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50 yo f with sun damaged, rough skin. Which everyday lotion works best to moisturize skin? Do any of the lotions make skin look younger?

Am 46 years old, and have color patches on my face that won't go. My face has uneven skin tone. What do I do?

Any creams for reducing uneven skin tones on faces? Any suggestions fr healthy even looking skin?

Any ideas why skin becomes wrinkled in water?

Any over-the-counter help for someone with swollen skin?

Basically on the head of my penis my skin looks wrinkled and dry and is insensitive to touch when soft. Is it just dry skin or something serious?

Bleeding under my skin on arm when scratching. What is it and what should I do?

Blood vessels of the skin are only found in which layers of the skin?

Broken skin and redness after facial, what do you recommend for this?

Burning skin and eyes after sanding boat?

Can dry skin cause flat skin moles to crack and look abnormal?

Can I make my skin less translucent? After shaving my stubble is still visible on my face, due to my skin being so translucent, can I prevent this?

Can I pick off my baby’s peeling skin?

Can my skin go back to normal after sunbathing post 3 months. Hands are discoloured and have thickened scaly skin and my chest has a rough texture. ?

Can palomar skin rejuvenation cause thinned skin to thin more, and stay that way? Will it help with leaky veins under the eye? Can it cause fat loss?

Can scrubbing the skin hard cause petechiae?

Can scrubbing your back really hard with a loofah cause skin rash?

Can some one explain the steps of a skin tightening?

Can too much dryness of the skin create more pimples?

Can too much heat on head from dryers cause skin cancer?

Can you really restore the elasticity in your skin at age 45? The skin around my face and neck is starting to sag

Can you recommend black head creams for sensitive skin?

Can you recommend lotion that will sort out my uneven skin on the body caused from sun which was from last summer& something for red pimples on body?

Can you tell me about skin care?

Chin.. I want to have a much more even and translucent skin?

Could rubbing your skin too hard cause wrinkles?

Could sitting in the sun fix the pigmentated skin on my face?

Could skin on back side of gums peel off?

Do old burn areas on your skin get skin cancer more easily?

Docs can you explain, is there such a thing as a gum moisturizer, we moisturize our skin so why not our gums?

Doctor, I used tretinoin (0.04%) over my freckles on cheeks. My skin peeled but now its looking quite stretchy and shiny with less elasticity.Pls help?

Does liposuction leave you with uneven surfaces for your skin?

Does skin rejuvenation mean exfoliating the skin extra deep?

Does swelling cause smoother skin while its swollen?

Does too much dryness of the skin create pimples?

Does your skin have to breathe?

Dragon skin in the middle of my cleavage?

Dry patch of slightly puffy skin below eyebrow. Might be a bit darker in pigment from normal skin tone. Burns a bit when I apply moisturizer. Concern?

Dry skin on my feet and skin peels off easily. How could I stop my skin from tearing off?

F/56 I had some skin tags on my face under my eyes. A skin doctor removed it with a tweezer. Now my skin hurts and is swollen. What can cause this?

First spots are occuring under eyes skin than lines are arround them about 8 per undereye skin..Can anybody help me are they wrinkles? Am only 19

For days my skin glows, lips are red, face looks healthy. Then skin becomes dull, lips darker and face looks emaciated for a few days. Cycle repeats.

Fragile skin on arms is this normal at 70?

Fragile skin on arms is this normal?

Girls please help with blotchy flushed skin.?

Good day doctor. I have an oily skin and keep getting pimples and black heads on my ace. How can I avoid them so as to have a smooth skin?.

Have a dark splotch on my skin. Feels dry compared to the rest of my skin. What could it be?

Have a skin problem that has been on my skin for 19 years I feel movement on my body some times?

Have thin skin on forearms that cause constant bruising. Is there a product that will help?

Hello I'm not old (only 16) and I have weird bumpy/scaley neck skin what can I do, my friends have smooth neck skin ?

