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1-year-old has an ear infection. How can I help her sleep better?

13mth son born profoundly deaf r ear, never produces nasal discharge, have to use saline drops to moisten, is this problem caused by deafness?

14 mo old- tubes 7 days ago. Ear drops (ofloxicin?) and oral (omnicef)) for bacterial pneumonia. Why is he still pulling @ ears, crying, & draining?

3 months old baby ear infection??? What should I do? No fever . Help

4mo boy puts his fingers into his ears often while breastfeeding or not. No ear infection( checked by dr). Why?

5.5 month old batting at ears for 2 days. Teething or ear infection? Do i take her in?

6 MS old baby has had 2 ear infections one after another after antibiotic in same ear. Any way i can prevented, when i consider tubes?

An inner ear infection caused me to go deaf in one ear about 2 years ago. Since then i have become allergic to all pollens can these be linked?

Are adult ear infections the same as kid's ear infections?

Are breastfed babies less prone to ear infections? Why or why not?

Are there any good ways to prevent ear infections in my infant?

At what age can my infants ears go under water during a bath without a high risk of getting an ear infection? The father had ear infections as a baby.

Baby (14 months)has water in ears since more than 2 months.Doctor wants to see her every 2 weeks.She said there's no infection for now.. Dangerous?

Baby was pulling her ears for a month but last night she was crying and pulling her ear...what could it be? Is it teething or ear infection

Both of my older kids had chronic ear infections; does this mean my new baby will, too?

Can a baby (not a newborn) get more ear infections if he sleeps on his back or on his stomach?

Can a child’s ear infection clear up on its own?

Can an ear infection cause hives in adults?

Can an ear infection during pregnancy (15 weeks) affect the baby in any way?

Can congestion and being phlegmy from dairy cause ear infections? Can congestion and runny nose cause ear infections? A family member gets phlegmy from dairy. A family member smokes in the vehicle. The child has had several ear infections and is always co

Can I use a small amount of peroxide in my child's ear if she has a tube in there she currently has an ear infection?

Can kids with ear tubes still get ear infections?

Can there be treatment for an ear infection in someone who was born with holes in the eardrum?

Can you catch a sinus and ear infections from a child your babysitting for? Last month my granddaughter got two ear infections and sinus infection then i did and now she has gotten all that again and I have it again. I was told i couldn't catch it from h

Can you go to school with ear infection?

Can you tell me how to prevent ear infections for toddlers with tubes?

Can you tell me if ear tubes are necessary in children who get many ear infections?

Can you tell me if my son has an ear infection, can he still have tubes placed?

Can your child still hear bass if he has tympanostomy tubes put in?

Child had tubes placed in 2years ago and fell out last Nov. He's gotten his first ear infection this year and ENT want to place tubes in,normal or not?

Child has ear tubes and still had 4-5 infections in same ear since January what are some other options?

Child with ear infection can go up high altitudes?

Could ear infections in children cause vomitting, without any other symptoms?

Could my toddler not urinating be due to ear infection?

Do babies get fevers with ear infections?

Do children's ears bleed when the tubes fall out?

Do colds lead to ear infections in children?

Do newborns have hairy ears?

Does aa childs ear bleed when their tubes fall out?

Does an ear discharge mean my baby has an ear infection?

Does breastfeeding while lying down cause ear infections?

Does my child need to get a shot for repeated ear infections?

Does the color of ear tubes for reoccuring ear infection say about the tube? Common bobbin ear tube. Our pediatrician said that the color almost look silver and the not typical blue or green that he usually have seen. The ear tube is for our 8mo old son a

Ear and nose infection for a generally healthy person. Please help with what to do?

For a 10 month old male baby who has had either flu, rsv, or multiple ear infections since march 1 at what time would tubes be considered?

Had a double ear infection last week. At the end of her antibiotic, but over the last 1-2 weeks she is eating less per feeding and in total. Problem?

Help please! is common cold in children should be followed by an ear examination?

How can I know if my child has an ear infection?

How can I prevent ear infections in my child?

How can I prevent my infant from getting chronic ear infections that run in the family?

How can I prevent recurrent ear infections in a 2 year old child?

How can I protect my baby's ears when we fly?

How can I tell if my baby has an ear infection?

How can I tell if my baby has an ear infection?

How can I tell if my child has an object in her ear?

How can I tell when my 6 month old baby has fluid in his ear after he's had an ear infection and taken all antibiotics as he keeps pulling at ear how?

How can I treat my child's ear infection?

How can I treat the boil in my ear? I am breastfeefing my 1 month old kid.

How can you get rid of the non infected fluid (after a ear infection in an adult)in the ear drum faster then waiting it out?

How can you tell if a 7mo old baby has a sinus infection?

How can you tell if you have ear infection? Do only babies and elders get ear infections?

How can you tell if your 10 month old infant has an ear infection?

How come some cultures pierce baby ears?

How do doctors decide when a child needs tubes in the ears?

How do pediatricians determine if a kid has an ear infection?

How do you prevent your child from getting more ear infections?

How is a bad rare kind of fungus ear infection treated in a child? Has had about a month

How long do you keep a child out of school for an ear infection?

How long should my sons ear ooze puss from his tube in a ear infection?

How long to keep ear tubes in? How long does a child who was getting ear infections almost monthly need to keep ear tubes in? The doctor said they’d fall out by themselves, but what if they fall out too soon and he starts getting infections again?

How many sets of tubes can a child get before doing something different for ear infections?

How much could my son's hearing affected by his very bad double ear infection?

How often should I clean my 7month old babys ears?

How soon can my child return to school after an ear infection?

How to clean child's ear without hurting him?

How to tell between teething or ear infection , im a new mom?

How will I know if my baby has an ear infection?

How will I know if my child has an ear infection?

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have a fever of 100.9, I have ear infections in both ears and and upper respiratory infection. Do I need to call my OB?

I have been deaf in my left ear cesnse clhild hood i had a I have been deaf in my left ear cesnse clhild hood i had a infection in both ears it had gone on for several years i coused me to go deaf in my left ear. As a kid i had dizzy spills for manny year

I learned that an ear infection will go away on it's own. Is that true?

I put peroxide in a child's ear that has tubes. What should I do?

I think i may have strep or an ear infection. I am 5.5 weeks pregnant. Is it dangerous for the baby?

I think my 9 year old son has an ear infection?

I wear ear plugs a lot in bed because my husband snores, now I have a fever. Could i possibly have an ear infection from it?

I work in a nursery, is having an ear infection good enough to get a sick note for being off work ?

I'm pregnant and have been having ear infections for the last 3-4 weeks! what should I do?

I've been wanting to pierce my infant 2month old daughter ears. What month is OK to pierce my baby girls ears?

If a young child is put on medication for an ear infection, is it normal for the ear to drain mucus?

If a young child is put on oral medication for an ear infection, is it normal for the ear to drain out stuff?

If my family has a history of ear infections, will my baby get them, too?

Infection both ears. Is it ok for a child to fly commercial if already on antibiotics?

Is it normal for my 7 month old baby to keep pulling at his ears even though he has been in amoxilin for 7 days due to having an ear infection?

Is it ok to travel by air with my baby who has outer ear infection?

Is it possible for a child to have a mixture of both parents ears or different ears from parents??

Is it possible for a toddler to develop an ear infection without having had a cold first? He is up screaming at night but acts normal during the day.

Is it safe to fly if my child has an ear infection?

Is it typical for young children to have recurring moisture buildup in the ear behind the eardrum?

Is swim-ear alright to use on a child with ear tubes?

Is the common cold in children something that should be followed by an ear examination to rule out an ear infection?