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Hi i have a never ending itchy scalp. My scalp itch after washing my hair. I get headaches; my scalp is sore and the crown of my hair hurts. ?

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I have a lot of itching on my pubic area, eyebrows and scalp. Redness on eyebrows and scalp area with scaling on scalp, and loads of flakes! help!

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I have scalp ringworm should I rub the shampoo in good? Cause it's very itchy when I do that

I have some red spots on my scalp they are raised bumps, my scalp is greasy. My scalp is also very itchy and when I scratch I get white under my nail?

I have these itching welts on most parts of my scalp for some time now, what is wrong with me?

I have thickening under my scalp what would it be.

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I have very painful and itchy pimples in my scalp and around my ears. What are they? Kindly suggest me a way out. Thanks!

I have yellow pimples on my scalp?

I think I may have scalp psoriasis(redish flaky patches allover head that itches)how can I tell for sure, do I need to be seen for it or buy something?

I'm a 52 yr. Old and I have severe flaking and almost a crust on my scalp?

I'm having dry skin, rashes, i now have head lice could they be related?

I'm having gray hair itchy scalp, what should I do?

I've had an itchy scalp for a week or two. It's not red, I don't have dandruff or a dry scalp, and I don't see any lice. Ddx for an itchy scalp?

I've had seb. dermatitis 2.5 yrs. and sometimes I itch scalp back and it bleeds. I fear skin cancer? I try not to itch, but sometimes can't help it.

If I have an itchy scalp, hair loss and hard clumps of skin on the crown of my scalp, does this mean I have seborrhea-excess sebum and/or psoriasis?

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Itchy and flaky pubic area, eyebrows and scalp what is this?

Itchy bumps at back of neck near hairline losing hair what could this be? Could it be sebhorreic dermatitis?

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Itchy bumps on scalp?

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Itchy scalp with orgasm?

Left eyebrow has rash and thinning would hydrocortisone work?

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My 1month-old has tiny red acne all over his face, scalp & his ear lobes and few in his body. Dry skin is flaking off his ear lobes and scalp. Help !?

My 3 yr old daughter has very flaky scalp. What should we do?

My 5 month old daughter keeps scratching her scalp a lot. She has red bumps all over her scalp and her hair is dry and tangled. What should I do?

My family and I have an itchy scalp and itchy anus what could be causing this please ?

My scalp at the nape of the neck is quite itchy and I scratch it often. This is scalp covered by my hair. It now has small bumps on the skin. Advice?

My scalp feeling itchy and irritated?

My scalp is itching so much. Could I have dermatomyositis?

My scalp is itching very bad? Please suggest me any good shampoo ?

My scalp is itchy and the crown is sore. There are no flakes, sores, or hair loss. What could it be? This has been for a year.

My scalp is peeling off, not dandruff. This is the 2nd time, its always itchy aswel. What can I use on my scalp and what might cause this?

My scalp itches all the time and I have scabs on my scalp what could this be?

My scalp near forehead is dry scaly non itchy. And wen i scratch it it reveals reddened skin is it scalp psoriasis i hv few lesions on my lower back?

My scalp tender and itch very bad what can I do for it?