Help! Itchy, dry skin developed on both sides of my abdomen. Skin discoloration of dark pigmentation. Do I need to see a doctor?

Hey, can you tell me more about skin?

Hi can you please please recommend some lotions that is good for body skin eg uneven skin tone glowing soft ect ? That actually works please

Hi I have an uneven yellowish skin tone around my mouth why is this its only around my mouth?

Hi, I am jay patel and i want to know about skin. Every time after normal to mild injury my skin not becomes as well before. two much skin layers are?

Hi, I have this excess skin near my vagina. Is that normal? What causes this?

Hi, there is dark skin between my breasts. I scrub there daily, so I know it is not dirt. I don't think it is a rash, but not completely sure.

How can I do a skin self-exam?

How can I get even soft skin tone on my face and keep the pimples away?

How can I get more tightened skin on my breasts?

How can I get my skin to be really soft skin?

How can I have a fair and soft skin?

How can I have baby-soft skin again?

How can I have smooth thighs skin as its the only part in my body that is dry like an orange skin and some hair grows inside my skin?

How can I make my skin tight around my arms?

How can I thicken and strengthen the skin under my eyes?

How do I fix rough skin on my face?

How do I help my skin beginning to sag around my mouth area?

How do you remove dead skin on your lips?

How looks skin cancar?

How normal would it be for my skin around my belly ring to peel like a sunburn?

How should I care for my skin?

How thick is our skin?

How to care for your skin when the doctor says you have a skin condition called rose a cha?

How to care my skin?

How to get more translucent skin around the forehead and chin?

How to get really soft skin on your areola?

How to prevent sagging and wrinkly skin on neck?

How to remove upper lip hair for people with sensitive skin?

I am experiencing skin darkening. describes me: Shiny or velvety skin. What should I do? It's above my lip after dermaroller treatmeant

I am twenty three year age.Due to pimples my skin is rough and on skin pimples scars and deep edges of face skin .I want to cure them so please give.

I bite my skin off my fingers, and skin will not grow back, what to do?

I exfoliate by rubbing my skin with my hands. could this cause wrinkles in the long run?

I got a bad sunburn on my legs and now the skin is all ripply and bumpy. In some places, the skin is peeling off. What can I do?

I got very sunburnt on my face and my forehead is swollen and soft. There is fluid under the skin how should I treat it and will it peel?

I had belt lipectomy the results are good but not satisfactory , i don't have much skin around my stomach but some skin around my chest, what do I do?

I had gynnocomastia . And now I have excess skin around my chest what is the best possible way to make the skin tighter without excision .

I have a discoloration near my ankle. It has a different texture than the rest of the skin. I've had it for a few years now. What could it be?

I have a hereditary skin condition that causes me to have very dry and cracked skin on the legs and arms and even head. What is it called?

I have a lot of loose skin from an old blister, is that normal?

I have a lot of mole on my face i want to remove the mole and also I have really bad skin like my skin is oily thats why i have lots of skin problem l?

I have a very uneven skin tone and mostly on my face area and i also do have a dark patch on the mustache area.. how do i get rid of it?

I have a very wrinkly skin and i am just 27, what can i do to reduce the wrinkly look of my skin. i dont feel comfortable in it at all. Please help?

I have always had really dry skin. Why does my skin become really soft after I start tanning on the tanning bed? Usually after a week my skin is so soft, not dry and flaky.

I have been having this under the skin pimple on my face for well over 5 months now. Skin colored & hard. Why & what is it?

I have discoloration skin in the corners of my mouth. What should I do?

I have discolored face i.E patch of different skin color around my face and hand i want to know to remove it ?

I have discolored face ie two layers of skin tone on my face and hand i want to know how to remove it?

I have dry, dark skin on my bum. Where the cheeks meet at the top. I have never had this before. Is this a cause from chafing or excess sweating?

I have flaky skin on my legs and nose. I have had skin cancer on my nose. How do I stop flaky skin.