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What are chances of me getting labyrinthitis with a sinus infection? I think mine is bacterial cause antibiotics clear it up.

15 month old with fever for 7 days. Has ear infection, bronchial infection, open sores from diaper rash and the flu she is getting worse not better?

2 day head ache and earache with red nasal passage but no dischargeor fever. Recently went to lake and had amoxicillin in May. Bacterial or allergies?

2yr old with viral rash, fever and ulcers all around edges of tongue. No ear or throat infection present. What's causing it? His breath smells so bad

3 yr old has pinkeye and ear inf with pus no fever nopain should he take antibiotic in addition to eye drps can it also be strep throat brother has it?

30 y/o m, just got over severe pneumonia, now has what seems to be sinus infection ever since. Could they be linked?

4 weeks of symptoms . Should i get an antibiotic ? I have no fever ! persistent sinus pressure, ear pain, yellow thick nasal discharge, sore throat.

4 yr old with no fever and normal behavior but has some yellowish eye drainage and nasal congestion. Antibiotics or let his immune system work?

5 days head cold. Still have lots of sinus drainage. New doctor said bacterial pharyngitis so antibiotics 10 days. Rare in adults?

5 month old gas asthma reflux had the flu 3 ear infection pink eye thrush and now boil in anus low immunity or something else?

5 year old has ear pain following a recent cold/flu. Suspect ear infection. No fever. Antibiotics necessary or is "wait and see" approach best?

6 MS old boy has an ear infection we are treating it with omnicef, (cefdinir) now he developed a rash on her face and mild on chest, does it relate to infection?

6yr/o has had 4 ear infections, strep throat and a uti since January. Is this normal or is this concerning? What can cause all these infections?

8 month old with smelly urine and fevers but not regular about once a day. She also had a middle ear infection with a cough and a wheeze? What to do?

9 month old went to doctor 7 days ago for ear infection...He still crying at night , and now has runny nose...He was treated with antibiotics... Shou?

After 8 out of 10 days on antibiotics for an ear infection my 12 month just stared getting fever again. What doe this mean?

After a serious sinus infection this spring, all cleared up with antibiotics but I now have almost no sense of taste or smell. Should I see an ent?

After having stomache virus, developed rash on tummy & now a yeast infection along with blocked sinuses...What gives? Diagnosed with colitis.

Am getting chest pain. I have sinus infection without any congestion and UTI.

Any particular reasons for why I get so sick so often? In the last 7 months I've had bronchitis twice, strep, and 4 upper respiratory infections

Are sinus infections contagious? I have heard yes and no....

Are the symptoms of myringitis bullosa bad?

Are there things i can do to quickly cure a sinus infection?

Are you more prone to infection when you have the common cold?

Bact infection over inside lip 6 days. Amoxici 4.5 days, fever & lymph pain gone but infection looks unreduced. Continue with antibio or stronger?

Bad allergies which went into a cold &now a sinus infection. On day 3 of antibiotic, still bad head pain when i cough. Is this still w/i normal?

Been off antibiotics for 3 weeks now, had a bad sinus infection. Still get a slight headache and eyes hurt.Is this healing process of a bad infection?

Been on amoxicillin for 10 days for a bad mouth throat and nose infection can antibiotics cause you to spot even though my period ain't due for 2wks?

Been on antibiotics for a sinus infection for 5 days but I have had a sore throat for 2 weeks and it is getting progressively worse. What should I do?

Been sick for 3months on antibiotics first it was mykidneys were infected then my ears an sinuses then my stomach now my sinuses again why aminotbetr?

Burning sinus, but no congestion or signs of infection. I don't feel sick at all, but how do I stop the burning?

Can a bacterial infection cause a tight chest and mucas ?

Can a bad infection give you ptsd?

Can a bad tooth infection cause flu like symptoms?

Can a chest infection be checked with a throat swab?

Can a chest infection spread to another infection such as an ear infection if left untreated?

Can a ear infection also cause a bad cough?

Can a sinus infection be bad enough to infect my mouth and facial bones but i don't cough or sneeze a lot, or have a fever? Bloody nose some mornings.

Can a sinus infection cause burning on the top and back of my head. I got a sinus cold 9 days ago and 4 days ago started antibiotics for a iinfectioni?

Can a sinus infection make you sound and light sinsivtivity on the side of infection?

Can a sinus infection with congestion and painful teeth be treated at home without antibios?

Can a toothache be caused by being sick?

Can allergies lead to a sinus infection and then to bronchitis? My temp hasn't gone greater than 98 but been feeling really bad.

Can an inflammation caused by allergic reaction cause fever with nasal discharge/or sore and inflammed throat or is fever only caused by infection?

Can common cold cause lung infection?

Can ear infection with fever and no pain or drainage go away on its own without treatment?

