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How to know if I have swimmer's ear?

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How to tell if I have swimmers ear?

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I have an ear ache that is on the inside of my ear and my ear feels like there is pressure in my ear. Could this be and ear infection?

I have an ear infection and can't hear out of one ear. What should I do?

I have been prescribed ear drops because the hearing on my right . so , are ear drops for ear wax only ?

I have ear infection in both ears after suctioning my ears plug up again around two days later why?

I have external ear infections/swimmers ear?

I have noticed for the last 6 months one of my ears has flakey ear wax while my other one is normal what is the cause of the flakey ear?

I have static in my ear what is it?

I m having drainage from my ear ?

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Is this oozing a swimmer's ear infection or ruptured ear drum? How can you tell?