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Eustachian tube blockage in my right ear in Feb.Yawned a lot to stabilized pressure. Developed left ear quivering; voices, noises vibrate. Annoying,?

I feel like I loss some of my hearing in my left ear, what could be the cause of that? I can still hear, but not as clearly as my right ear

~3 yrs ago my nephew accidentally sprayed Silly String into my ear about 6" away. Since then whenever I hear keys jingling my inner ear vibrates. Why?

1 month ago had cold and left ear's still plugged. Got audigram that showed low freq in 50 dB, january were 15-20. Could this be otosclerosis or cold?

100% deaf in right ear since a child. Recently started to notice loud low hum in good ear. Tip of tongue feels like it has been burnt with hot liquid?

2 clogged ears over 1 year. Sounds are muffled, ENT called it weeping ear. Now no insurance and my wife is going crazy, feeling deafness. Please help?

23yo female why does my ears and head feel full?

3 yrs ago while sitting, my neck felt stiff so i popped it very loudly. Both ears started ringing and have not been able to hear since. Why?

30 year old man was in yard where they was shooting guns he wasnt close to them but now he has ringing in his ears and can't hear good. Will this oass r does heneed to see a dr.

5yo perf eardrum mild hearing loss that is getting worse. Failed tympanography. Why hearing getting worse? Worry about mastoiditis? Regular ent appts.

A few days ago after shower, felt like water was clogging my right ear.Now decreased hearing in right ear and loud ringing. Should I be worried?

About 6hr ago whistling started in my ear and it hasn't stopped since, if I put finger in 1 ear it stops and if I put it in the other it goes louder.?

After firing 10 shots on a firing range with ear plugs my right ear feels as if it is blocked. This was my first time & will be my last.

After flying I have not been able to hear out of my ear for over a week now. There is no pain but it is frustrating?

After getting off of a plane from Hawaii, my mother had ear pains. She says she can hear water dripping and has hearing problems. Should she see a doc?

After having a head cold i now have a high pitch whistle in my left ear, will it go away or do I need to see a doctor.

After I masterbate my ears go fuzzy and ring for a while. They feel clogged up. I have had a normal brain mri for headaches recently. Is this bad?

After I was bitten by a rat on my ear, i've been experiencing an intense ringing in my ear, what's going on?

After I went swimming, the next day, I blow my nose, it sounded as if my hearing was plugged in my right ear. Now a few days later, I woke up and I couldn't hear, it was like very very muffled, still is. I had my GP look at my ears, say it's wax build up,

After lipo n face lift is it normal for hearing difficulties? Feels like my ears are swollen shut

After orgasms my ears go numb and I can't really hear? Is it normal and why does this happen?

After running, I have trouble hearing my heartbeat in my ears afterwards, why?

After snorkeling I still have what feels like H2O on the ears after 6 days & a round of antibiotics,but still hear "swallowing", but nopain. earplugs?

After swimming, I have water in my ear. Been there for 3 days. Tried sleeping with concerned ear facing down. It doesn't hurt. Should I do something?

After you get your ears flushed, do you still hear ringing for a little bit?

Anyone get the feeling of fullness in the inner ear from grinding?

Are some people more prone to getting ringing in ears?

Are there any ways to make your tinnitus go away? I've had tinnitus for almost a year and it comes and goes. It only rings in my right ear, pretty loud

Back in early november i had an ear infection. Went to dr. Got meds. 4 days later i had ringing in the ear. Now 2 months later l still have ringing in?

Basic hearing test right ear worse thn left ear by 5dB at two of the frequencies and 10dB at another. Equal at the rest of the freq? Concerning?

Been 2 ENT for buzzin in my ear nothin wrong with hearing been 2 hozzy dentist they said i've got an over worked jar n should rest it but still there?

Been 4 moths since my ear infection, my tinnitus is now not as loud, my hearing got better but not 100% does it take this long for tinitus to go away.

Been experiencing ear fullness and hear breath in one ear for 2 days after going up an elevator in hotel. How long for it go away. Treatment?

Been sick for a couple days ears blocked. Earlier today i noticed anything audio sounds robotic. Throbbing pain in ears. Sensitive to noises. Dr yorn?

