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I scrubbed my face with exfoliant and a rash formed by my mouth and it feels like a welt is forming. ?

10 1/2 mnth with dry red bumpy rash around mouth, chin, nose & cheeks. Getting worse, seems to itch. What can I put on to heal it? Aquaphor for babies

14yo/f.Nipples itch.Scratching made them scaley & chapped leaking yellow clear liquid from areola.On & off dry but scratch again and never heal.Cause?

17 male & my left nipple has been itching like crazy. There is a small bump next to the nipple tip as well. Is it dry, eczema, irritation from soap?

20 years old, greasy skin & pimples; when I was my face, the skin becomes dry, irritated, slightly red and flaky.. Like if it's shedding little bits.

22 years old, im female have blemishes on my cheeks not so much they are red pink what I should use to make gone skin is dry sensitive and bit spots?

2cms of skin all around my lips inflames, irritates & turns very red, very often, then becomes flaky and dry. Not sure what the cause is. Please help?

2yr old dry skin above lip and top lip irritated and or dry. Regular cetaphyl atopic stings. Is it ok to put vaseline?  it's red, irritated. Other?

3rd day w/rash but now my vaginal lips have become so dry that is it cracking and burning. There's a a thin layer of a white crust on them plz help.

6 mth old dry light red scaly patches on his forehead...Eczema? Can i apply something fot the dryness?

A baby has blotches of dry skin that is raised and does not get better with lotion kind like little bumps and slightly red..No fever and no itching?

A few weeks ago the skin under my eyes became very dry and itchy. the skin is peeling and it really hurts. Ive tried lots of lotions bt idk what to do?

A kind of rash on both my arms above elbow is blakkish and looks like dry skin. Its itchy sometimes usually when the skin is dry. Help?

A purple/pink spot on the skin of my knee cap It's been there for years Sometimes itches heavy scratching makes it weep and white dead skin comes off?

A rash on one of my fingers its flaky has little bumps dry patch and it burns sometimes?

About 7 weeks of itchy bumps all over that made my skin severely dry. Bumps scab and fall off. What is this?

About ten days ago, i woke up with a red, dry, blistery, swollen face. It seems to be in the crevices of my cheeks, and around my nose, it burns at time and itches. The skin is drying up and that makes it more painful, I have tried pure aloe vera plant g

About two weeks ago I the skin around the nail became swollen. There was possibly white skin like a blister and I took it off and there was a dent??

Accutane making penis super dry. Skin peels off all the time and a little cyst/bump has formed in a dry/flakey area. Itchy all the time. What 2 do?

After a shower, my forehead gets so dry and flaky and it does get redness too. I have the same thing on my scalp like bumps of dead skin. Any help?

After cleansing, dead oily skin sorta rubbed off, it was sticky, didn't come off easy. Looked kind like that thick tretinoin cream mixed with skin. ?

After dermal fillers yesterday, skin became red/puffy from anaesthetic cream with some red irritation afterwards. Today irritated areas are very dry damaged patches brownish in color. Should i worry?

After having a baby my wedding ring seems to be irritating my skin. My finger turns bright red and the skin peels off. What can I do?

After i peeled off my underarm it become redness very itchy and shiny at the sametime. I used peeling off local. What should I do?

After my first testosterone injection I have red bumps that itch all over & my nipples itch and are dry and when scratched clear liquid comes out.

After scratching my skin I get welts and my skin becomes really hot and it Hurst a little?


After washing or shaving i get itchy red patches on my face. What could this be?

An itch on my arm was scratched hard repeatedly. It's been weeks and has turned dry, pink, peeling, and itchy with thickened skin. It has spread.?

Are red rashes on the sides and back of my neck caused by dry skin or sensitive skin?

Arms itching no rash. I don't drink a lot of water. Could this be why? My skin doesn't appear to be dry.

At the tip of my butt crack to almost my anus is white itchy moist skin is there any thing I can do to make the skin an itching normal ?

Baby had hands foot and mouth 2 weeks ago he has dry red circles were blisters were I'm applying aquafor will those scars go away or leave a mark ?

Been using smuth cream for piles for more than a month.But recently the anus area & above it itches a lot and has devloped flaky, dry skin.What to do?

Behind my ears I have a yellow scaly flakes coming off when I scratch at it and it is rough what could this be?

Bestfriemd mark thinks has yeast infection, says tight to pull foreskin down & its itchy also that its flackey and like skin pealing, is he right?

Between my breast my skin looks like its cracking. Its dry and its peeling. And it's dark. Can you tell what that is?

Between my legs next to my scrotum is a patch of red raw skin, on both sides. It is only raw but it does have a constant sweat that smells what is it?

Blister rash on forehead, larger on chest & burning feeling. Skin in corners of eyes red & itchy. Is Doxycycline the cause? No UV expose recently.

Blotches of dark skin that have a strange texture (dry, rough,flakey) all over my stomach and a little on my arm for a year. Not itchy, but is ugly?

Both eyebrows slightly itchy, area under both eyebrows swollen/uncomfortable-no new lotion,makeup,soap-getting worse daily?

Both feet are dry,itchy, red & scaly. Doctor prescribed Ketoconazole & Zeasorb Powder. Is this o.K? Still red,itchy ,skin peels off. ?

Both upper eyelids tend to itch at times. it swells up in that area and turn reds. Once it starts to heal it turns scaly and dry and peals off. why?

Bumps on my fingers every time the season gets to extreme hot or cold. The bumps will slowly surface and cause peeling on skin. Not itchy or painful.

Bumpy ring line around penis dry skin comes off a little ?

