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I put Vaseline on my face every night is that bad? Does Vaseline cause pimples on the face?

using diffrin 1%cream at night, my skin burns when I put it on and afterwards when I have my face against pillow or when I put cream on my face. Help?

2 days after using Origins face scrub I woke up with small skin colored bumps all over my face could this be an allergic reaction?

2 month old baby red and dry face?

After a staph infection on my face, should I use lotion?

After using clearasil (benzoyl peroxide) my face is red, sore to touch, dry and i'm breaking out horribly. Could this be an allergic reaction? What could I do to two it?

Allergic face rash. Is arnica gel the cause of this?

Allergic rash on face from make up brush ?

Allergic reaction to glycolic acid? I applied triacneal on my face and now my skin is burning. There are brown patches. What can I do?

Am I allergic to the sun if my face swells up when I get a sunburn? Or is it the sunscreen on my face?

Any cream for reduse my pigmentaion on head, nose, cheaks?

Any possible way to reduce facial flushing/redness after a shower ? What about redness on cheeks from acne scar during a normal day?

Been on tretinoin 3 weeks. Face quite red and peeling. When will the redness go away?

Benzoyl peroxide makes my 12 Year old daughter break out in a red itchy rash and makes her face worse. Salicylic acid doesn't work for her.

Breaks face out Allergic to Salicylic Acid for face. What can I use for Acne and Dark Marks?

Broke out in facial stress acne. after popping whiteheads cleaned face with 50% rubbing alcohol, now my entire face is red; did I burn my skin?!?!

Burnt my face with veet hair removal cream 5 hours ago it's still red and itchy help!?

Can a cellulite body lotion be prescribed for skin of the face(hypersensitive, pron to redness, sensitive to uv radiation) without burning the face?

Can doxycycline cause: facial swelling, skin peeling around fingernails, mild darkening of skin on face? Took for 5 days, then stopped.

Can emu oil help cracked blistering facial eczema on face?

Can i go out in the sun after applying aloe on my face?

Can I have vipeel as I have psoriasis on my face.

Can I leave a benzamycin gel on my face all night/day? Or does it need to be wiped off to avoid skin damage?

Can I out permethrin cream on my face? Will it hurt me? Face and body is itchy and boyfriend has scabies. Does it hurt hair?

Can I use baby oil to help my red rosacea cheeks?

Can I use clotrimazole usp 1% on my face ? I have developed this like rash on my face I don't know what it is really

Can I use pedi spin on my face for dry skin?

Can I use unitone 4 on area around eyes? And for the face what is best to put it on the dark spots or the whole face?

Can irish spring cause rash on face?

Can salicylic acid for face peeling be used for under chin incase of scars due to tweezing??

Can something in the bathing water cause cause growths on the skin. I have gotten pimple like growths on my face and forehead. ?

Can topical face creams ect..make your tongue swell?

Can you tell me if I use Mederma on my face for acne scars will it make my face itchy red and iritated?

Can you tell me is it bad if your face gets dry or burns from acne products?

Can you tell me what to do if i accidentally licked my face cream?

Cetraphil daily facial cleanser has burned my face making the area above my eyes red and burn and peel. What should I do?

Chickenpox on face is drying out.But cheeks, nose, eyebrows, etc is red and scaly like oat bran like soborrheic dermatitis.Can i wash face w/baking soda?

Could fluoride toothpaste be causing my 2 year old's face rash?

Could i be allergic to petroleum jelly on my face but not anywhere else?

Cyclic flush/heat in face with mild redness.nose,forehead,cheeks,chin, nasolabial folds.Doc says not Rosacea yet.Have melasma,mild bleth &dandruff.Seb?

Dermatologists please help! I have gritty, bumpy, flacky & really dry face which scars very easy and horrible open pores & dry skn crm gives me pimples:(?

Do yo put lotion on your face after you washed your face in the night or you just leave it like that ?

Doc, my skin face have lot of pimples. many supplements,products that i have used, n it won't work on my skin face. what can i do?

Doctors can you tell me why is my face burning when i apply moisturizer?

Does alcohol cause facial redness?

Does body spray or any other spray touches the face causes acne or pimple?

Does depiwhite cream help reduce hyperpigmentation on face n neck. I have brown patches like pigmentation on neck spreading to face. What to apply?

Does hydrocortisone really work for redness on the face? I have it around my nose

Does rubbing ice on the face reduces pimples?

Does toothpaste with cool mint cause any allergies on the chin and lower part of face?

