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44 yr old male, skin on face is dry and constantly peeling. Dry skin or some type of skin condition?

Any ideas why is it that I have dry skin patches on my face?

Any recommendations for creams to treat flakey, dry skin on eyelids and face?

Are there any differences between having dry skin and eczema?

Are there any suggested face creams for dry skin?

Best way to hydrate dry skin?

Calamine for dry scaly skin, ok?

Can aquaphor help my dry eyelids?

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Can Accutane treat skin dryness?

Can acne medication cause makeup to be dry and flaky?

Can an STD cause dry skin?

Can anesthesia cause dry skin?

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Can dry skin cause rashes?

Can dry spot on mons pubis be dry skin?

Can dryness or moisture from sweating cause my skin to break?

Can herpetic whitlow enter through dry skin? So no wounds etc, just really dry skin.

Can I still put make up even if I have dry and flaky skin on face?

Can makeup cause dry skin to break out?

Can my skin be dry and not look dry?

Can pregnancy cause dry skin?

Can u plz suggest me some moisturizer for my skin?? My skin type is oily but now it is dry due to eczema

Can you tell me how i can protect our skin from dryness in winter?

Can you tell me how I could prevent dry skin on face?

Can you tell me how is it possible to have dry skin and spots at the same time?

Can you tell me how to treat dry skin on your hands?

Can you tell me what is the best lotion for extremely dry skin?

Can you tell me what is the best ways to reduce eczema and/or dry skin?

Could moisturiser help with dry skin in winter?

Could the dry skin around my mouth be causing acne?

Could you tell me if skin is dry, what can someone do to heal it?

Could you tell me ways to help with really dry and very sensitive skin?

Do any STDs cause skin dryness?

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Does vaseline always help red/dry/flaky skin?

Dry blotchy skin on face and moisturice daily and burns?

Dry flakey skin from astringent. What do I do now?

Dry flaky skin around the eyelids. How do I treat it without steroids. Do I let it dry and flake or keep putting moisturizer?

Dry patches of skin on my 2 year old. What is it and what causes it?

Dry peeling skin on differin (adapalene) is this a good sign?

Dry skin around lips. Also dry fingers. What are best OTC products for lips, for skin? Or, what ingredients should I look for?

Dry skin on face causing acne. How can I keep my skin from getting dry?

Dry skin on my tongue?

Dry skin on my vaginal area?

Dry, flaky skin on the outer skin of lips all the time. Why does this happen?

Dry, itchy, irritating skin.

During the winter i get very dry skin! please help me!?

For dry, scaly eyelids what product is better?

Hello docs! can you tell me what could I do about the skin on my arms being so dry?

Help please? What is the best way to keep your skin moist during winter?

Help! I have severely dry flaky skin on eyelids?

Hi doctor,skin on my breast has been dry and flaky for 5 years now.However,no itching or pain,just dry skin that peels off often.Help.

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is good for dry skin and dry snappy hair..?

Hi, I have a problem with my skin ,my skin is dry skin?

Hi, I have dry flaky skin around my mouth what should I do?

Hi.I have extremely dry and ashy skin.I have very dry scalp and dry dandruff.I am so annoyed of putting on lotions and my skin is dry next day?

How are dry skin and scabies different?

How can I cure dry skin on face?

How can I fix my dry skin?

How can I have dry skin and spots at the same time?

How can I sooty dry skin on face? Had overactive throid and oily skin not have really dry skin and can't put makeup cause its so dry.. Help!

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How can I treat dry flaky skin?

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