Burning face then bumpy dry rash, should I be concerned?

Can anyone tell me what could be the cause of this elevated circle with dry scaly skin in between?

Can cheese cause my eczema? I've noticed when I cut it out and then bring it back, my skin gets itchy. A doctor told me it was dermatitis before...

Can dry itchy skin be part of perimenopause?

Can dry skin patches be a sign of an std?

Can fecal incontinence cause bumps, some skin colored and others with whiteheads that itch and painful when wiped dry?

Can hsv2 cause a red rash that scabs over with white dry crusted scab, get it around the corner of my mouth and worse while drinking alcoholic drinks?

Can I use hydrocortisone on eyelids? Itchy, red, slightly swollen and dry. Must have rub something I should not have. For 2 weeks now.

Can peeling an orange, getting juice on hands, cause itching and burning? No redness on skin or visible rash.

Can petechiae be caused by hard scrubbing of the skin with a skin brush? Because when i started scrubbing i noticed i started to get it the next days.

Can rosacea give you dry flaky skin behind the ears?

Can the ultra violet light help skin rashes/pimples/sores?

Can the winter weather affect my penis? I am dry and sore. The area is red with some glossy look to it. My penis does not itch.Please. help wath ca

Can thrush cause white flakiness on skin and cracks at corner of mouth? How do you get rid of it without prescription? Prescriptions are not effective

Can washing anus with water several times a day dry out skin and cause itchy anus?

Can you get a rash with dry skin? I am diabetic and little pink patches on my skin?

Can you get eczema just underneath your nose and that's it?

Can you give me some advice about eczema. itchy, scaly patches on face help sensitive skin problems?

Can you tell me is avoe vera good for flacky dry, itchy, burning, inflamed skin?

Can you tell me why when i scratch my skin this weird liquid like substance comes out within the paws of my skin? What is this?

Chronically itchy anus, when I scratch in shower white residue comes off?

Circular dry patch on my wrist more noticeable some days than others. I've noticed that when I put lotion it gets red and I feel a burning sensation.

Clear, itchy bump on sole of foot, only itchty when touched/rubbed.Water and heat have no effect. Has grown slightly over past years. Should i remove?

Consistent red, flaky skin around mouth?

Contact dermatitis cause puffiness on part of areola near nipple, crinkling raised, red, slight itch, peeling skin?4 days 1% hydrochor, not gone yet?

Could dry spots over your body be eczema ?

Could i be alergic to dirt? Im working on a building with dirt for a week & i just notice i been having some bumpy dots on my skin. What could it be?

Could you tell me ways i can improve the appearance of my skin, my face is dry, flaky & red?

Crusty, red , irritated, itchy , dry, puffy, swollen, lips, what do you suggest?

Currently using betaderm cream, I have itchy red skin with small white bumps around nose, mouth, & eyes. Occurs randomly, what is this issue called?

Dad&aunt had psoriasis and I have peeling reddish skin behind my ear by scalp line and stings when touched with water do I have psoriasis?

Dandruff and dry skin I have patches of dry itchy skin on my scalp and hair-line. I also have a few patches of red itchy skin near my eyes and eyebrows. Any idea what would be the cause of this and any solutions would be great too.

Dear doctor, I have dry skin. At some places there is dry skin with skin flakes in round shape and it gets itchy only at night.

Did tca peel a week ago son looks nice except I have a sore red dry patch on chin that stings when I put moisturiser on and won't go away?

Do allergic reactions make your skin sensitive? I've been getting over one and i've noticed my skin is sensitive and gets red and irritated easily.

Do any STDs look like dry skin?

Do I have fungus ? It started with red itchy rash now it's dry scaly and partly slippery with burning sensation and area with rash has darkened.

Doctor I have an iching skin that has lasted for over 7 years and when I cratch the area it becames red and some time can result into a wound but heal?

Doctor my face itch and i have reddness all time.its so itching and sumtimes my skin peels after i face becomes so dry after washing?

Does skin cancer usually feel hot after you itch it? I have a red dry patch on my ear for a couple days,and I get eczema. Should I go to derm or wait?

Dr. I am confuse my skin is having small itchy scab type thing some times on my face now currently it is on the back of my scalp it sometimes itchy bu?

Dry & itchy skin for 2-3 weeks. When I scratch it leaves reddish bumpy lines. That usually take 12 hrs to disappear. What could it be?

Dry and scab skin at the beginning of the butt crack?

Dry and scaly eyelids from dermatitis, look terrible, need help!?

Dry and wrinkled patch appears on skin, not red or itchy. Initially only 1, which fails to go away for years. Recently it spreads to more. What it is?

Dry flakey skin on the testicle sack and very red?

Dry flaky patch on shaft of penis along with dry flaky skin around foreskin. What could be wrong?

Dry itching patch of about 4 inches by 3 inches with 25-30 white bumps , the bumps or dry and itch worse than anything i ever felt in my life?

Dry itchy patch on the nipple? What is it?

Dry itchy rough patch on lip. Cant see it but can feel it. Chapstick and lotion irritates. Any idea what is may be and what could help?

Dry itchy skin on nipple/areola that flakes and peels off. Otherwise looks healthy, no rash. Went away with lotion and Vit E then came back. Worried.

Dry itchy white rash between my legs.

Dry patch of skin on top lip, comes back hard after I peel the skin (I know I shouldn't). Been there for about 5 days. Doesn't feel like a cold sore?

Dry patches on face and keep spreading. What could it be?

Dry patches on my face do not itch sometimes they scale over and ooze ..Burning sensation to the touch mostly on my cheeks and nose ?