Does vaseline increase pimples on the face?

Dry skin on face and blotchy on neck and burning when applying creams?

Duac has given me a red face help, what to do?

Dundruff falls in my front face so i scrub every day now i have lighten skin in places where i scrub only so i have 2 skins my normal one& lighten one?

Epiduo made my face dry and it hurts what do I do, what to do?

Face burn due to waxing how to teat this my face turned dark red.what can i apply on face desonide cream will work?

Face is burning and red after washing. What should I do?

Face is cracking after a peel. What went wrong?

Face is itching after cleaning why?

Face-skin dry/litle bit of redness around cheeks/few pimples and blackheads.Wat drugstore cleanser should I use that wont dry out my face?

Flaky and irritated skin around eyes and lips, and neck. Any creams or ointments i can use?

Flaky dark skin patch face in nasal labial fold on face?

Got a sunburn and now my face is peeling. Any home remedies to heal/speed up peeling process? Tried face scrubs & Cetaphyl & Aveeno (oatmeal) face lotions

Have brown skin.I never tried any face creams. In my teens.Dry skin with tiny pimples around face.Any good basic cream to reduce acne and have glow?

Have hair on face which are irritating?

Have sensitive and slightly red skin on my cheeks after using 0.2% betamethasone valerate cream on face to get rid of an excezma like break out ?

Hello good evening, my daughter has allergic reaction on her face when her friend put facial mask, they leave on her face overnight two nights ago. ?

Hello i start using clindamycin phosphate lotion in my face for acne 3 days ago , but my skin is dry , I have burn sensation it hurts please help?

Hello, I don't have acne or rosacea but I have a constant red,blotchy complexion on my face. Been like this for some time. Desperately need help. ?

Hello. After cleaning my face and applying ANY facial cream I get some small red spots around my mouth area. What it can be?

Hi a have tinea versicolor on my face and nose don't have a lot of spots mostly on nose can I put loprox (ciclopirox) cream all over my face ?

Hi dear my face is dry and it start on my forehead, and my face is dry too. Thank you?

Hi doc, just want to ask if its good to continue use of dermovate cream for my face, i have some redness in my face and rashes.

Hi doctor, I have a very red and itchy skin and burns all the time. Cant use any facial creams. Please help?

Hi doctors. I have redness spot in my face when its touched or rub but its not itchy. My doctors said apply medicated toner for that. Is it effective?

Hi i have rashes on my face it is very dry and my nose is dark it has open pores too?

Hi. Can i leave overnight to aleo vera gel on face and hand?? Or it's not good for skin?? I'm really confused please help me??

Hot to relieve sun burned skin on my face?

How about applying clindamycin solution and betamathesone w/ gentamycn on my face? Is it effective for redness rashes on my face?

How can I get an even skintone on my face? I'm red around my nose/under nose (hormonal) would a tretinoin cream help this over time? Even face skinton

How can I keep from getting a razor rash on my face?

How can I reduce my skin dryness on face?

How can you calm flushed skin?

How come my face burns after applying lotion?

How come when you put benzoyl peroxide creams on your face, your eyelids burn?

How do i know if i have an allergic reaction or a chemical burn? I used a new face wash and my face is itching, burning and I have small zits showing

How do I stop my face from peeling after sunburn? & If it peels will it be a lighter shade of the rest of my face?

How do I untan my skin specially the hands and face? It is not possible to cover them. I apply sun block creams still it doesn't work. Please suggest

How to get a fair in face. My face skin is dry and some dark sports are in face.

How to get rid of redness on your face from face wash that you're allergic to?

How to have a clear face skin?

How to remove allergy pimples on face due to blankets?

How to untan my skin? Specially the hands and face.

I horrible sunburn! my whole face and arms and chest area are burnt and very red. I been applying aloe vera gel. My face is red and eyes are swollen?

I accidentally used veet for sensitive skin for your legs, underarms & bikini lines on my face now I have flaky dry red skin on my chin and face?

I am allergic to frangences and I have used shampoo now my head face neck are breaking out and severely itching. I have ache all over my face.

I am having pimples on my face and dark spots so I am applying aloe vera at night and washing it in morning. Is this a good idea?

I am on Accutane at 80 mg a day and i moisturize very well but throughout the whole course my face has never been dry is this normal? I am on month 4

I am using Hydroquinone for 1 week. I see peeling and redness in my face. I am using a SPF 40+ sunscreen still I see skin burning on my face?

I applied toothpaste on pimples and left. Burnt mark on my face what to do?