Can fluid remain in the sinuses for a while, even after the infection is gone?

Can i bath my 20 month old with a chest infection?

Can i still go outside on hang out with my friends if I have a sinus infection?

Can laryngitis be treated? About 6 days ago i developed a sinus infection and sore throat. After 2 days those symtpoms vanished, but now have had laryngitis for 4 days. How can I treat this?

Can pink eye be caused by a sinus infection? And also, can regular Advil (ibuprofen) help with the sinus infection?

Can sinus infections cause sore throat & how long do they last?

Can symptoms of bacterial meningitis be very mild and potentially go undiagnosed? And can a sore in the nostril cause sinusitis and/ or meningitis?

Can upper respitary viral infection cause dry cough and difficult to swallow ?

Can upset stomachs and vomiting be caused by a sinus infection? I've had a sinus infection for about two weeks and i've been having a lot of nausea.

Can viral sinusitis cause bad odor through the nose? If so, how is it treated? Many thanks.

Can viral throat infections go on for months?

Can you do a culture from inside the nose to see if there's a sinus infection going on?

Can you get a high fever from a not-so-bad looking eye infection? Or is it something else causing fever?

Can you have a sinus infection with no yellow or green drainage happening?

Can you tell me have i got a chest infection ?

Cold like symtoms. I am very prone to sinus infections. Could this be a sinus infection. I also got new glasses but, they feel too strong. ?

Congestion, headache, sore throat, low grade fever. Will what i assume is a sinus infection go away by itself? I don't want to take antibiotics.

Constant sinus drainage in throat make glands hurt or is it an infection?

Could a sinus infection make your breast sore and tender?

Could amoxicillin antibiotic help with white mucus in stool. It's an excessive amount and I fear I might have a bacterial infection. ?

Could eating mushrooms give you a sinus infection?

Could I use it to fight a sore throat (infection).And ear infection?

Could pseudomonas in throat makes pain in throat?I have only pain no infection. Should I take antibiotics.dr said no need?

Could this be menegitis? I was diagnosed with an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection yesterday at the emergency room. Now my neck is feeling stiff, what could be the cause of this?

Could throat infection be due to smoking?

Dark blood coming up from throat every morning once I wake, could this be connecting to a sinus infection?

Do people ever get a sinus infection without a fever?

Do sinus infections always need antibiotics in children (7yr), how to tell if it's bacterial? No fever just runny stuffy nose for a month.

Do you think I should go to school if I have sinus infection?

Do you think I should go to school with a sinus infection?

Doc gave me meds for sinus infection, the congestion is going away. But my throat is extremely sore and has pus on it now, should I go back in?

Doctors! what actions would spread my throat infection?

Does a sinus infection cause body aches, or more likely to be flu?

Does ear infections and having cats at home are related?

Does the heart rate go up when a person is sick with a cold or sinus infection?

Does the pneumonia vaccine help cut down on allergy and sinus issues and infections?

Does viral fever leads to cough and throat infection? Is there nee of antibiotics?

Dr said. Sinus infection+ ear infection + cold... Left cheek sore though?

Dr. Sees shingles of the eye/nose & worries (but does not investigate) fungal infection of the throat & nose. Treats with antiviral + antibiotics. Ok?

Ear, nose &throat problems. I was diagnosed with the upper respiratory infection four months ago and it's not better.

Fever due to an ear infection , can it be dangerous during pregnancy?

Fever. Diahrrea. Ventricle tachycardia. Ears plugged. With a fever would this be related to infection?

Follow up from previous question about sinus! ER dr said viral infection and gave no meds ! i still feel like it's sinus infection?

For 10 days i had a bad cough w yellow mucus, sore throat & ear pain. This happened after my antibiotic treatment for ear/sinus infection. Can't sleep?

For the last 24 hours I've had shortness of breath. Had ear infection and on my 6th day of doxycycline antibiotics. Can't catch breath, is it related?

Frequent sinus infections and nearly constant tonsil stones. Does that mean anything?

Frequently i suffer from throat infections, what is wrong?

Fungus in ear wath are the symptoms?

Got off a viral infection last week and of meds now. Sweating more than normal even when doing nothing. Something still wrong?

Had a bad sinus infection day2 off antibiotics face starting to hurt again and my heart is papitating. What does that mean?

Had a respiratory infection several weeks now and last night i woke and felt fluid shift in my lungs. Will this go away on its own or with antibiotic?

Had a sinus infection, antibiotics didn't work well. By the evening one eye gets dry and starts to bulge along with oder. Infection the reason?

Had bacteremia/meningitis, from sinuses. Did my bad sinuses eat away and cause a csf leak that let infection in? Can they heal? Cured now no drainage

Had meningitis last year from bad sinuses. Flu symptoms recently, flu swab of nose. Can sticking the swab in nose cause new infection or meningitis?