Been to Ent n pcp for a weird lightheaded feeling I've had for 6 yrs daily they say ears fine neuro exam good.say anxiety fear inner ear tumor,?

Before tinnitus started(40d),I had fever and my ear felt full. The fullness has been nose is blocked every morning. What can be the cause?

Bleeding from ear after flying? Flew 6 hours- the throat/ear pain was horrible + flu symptoms. Lost hearing in both ears now 1 ear started bleeding

Blocked ear when I put my head back which causes hearing loss, clears when I lean forward. keep getting dizzy spells & ringing in my ear. Am I ok?

Blood rushing in ears when i get angry. Is this odd?

Both ears are pluged. like if u went up on a high mountain. sometimes so much so that i cant hear anything except roar. BP test at home is 140/100???

Both my ears are muffled and I can't hear very well. So I'm starting amoxacillin today. How long will it take to hear right again?

Bp just went up to a 200mmhg and my ears are ringing. Whats wrong?

Buzzing in left ear 1 1/2 weeks. Decongestant, steroid shot, antibiotics... still buzzing. Only stops when I talk or hum or low pitched noises ?

C/o Doppler heartbeat sound in left ear worse with turning head but stops when pressing on carotid artery. Ent says ears are perfect?

Can anxiety cause tinnitus? Or worsen ringing in ears? It seems like i always had faint ringing, it seems worse now. But i'm struggling with anxiety.

Can anxiety give u weird off balance moving backward feeling Ent de says it's not vertigo n not inner ear so worried 6 yrs daily motion comes n goes.

Can hear blood pumping like a heart beat in left ear have suffered with ear infection vertigo and dizziness over the last five weeks now my eyes are a?

Can high blood pressure makes u deaf currently I hear something like drumbeat in my right ear?

Can not hear out of my right ear after swimming please help i went swimming, then about 2 hours later i used a q tip because i hear water sloshing around, my hearing became instantly muffled, there was no pain involved and 3 days later its still muffled w

Can tinnitus be heard in your head (temples) instead of your ears? I've had nonstop buzzing since age 15 - gets louder with stress. Father has it too.

Can your ears ever pop during flight hard enough that you never get your hearing back?

Can't get his ear to open up was on flight 28, 000 ft when the cabin pressure, they had emt exam him but he still can't hear fully out of one ear

Cant get the ringing in my ears/head to stop y is this?

Cant herr out of my ear to can here my hart beting?

Clicking noise in my ear whenever i turn my head. If i shake my head rapidly it also repeats. Could I have contracted an ear infection?

Constant ringing in ears, when I think about it, it is 24/7. May have gotten louder in past 5 years. Any remedies?

Could having allergies cause a weird lightheaded feeling daily 24/7 for 6 yrs my Ent tells me no n that it's not inner ear by talking n looking at me ?

Could it be inner ear infection ? I woke up experiencing a strong beep in my ears and was completely dizzy this is the 2nd time it happens to me !

Could you tell me why i randomly go deaf in one ear for a short period of time?

Daily ear popping during pregnancy. Not sick, crackling and popping for last 6 weeks. Ears look normal. Been told Pregnancy related. Why? Thank you

Dear sir/madam, it's been a year now since i first got tinnitus and also since then my left ear is popping. Is there any why i stop my ear popping?

Didnt have vertigo prior to hearing test. Went because had trouble hearing in noisy background. Next morning, dizzy as I've never experienced before?

Dizziness(no spinning)for few weeks.Gets worse when I move my head a lot.GP saw fluid in ear, as did nurse friend. ENT says no fluid. Confused! ?

Do I have a perforated ear drum? I have had chronic earaches since i was a kid. Lately I have noticed that i cannot hear well out of my left ear, and I do hear the ocean sound. I put some ear drops in ( left over from my last doctor visit), but it hasn't

Do I need to go to the doctor I can hear out of my ear now but with I blew my nose it got stopped up and I got dizzy and could not hear?

Doc is sending me too ENT dept for hearing test I am slightly dear in left ear and ringing in left side of my head what can I expect from app?

Doc prescribed naproxen 500 mg 2x day for 2 weeks for wrist tendonitis. It's day 3 and I feel ringing in the ears. I stopped it. Will ringing go away?

Dr. I hear a huming sound in my both ears continually it has started in last 4/5 years 24hours like honey bee near my ears what is it please .

