doc said fluid in ears. Antibiotics didn't work. Sudafed helped but ten days later pain by temple. Keep taking sudafed?

Ear ache, not able to lay on ear surrounding area is extremely sore. Ear drops will not drain.?

Ear drums are in pain and i believe it is because my eustachian tubes are not functioning properly or they are swollen. What can I do to relieve the pain?

Ear feels full and can't hear well out of it but no pain. Doctor thinks it's ear infection. Why no pain? Would antibiotics fix ear?

Ear feels very full and achy, crackling sound when opening mouth,. Face hurts to touch near earlobe. No fever. Is it infection or impacted earwax?

Ear has been achy for the past few days. Tried to clean the edge of opening & was in intense pain. Used peroxide & still achy. Infection? Or not?

Ear hurting along with ringing clogged and pain in jaw and teeth. Drained a lil blood out if it the am. Tried drops neti pod heating pad nothing works?

Ear infection-severe pressure pain-bleeding-then no pain. Cannot hear at all. ER doc could not see problem with ear drum- could it still be ruptured?

Ear infections adults does it make your jaw hurt?

Ear infections. Been on amoxicillin 8/10 days. Both ears still not normal. Right one continues to close up more. Everything is more muffled . What do?

Ear infx 2.5 months. Was told all kinds of infx. nothing really work. Pinching,achy feeling around ear/neck when flares up. Should i get contrast CT?

Ear nose tgroat and kidney pain what is it?

Ear pain but urgent care said no infection, ingrown hair, or swelling. My throat looked norm as well. Hurts in ear when I swallow or suck a straw.

Ear pain for four months. MRI showed mild mastoiditis with fluid. My ENT and my GP are not convinced that I have this or that is what's causing pain. ?

Ear pain in both ears but no infection. What could be wrong? PCM doesn't seem to have any answers

Ear pain inside outter ear recent flu lots of mucus?

Ear pain that has progressed into jaw. Getting very very painful as time goes on. Have not been swimming ect so not water in my ear.

Ear pain when using cellphone Only. Possible causes ? Thank you.

Ear pain/itching 5 days ago. Went to doc said it swimmers ear(didn't swim) Got drops lymph node behind ear is now swollen. No pain or itching though. ?

Ear was popping one night with pain and. Nextt day llittle popping. Now both ears hurt at times no popping.Also headaches. Sinus/alergy/ infection.

ENT hurt my ear while cleaning, some blood, ringing. he says he didn't hit drum, just from infection, sore skin. this sound right?

Ent said inner ear is ok! just have a sinus infection and on meds. Still feeling off balance when walking, marshmellow feet. When will this go away?

Ent thinks I got plugged duct in parotid gland .has me doing mucinex (guaifenesin) .but no mass .lot of clicking and popping now that swelling not as bad .tmj?

Eustachian Tube: BAD daily itching for yrs. No pain, popping or hearing issue. Worse at home, kept very warm. PostNasalDrip, no allergies. What to do?

Ever since my last migraine my ear has been swollen around the ear hole with no infection. It is hard to hear. My head and neck is also sore.

Everytime I burp I have a very sharp pain in my inner ear. When I swallow hard it also hurts my ear. I'm wondering what could be causing it? I also want to know if it could be a serious ear infection, I get them often back to back but I've never had a bur

Fallopian tubes infection can also cause back neck pain? I have a very painful back neck. And also suffering fallopian tube infection.

Feeling pain in and on my ear what could this be i don't believe its not an ear infection?

Finished medicine for throat and ear infections. Have a burning sensation that comes and goes in arms and wrist? Part of infection?