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3yr old is itchy all over but no rash what could this be? I read itchy skin could be leukemia is this true? :(

A blister is an example of what type of skin eruption?

After being in the sun for a while my skin breaks out into a rash that looks like goosebumps. Why?

After dengue fever, psoriasis-like, leathery rash appears on skin where previous rash was. How to treat? Normal occurrence? Not itchy but unsightly!

After having pneumonia my skin is itchy please help?

After i undergo chemical peeling on my legs, when my skin peel I have this red humps more like rashes and its very itchy, is it normal?

After tanning I have gotten some bumps on my skin that itch. Been tanning before without a problem. What is the cause of this?

Am having an allergic reaction to laser.I have a very sensitive skin, almost any way to remove hair is hard.Now my skin is full of rash bumps what i do?

Arm skin itching and redx stains?

Autoimmune skin rash and red light therapy?

Betadine or chlorhexidine for skin rash?

Can a person get shingles in the mouth but not have any rashes on the skin?

Can a rotavirus be transmitted by skin to skin contact?

Can a skin rash be a sympotom of alcohol poisoning?

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Can changing insulin cause a reaction like itchy blotchy skin?

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Can coxsackie virus result in an all over body rash that burns, itches and leaves the skin raised.?

Can eczema cause bruising around the eye? Or could scratching the eczema cause the bruising?

Can eczema or any skin disorder be passed through skin contact?

Can furmethide in paint cause eczema? My skin is only itchy after work & its a chronic itch

Can high histamine lvls cause skin to slough off dead skin around the mouth area? Not psoriasis, fungal, or bacterial but skin flakes everyday.

Can hormones cause itchy skin?

Can hyperthyroid cause itchy skin, I have hyperthyroid and severe itchy skin?

Can i tell me how i can cure itchy skin?

Can itching eczema cause the skin to harden?

Can jalapenos cause skin rash on basby?


Can olmetec cause itchy skin?

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Can skin rash come without itching?

Can skin slide skin rash show up without symptoms?

Can someone explain to me how come my skin itchy all the time?

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Can you give me some advice about eczema on nails and skin issue help!?

Can you let me know is impetigo and intertrigo the same skin disease?

Can you tell me how i can prevent from skin rashes ?

Can you tell me treatments for skin rash?

Contagious itchy skin with no rash until scratched?

Could an allergy to antibotocs cause itchy rash on palms hands skin peel off not sure if let skin come off or moisturise ?

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Could dermatitis cause sensitive skin?

Could having diabetes give you skin rashes?

Could itchy skin be psychological?

Could just being diabetics cause skin to itch?

Could lysol work on some skin rashes?

Darkening & itchy skin in groin. What could it be?

Dear sir, which type of medicine is the best for skin itching?

Dermatographic urticaria for over a year, 3 hard immobile lumps under skin, very itchy skin. What could this be ? I am 23 and cancer is in my family.

Dermatology allergic skin rash from vitamin E cream, what to do?

Dermatology concern with skin rash, what to do?

Do I have a skin disease on my waistline where the belt buckle is? There's some rash there.

Do you think I'll need to seek a doctor advice and help if I have redness, rash and itchy skin?

Does anyone know why my stomach itches sometimes on surface of the skin but I have no rashes ?

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Does leaving semen on my skin over night will cause any rashes or itchiness? Thanks

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Does skin inflammation always itch?

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Does your skin crack and ooze with contact dermatitis every time?

Eczema runs in family & I have problems with dry skin on whole body. The skin on my face peels easy but Not itchy at all. Can it be eczema still?

For what reason does my skin blotch/rash after contact with water?

For years I have had this patchy scaly kinda rash on my skin that think may be rinworms?

Garmets make my skin itch, have hyperthyroid?

Having skin allergy reaction after rubbing the back of my palm on my beard. What could be the cause?

Hello, i would like to ask you a help. i have been with skin itching always after bath for more than 7 years. always after bath my skin itch?

Hi can anyone tell me what this skin rash it please ?

Hi I have itchy skin all over my body including head, no rash. No new products being used?

Hi- does keratosis pilaris have flare up? My skin itches and dry but, feel sticky. It could be eczema. What can I do? It's in the creasesof my body.

Hi, what kind of care should have with face skin, it is pretty sensitive I have some allergy spread now, itchy?

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