Dull pain in both ears, doctor see little bit of fluid. Can hear my heartbeat very loud in right ear. On high BP medication daily. ?

Ear feels stuffy and is ringing, loud noises bother it although it feels hard to hear decongestant and netti pot did not help?

Ear fullness i recently flew with a cold and upon the return trip my ears never "popped" after landing. After 7 days i still cannot hear and feel as if i need to pop my ears. I have been to my family physician who says there is fluid but no infection.

Ear fullness? I am having trouble hearing with ringing as well as pressure. They also pop periodically. I'm getting over a cold, how long will it be?

Ear pops on and off. Reduced hearing I hear a "rumbling" sound. Tried cleaning and no success. Been going on for a month. No pain or discharge. ?

Eardrum hurts in right ear. On and off headaches throughout the day. Gets worse when hearing noise (loud) or (prolonged) what is this?

Ears been poping for past 3 months and feel off balance. Not to much dizzy but off balance. What can this be what can I do? Pcp wasn't help.Said fluid

Ears making crackling noises when swallow/yawn. Typogram /hearing test normal. 22+3 weeks pregnant. Happening for 7 weeks. What is this? TY

Echo in ear when working out. Is this bad?

Edward left ear is noisy since I'm from sickness, till now is still noisy like they turned radio in my ear.

Ent tells me that because my woozy feeling is better when sitting that my problems have nothing to do with my ears! what do you think?

ENT thoroughly cleaned out excessive ear wax today. Felt great. Now - only few hours later - feeling fullness/pressure again. Why?

Ever since I've gotten water in my ear it has not been the same. This has been going for 3 years now. My left hearing is not completely aware of noise?

Every morning I hear a humming in my ears until I smoke weed. My left ear has a sharp pain in it a lot of the time. Could I be losing my hearing?

Fast thumping in left ear for a few seconds. No other symptoms. I was just doing my hw, and it scared me. My ear was hurting this morning a bit? Scary

Feeling dizzy and everything sounds funny in my head. Cause for concern? A few weeks ago I had a cold that made me lose my hearing in one ear for days

Fly went in my ear. Now I have a headache. Is it serious?

For 3 months I have had extreme ringing in ears. Why is it when i hear dishes clinging it goes right through me? No ear infection. Please help me.

For as long as i can remember my ears have been ringing. My right ear is much louder, higher pitch, and constant. I have noticed hearing loss in my right ear lately. Is there anything i can do?

For last 3 weeks, I've had a fluttering sound in my right ear which comes and goes. It is becoming more frequent though. My GP said the ear looks ok and he doesn't know what could cause this. I don't have any other symptoms apart from tinnitus in that ear

For last few months i've been noticing a change in my hearing,i am listening a bit louder. my ears were more than sharp n now not much,am so tensed.

Got Bell's palsy and about 6 weeks got better. Since that point, my ear flutters when making facial movement and ear fullness. Why? Been 3 months.

Got Eustachian tube dysfunction symptoms, was trying to pop ear, heard air coming out one ear but not that noticeable I have to blow hard to happen?

Got static noise in left top ear been to ENT nothin wrong with hearing will acupuncture help as i'm always tence n having jar problems eg grinding?

Had a brain injury 5mths ago. Lost sense of smell & some taste. Occa'l vertigo. Recently i ve ringing noise in my ear. What causes that pls?

Had a large pop and then really high pitched whining in ear that woke me up last night. Currently dizzy, echo in ears, 96.3 temp, sounds intensified.

Had ruptured ear drum a little over 2 weeks ago, just popping every now & then when i talk, drink, eat? Should i be concerned?

Had shingles in ear and head 4mos ago. Lost hearing, still have heavy headedness and lost equalibrium will this ever go away will the tinnitus ever go?

Had vertigo/lightheadedness all of a sudden. My hearing seemed like it was muffled for 1min. 21, female, 5'3", 109lbs. What could be the cause?

Hard of hearing for last few days as if i'd been on a plane n my ears feel like they are pooped?

Have a head cold. One ear has been stopped up for days. Any recommendations for getting ear unstopped?

Have allergies and the past few days my ears have been so clogged. I aware my hearing has been reduced by 40%. Going insane. What can I do?